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Manoj  Ravi: A Credible & Strategic Financial Partner In The Gold Loan Nbfc Sector

Manoj Ravi: A Credible & Strategic Financial Partner In The Gold Loan Nbfc Sector

 Manoj Ravi,   CEO

Manoj Ravi


Industry confidence and investment in the NBFC sector has been strengthening as the market has not only clocked in improved profitability but also double-digit growth in the last financial year. Rising presence of NBFCs, in contrast to traditional banks, can be attributed to lower cost, wider reach and strong risk management capabilities as well as better understanding of customer segments. However, given the dynamic nature of the market, consumers find it difficult to relyand trust with their loans from non-banking lending firms. However, few NBFCs have been relentlessly working to change the face of the credit market for good.

Headquartered in Cochin, KLM Axiva is a Gold Loan NBFC determined to help fulfill the rising credit demand which traditional banks often fail to serve. Being India's leading gold financing firm in terms of the loan portfolio, KLM has successfully established itself as a trusted credit partner & non-deposit taking NBFC in the region. CEO of the firm, Mr.Manoj Ravi highlights how KLM Axiva since inception in 1997 has been one of the fore runners in the field, offering citizens an array of financial services to grow and protect their wealth in the most efficient way possible.

Read the snippets from the interview with Manoj Ravi, CEO, KLM Axiva to learn from his inspirational journey

Tell us about the journey of KLM Axiva. Where is the company positioned in the industry and what makes it unique?
From a very humble beginning in 1999, KLM Axiva has had an epic journey to establish itself as one of the pioneers in the field of finance. KLM Axiva Finvest started its journey 23 years back keeping in mind the motto of providing easy access to financial services to the unbanked and unprivileged masses in different parts of India. With commitment& conviction, we have
Successfully positioned ourselves as one of the new age Gold Loan NBFCs in the country, driven by the vision to add value to the society at large. Being amongst the select few who are respected in the segment, the company continues to expand its NBFC network with more than 500 branches, spread across Kerala, Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and recently in Mumbai as well.

KLM Axiva Finvest is a systemically important Gold Loan NBFC that has its branch presence in almost all of South India and is now eyeing a Pan-India expansion

Few factors that have helped us grow and retain clients include our commitment to quick disbursal, minimum documentation, maximum value to their assets and timely delivery. Moreover to enhance consumer experience we have also kicked off doorstep experience & branch presence in the rural areas as well.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and what are the value additions that customers can expect from them?
Being a gold loan NBFC, we offer need-based solutions for customers coming from all walks of life. However, one of the most successful offerings at KLM Axiva is our special scheme for gold loan “Quick Gold Loan’’at the rate of 50 Paisa ROI per month, aimed to make investing in gold accessible for larger audiences. No matter how attractive several of our financial offerings are, we never compromise on value-added offerings like excellent service, experienced manpower, and highend security to make sure our consumers have the most convenient experience.

With customers being the center of all our communications, KLM is committed to bringing the best of the best offers in terms of our products and service for discerning clientele across the states, especially in the rural and semiurban markets. We have well experienced, dedicated, and trustworthy employees who provide good service to our clients by offering prompt delivery and timely follow up.

Today we have more investment
options than ever. How does the company guide clients with choosing the right option?
For consumers looking for medium or long-term investments, we suggest opting for non-convertible debentures that usually provide the best possible returns on the investments. NCDs are highly secured public issues with an investment grade rating. After NCDs, subordinated debts are the next option for investments.

Tell us about the company's CSR initiatives. How does it encourage employees to participate in them?
KLM Axiva Finvest is not only helping citizens in their financial freedom but also through understanding society's needs in educational employment, medical and youth welfare areas. The KLM Foundation, a charity oriented business venture set up with an aim to help the community in many different areas. With our various initiatives we support backward and economically challenged students with their higher education as well as provide assistance to tribal people to help upliftment and better their lives. More over, we boast of a fleet of ambulances with 24 hours service available along with palliative care, set up for the needy and poor people.

What is the role KLM Axiva has envisioned to take in the near future? What is the level of impact it strives to bring to the market
A stable non-banking system is essential for the growth and development of any economy. We also play an important role in the development of the Indian economy by catering to the needs of the common people in deep rural markets, who are directly participating in nation building activities such as MSMEs, agriculture, and small scale industries with an economic development perspective.

By providing quick credit facilities to India's unbanked population, we can strengthen their social and economic status, which could increase the nation's GDP growth as well.

As an employer, we are also on a mission to fight unemployment throughout plan to increase the employee size in the upcoming FY to 3500 and giving 80 percent weight age to women in line with our motto of women empowerment, standing a benchmark to many upcoming enterprises in the industry as well.

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