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Decimal Point Analytics: An End-To-End Consultant For Financial & Economic Markets

Decimal Point Analytics: An End-To-End Consultant For Financial & Economic Markets

 Shailesh Dhuri,   CEO & Board Member

Shailesh Dhuri

CEO & Board Member

Data is the new oil in today's world and therefore utilizing it effectively is very crucial for the growth of an organization. Decimal Point Analytics(DPA) is an Innovative Data and Research Solution provider company to an entire spectrum of financial market professionals. DPA creates bespoke solutions in the fields of Research, Data Management and Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence(AI), and Machine Learning (ML).

DPA has built several innovative and proprietary AI-ML-based products such as Fidelity Pulse and Credit Pulse among others. DPA was conferred with the SME of the Year award in 2021 by the Indo French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI). Currently, Shailesh Dhuri is the CEO and Executive Director of the company and is a highly sought after leader and Innovator in the space of real life applications of artificial intelligence technology.

Shailesh Dhuri engages in an exclusive interaction with the CEOInsights Magazine.

Elaborate on the impacts and benefits offered through your products and solutions. How are you garnering a competitive advantage among your competitors in the industry?
DPA aims at victory without defeating anyone so that our innovations are good for all stakeholders. It ensures a happy organizational ecosystem and entails recognizing our clients as value partners, thereby helping us foster long-lasting fruitful relationships. We strive to be more than just a vendor or a service provider to our clients, constantly exploring ways to be a strategic partner to them and contributing directly and more meaningfully to their success.

While competition is fierce from both Indian as well as international players, we have strived to create a niche place for ourselves in the market by constantly innovating. Some of the factors which we believe help us to stand apart from
our competition are Innovation, Customer Centricity,Integrity, Making a Difference, Learning & Growing and Constant Improvement.

Share a short detail of the kind of value propositions that you offer to customers?
Our solutions offer a wide range of value additions to client business across both qualitative and quantitative metrics. We have deep multi-domain expertise as we understand both finance and technology which enables us to think out-of-the-box while offering solutions that best suit our client needs across both the finance and technology domains. One of DPA's biggest USPs is our ability to offer customized solutions based on peculiar client requirements. One stop solutions, cost & time efficiency, and automation & technology are some of the other values we add to our client's businesses.

We strive to be more than just a vendor or a service provider to our clients, constantly exploring ways to be a strategic partner to them and contributing directly and more meaningfully to their success

Tell us about the technological framework and what approach you follow with respect to innovation. How does it serve value to the organization, as well as the society?
Our technological framework is a collection of IT architecture standards processes and methodologies. It works as an enabler that helps us support the delivery of IT services and business applications. The framework is aligned with the goals and objectives of our organization in terms of maintaining the best possible service quality for our customers.

The technological framework at DPA is used to provide business requirements, technological, and functional specifications required to achieve the desired goals and objectives for our clients. It provides a repository of standard operating procedures (SOPs), best practices, checklists, and guidelines that will help us achieve the best possible service quality. It also helps us in identifying opportunities to enhance the current or new applications in terms of usability and performance.
What are the CSR activities you encourage your workforce to take part in and what are the measures that you follow to be environmentally responsible?
Over the years, we have undertaken several initiatives which reflect our commitment to the overall development of society. Some of these are Gyanadapi Dhanadapi which is an initiative undertaken to develop a strong and well rounded workforce. The five year program offers employment and post graduation learning opportunities to academically bright graduates with a financially weak background. We extend our Support to NGOs where we undertake projects for the Smile Foundation, one of the most prominent NGOs in India. We have also taken measures to ensure zero emissions from our operational centres in Mumbai, Nashik, and GIFT City.

What is the future destination envisioned for Decimal Point Analytics? What potential skills and capabilities do you look for while recruiting an individual?
We are currently in the advanced stages of developing a cloud based platform to host all our solutions and products, which will result in a faster roll out of services and at the same time enable clients to get instant access to a wider array of services. We are also in the early stages of developing a DLT-based solution and we are working on developing Quantum Computing based solutions as well. We are exploring the ever-growing opportunities in the ESG space and we are exploring opportunities to grow inorganically by acquiring companies/ stakes in companies in the data management and analytics space.

DPA is an equal opportunity employer, and our gender ratio is more than that of most MNCs in India. While recruiting, we look for qualities such as self-awareness, agility, learning ability, mindfulness, resilience, and accountability, in any position that we hire. We are expanding at a substantial pace and have sustained business flow; hence we need more and more people in the shortest possible time.

Shailesh Dhuri, CEO & Executive Director, Decimal Point Analytics
Shailesh Dhuri heads the strategy and new product development for the company. Shailesh founded Decimal Point Analytics and heads as the CEO of the company and as an Executive Director, Fixed Income and Quantitative Research. He also started India's first money market mutual fund and first private sector primary dealership firm.

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