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Dilip Prasad: Steering Ai Innovation To Exert Transformative Impact On Society

Dilip Prasad: Steering Ai Innovation To Exert Transformative Impact On Society

Dilip Prasad,  Co-Founder & CEO

Dilip Prasad

Co-Founder & CEO

The field of AI is an ever-increasing scenario with its wide-ranging applications that enable people to rethink how to integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision making and already it is transforming every walk of life. To stay inspired, the CEO Insights exclusive team connects with an influential thought leader, Dilip Prasad, Co-Founder & CEO, Ayun AI, learning from his experiences and interpretations of where this technology will go in the coming years. He is a researcher, innovator, and business leader who is expressing the power of AI to develop incredible solutions to real-world problems and influence society’s future.

Dilip has worked in various areas of AI for six years as a senior research fellow at NUS and NTU. He is a professor at UiT, The Arctic University of Norway; during 2019-2023, he secured 12 million dollars as a research and innovation grant from European Union and Research Council of Norway and established a thriving Bio-AI research group. His area of research is Scalable AI, Interpretable AI, and Sustainable AI. His book, Interpretability in Deep Learning, is a guide towards making AI white box from its current black box nature.

His venture, Ayun AI is an outcome of research and innovation on sustainable AI. With sustainable AI, Dilip wishes to reduce the energy consumption of AI during its development and its usage. Let’s lend Dilip an ear as he speaks about his venture and more.

Tell us about your academic experience at NTU Singapore.
My academic experience at NTU Singapore has been highly beneficial in my journey in AI. The strong theoretical foundation, research excellence, collaborative environment, access to state-of-the-art resources, and guidance from experienced mentors have all played a crucial role, equipping me with knowledge, research skills and collaborative abilities, and enabling me to make meaningful contributions to the field of AI. During Ph.D., I was selected for Kauffman Global Scholarship
(entrepreneurial fellowship at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Kauffman Foundation). NTU has supported my entrepreneur inside me and provided me with excellent research experience as well as the freedom to explore entrepreneurship.

Define Ayun AI as an organization.
Ayun AI is an organization specializing in advanced model compression techniques. Our offerings include AI model compression services, customization, research and development, and consultancy support. We optimize AI models to be efficient, lightweight, and sustainable, empowering businesses with the benefits of AI while addressing resource limitations.

The field of generative AI is expected to undergo consolidation, moving from its current fragmented state towards aggregated offerings

What are the factors you look into when developing effective corporate growth strategies for the company?
As the Co-Founder and CEO, I consider market analysis, customer insights, technology innovation, strategic partnerships, talent acquisition, and financial sustainability when developing effective corporate growth strategies for Ayun AI. These factors guide our decisions in identifying market opportunities, meeting customer needs, leveraging technology, building collaborations, attracting talent, and ensuring financial stability for sustained growth.

Where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years?
I envision a future of continued growth and success for Ayun AI. We aim to expand our portfolio of AI model compression solutions to cater to a broader range of industries and applications. We will continue to invest in research and innovation, staying at the forefront of AI model compression advancements. This includes exploring new compression techniques, leveraging emerging technologies, and contributing to the academic and research community. We will forge strategic partnerships with industry leaders, technology providers, and research institutions to enhance our capabilities, access new markets, and leverage synergies. Our roadmap includes expanding our
presence in key markets while exploring entry into new regions. By targeting specific industries and geographies, we can reach a broader customer base and establish Ayun AI as a global leader in AI model compression.

Moreover, we will continue to deepen our understanding of customer needs, enhance our consultancy and support services, and maintain strong relationships with clients to deliver tailored solutions that drive their business growth. With a commitment to sustainability, Ayun AI integrates sustainable practices into its operations, aiming to reduce environmental impact and promote ethical considerations throughout the AI model compression process.

What is your anticipation about the market going forward? Based on your experience, what would be your advice to budding industry leaders?
The AI market is currently in its early stages, characterized by numerous small-scale innovations with only a few groundbreaking advancements. Looking ahead, the field of generative AI is expected to undergo consolidation, moving from its current fragmented state towards aggregated offerings. Over the next few years, we anticipate a greater convergence of AI startups and an increase in mergers and acquisitions specifically within the generative AI sector.

Budding industry leaders must embrace continuous learning and stay updated with the latest advancements in AI through learning opportunities and industry engagement. And also, encourage a culture of innovation and invest in research and development to drive technological advancements. To lead this industry, they must understand customer needs deeply and design solutions that address their pain points. Their approaches must involve building strategic partnerships, adapting to evolving regulations, and embracing diversity to foster creativity, inclusivity, and better decision-making.

Dilip Prasad, Co-Founder & CEO, Ayun AI
Dilip holds a Ph.D. and B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad respectively. Apart from being the Co-founder & CEO of Ayun AI, he is also the co-founder of Khetijeevi (an e-commerce platform for agri-inputs), Finiac (a portable head scanning device), and Spermotile (a device for better sperm selection for Assisted Reproduction Therapy, funded by EU innovation grant).

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