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CA Kishore Tallam: Combining Financial Wizard With Strategic Leadership

CA Kishore Tallam: Combining Financial Wizard With Strategic Leadership

 CA Kishore Tallam,    CFO

CA Kishore Tallam


Without strategic financial guidance, organizations face numerous challenges. They struggle to handle financial resources, understand market trends, identify and mitigate financial risks, and succumb to poor cash flow management. They also face inadequate budgeting and forecasting, difficulty in securing funding, and failure to create long term financial planning. These issues can hinder growth, profitability, and overall organizational success. This is where CFOs play a critical role in driving financial stability and success within organizations.

Backed by CA knowledge, analytics, and a keen eye for detail, Kishore Tallam leads the financial operations and navigates the budgets, forecasts, strategy, and financial planning for Skyroot Aerospace, India’s first Private Company to successfully launch a rocket to Space in maiden attempt.

Kishore is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years of experience in Finance and Accounts. He has previously worked in Price Waterhouse, Nuziveedu Seeds Group, Amazon, Deccan Group, and Udaan. His expertise extends far beyond number crunching. Kishore’s analytical prowess allows him to decipher the intricate melodies hidden within financial statements, revealing valuable insights and opportunities for growth.

Could you provide us with an overview of your professional journey?
Professionally, I am a Chartered Accountant from the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. I began my career as an audit associate at Price Waterhouse, a Global Big 4 Audit firm. Afterward, I joined Nuziveedu Seeds as an Assistant Manager and gradually progressed to the position of Senior Manager. Subsequently, I had the opportunity to work with renowned organizations such as Amazon, Deccan Group, and Udaan where I garnered valuable experience and knowledge across various industries. After gaining extensive experience in diverse roles as General Manager Finance, Central Treasury Lead, and Finance Controller, I made the decision to advance my career. As a result, I joined Skyroot Aerospace, assuming the esteemed position of Chief
Financial Officer(CFO).

What has been your key to success,
consistently leading to positive outcomes?

As a finance professional, I believe in understanding the intricacies and having deep knowledge of the business are key to creating value. Through diverse industry experiences in Seeds, Textiles, Sugar, Power, Real Estate, Aerospace, E-commerce, and Manufacturing, I gained knowledge of business operations, thereby creating value in areas like equity and debt financing, receivables, payables, fixed assets,and P&L. Additionally, partnering with sales, supply chain, and management teams has been crucial. This collaborative approach fosters a deeper understanding of the business, enabling the identification of value creation opportunities aligned with management and company objectives. Such teamwork has been fundamental to my achievements.

Our aim is to become one of the top five space tech companies globally. We are determined to demonstrate our upcoming rocket's capabilities & establish ourselves as a significant player in the industry

In terms of market presence in the space research and technology industry, how would you characterize Skyroot Aerospace?
Skyroot Aerospace emerged in 2018, prior to the release of draft space regulations in 2020. They are the sole Indian company to achieve a successful rocket launch on its maiden attempt. A forthcoming orbital attempt is scheduled for December 2023. Considering the nascent stage of the space industry in India and globally, where there are only a handful of successful private companies operating in rocket launching, Skyroot Aerospace is positioning itself as a pioneer in the Indian industry. Our aim is to become one of the top five companies globally. We are determined to demonstrate our upcoming rocket's capabilities and establish ourselves as a significant player in the industry.

Could you please provide a brief overview of how the company demonstrates a competitive advantage in implementing the latest technologies at scale?
Unlike other companies that primarily use metal and steel, Skyroot Aerospace utilizes carbon composite materials in their rocket design. We have successfully tested
a rocket stage with a solid propulsion engine and have joined the elite league in the world to conduct a successful test fire of a cryogenic engine.

Additionally, the upper stage segments of the company’s rocket incorporate liquid propulsion with engines that are 3D printed without any assembled parts. This innovation enhances engine performance and reduces the likelihood of errors or failures.

How do you ensure the company's financial health remains stable and consistent, especially during market fluctuations and the emergence of new trends?
In the funding landscape, companies face challenges raising funds. The space sector, in which we operate, has seen significant global growth. Companies worldwide aim to capture a share of the $400 billion market. We secured an investment from GIC, in the pre-revenue stage. Their confidence in our founders, company, and technology shows our growth prospects.

As CFO, I evaluate the company's financial health, ensuring a healthy runway and identifying fundraising timelines. We monitor business plans and envision our trajectory for the next three to five years. We invest the treasury funds to earn maximum finance income while giving utmost importance to safety and liquidity.

What are your plans to take Skyroot Aerospace to the next level?
Currently, my focus is on ensuring the sustainability and long-term growth of the company. We are taking a comprehensive approach by carefully considering every investment we make, whether it's in terms of personnel, assets, or establishing new units. Our goal is to build sufficient capacity to meet future requirements and prepare for scaling up the number of launches in the future. We are also identifying key milestones to guide our progress and determining the optimal timing for fundraising. By adopting this forward-looking strategy, we aim to propel Skyroot Aerospace to new heights.

CA Kishore Tallam, CFO, Skyroot Aerospace
Kishore, a Chartered Accountant, possesses 15 years of experience in finance and accounts. He has worked at Price Water house, Nuziveedu Seeds Group, Amazon, Deccan Group, and Udaan. His expertise goes beyond mere number crunching. As a strategic partner, he plays a pivotal role in steering the organization toward financial success. Kishore's analytical skills enable him to unravel the complex patterns concealed within financial statements, unveiling valuable insights and growth opportunities

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