Chander Agarwal: One Of The India's Most Admired Logistics Company

Chander Agarwal: One Of The India's Most Admired Logistics Company

Chander Agarwal,Managing Director

Chander Agarwal

Managing Director

For any business feature, strong leaders are essential, but logistics management requires specific leadership capabilities. Since logistics represents a significant investment for most businesses, in order to gain competitive advantage, a successful leader must create creative strategies and maximize logistics and supply chain strategy and operations.

With an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Chander Agarwal (Managing Director), shared some of his personal and professional expeditions and his contribution to the logistics industry.

Tell us about the journey so far and what are the challenges that you encountered and how did overcome.
I have been able to give the logistics industry a big boost in terms of its recognition since the listing of TCIEXPRESS Ltd in December 2016. One of the only few companies with outstanding financial performance in the logistics sector and informing the country of the enormous intent approx. The Market size is 350 billion USD and, so far the unorganized sector, which is 95 percent of the company, is the main concern I face. Working with government bodies such as the Ministry of Transportation, I have been at the forefront of bringing to light those businesses that are thinking about tax evasion.

As an MD, what changes did you bring into the organization, its structure and policies that is driving the company to grow fast?
To make the company grow quickly, there are several initiatives we have taken. We are compassionate, one thing is very certain, and we never compromise on a few strategic points. As we have 900 branch offices, 52 zonal offices, and 9 regional offices, I also guarantee that communication flows freely within the organization. The other significant initiative was to increase our employees' training and development in order to make them resist the ever-changing policies and procedures needed to do business. I made the Asset Light Company operationally and the first company in India to do so in the logistics industry.

Working with government bodies such as the Ministry of Transportation, I have been at the forefront of bringing to light those businesses that are thinking about tax evasion

Enlighten us about the various services that you offer under the transportation & logistics portfolio. Also, explain about the unique benefits that customers can avail from these services.
In the logistics industry, we provide all services under the 'Express' category. Customers can call our TollFree number and have their items picked up from anywhere in the country through the 900 offices and with the country's widest network, ratified by SEBI, we ensure that customer goods can be sent as preferred by road, rail, air, and ship. Any individual can also send it from anywhere in India to anywhere in the world to 200 countries.

What opportunities do you foresee in the current Logistic industry, and what are your strategies to add for the next year's role as the Director as things are changing dramatically.
The logistics sector currently accounts for 15percent of the $3 trillion GDP of India, which makes it a $450 billion industry. This will double over the next 10 years and will create an opportunity of USD 1 trillion for India's logistics industry. To capture this development, we have laid the foundation. In the short term, we will concentrate on the most important items in the logistics sector that are required.

Tell us the major facets and achievements about your journey. How do you leverage those learning to lead your organization?
The most important thing I know is that at the most difficult moments, modesty can mostly come in handy and it is a sense of feeling with which one can be wiser and a leader. My accomplishments are very little, as my business has managed to be in India's top 500 companies in 2 years. Also in 2 years, the market capitalization of half a billion USD was achieved and the company's 'Great Place to Work Certified, the company is also listed as a Mega Brand in 2 years. TCIEXPRESS has earned the Economic Times Legendary Award and is IATA Certified.

Chander Agarwal, Managing Director, TCI EXPRESS
In 2001, Chander Agarwal graduated from Bryant University with a BSC in Management and minor in Political Science and Economics. Also, he completed the Advanced Management Program certification from National University of Singapore and Finance Management certificate from Insead, Singapore. Chander graduated from Harvard Business School and an alumnus with a 2-year degree in OPM and have worked in Mitsui Logistics and gained knowledge concept of ‘Lean Logistics’ in 2002. Besides this, Chander have I worked in TCI Ltd as a Joint Managing Director, currently, he is still a Director/Promoter in that company. In the year 2016, Chander Agarwal became the Managing Director of TCIEXPRESS Ltd.

Location: Gurugram

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