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Raj Kaushik: Driving Innovation & Growth With Industry Expertise

Raj Kaushik: Driving Innovation & Growth With Industry Expertise

 Raj Kaushik,   Director

Raj Kaushik


With a rich history spanning decades, Raj Kaushik, Director of FRP Services (Asia), has played a vital role in leading and shaping the organization's growth and success in the Asian market. Known for his visionary leadership approach, Raj Kaushik is dedicated to aligning the company's strategies with its core values and mission. Under his guidance, FRP Services has expanded its regional presence, providing a comprehensive range of building materials, chemicals and composites.

Beyond his professional achievements, Raj Kaushik is also recognized for his active involvement in spiritual pursuits and hobbies like trekking, photography, reading, and music. He remains connected to his alma mater, NTU Singapore by actively participating in alumni activities as a member of the Alumni Exco. Raj Kaushik shares more about his journey and his institute in this one-on-one interaction let's read.

Can you provide a concise overview of your career path and what drives you in your daily activities?
Having spent a decade in shipping, logistics, and 4PL, I shifted my focus from service-oriented roles to overseeing global supply chain and procurement. This eventually led to my current responsibility for managing the profit and loss for eight countries. The dynamic and volatile nature of the global supply and demand landscape keeps me fully engaged, and I find endless motivation in embracing the unpredictable nature of the process.

Tell us about your academic journey at NTU Singapore. Besides academics, what valuable lessons and experiences did you gain from the campus?
During my time at NTU Singapore, we received top-tier education from distinguished professors with impressive backgrounds from renowned universities worldwide. These professors not only excelled in academia but also served as consultants for multinational corporations. Our learning experience was enriched by access to state-of-the-art research, real-life case studies, engaging pitches, and industry presentations.
Define FRP SERVICES & COMPANY as an organization and its position in the market.
FRP Services is a well-established Japanese company that has been a pioneer in the field of reinforced plastics and composites for over five decades. Twenty years ago, the company took a significant leap by creating its chemicals and building materials division and establishing its first international office in Singapore. Since then, FRP Services has steadily expanded its global presence, serving numerous countries worldwide and offering a comprehensive range of building materials, chemicals, and composites.

During my time at NTU Singapore, we received top-tier education from distinguished professors with impressive backgrounds from renowned universities worldwide

With project manufacturing facilities strategically located across various Asian regions, FRP Services is well-equipped to meet the diverse demands of the market. The company boasts an impressive client portfolio that includes major industry players like Fletcher Insulation, Boeing, SEGA, and Disney. FRP Services takes great pride in supplying top-notch materials and actively collaborating on prestigious projects for their esteemed clients.

At FRP Services, their dedication to innovation and excellence has been the driving force behind their industry-leading position. They continuously strive to maintain their reputation as a formidable force, spearheading advancements in reinforced plastics, composites, and related materials. As they continue on their remarkable journey, their commitment to progress remains unwavering.

As the Director, what are the factors you take into account developing business goals?
In my role as the DIRECTOR, I take several factors into account while developing business goals. These include aligning with the company's Vision and Mission, conducting a thorough SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), assessing the financial aspects, gathering customer feedback, meeting stakeholder expectations, evaluating potential risks, embracing technology and innovation, integrating sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) practices, engaging employees, and setting
clear timelines with specific metrics to measure progress towards achieving the business goals.

What has been your success mantra which helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
My formula for achieving positive outcomes involves several vital principles. These include a commitment to continuous learning, being open-minded, employing critical thinking, being adaptable and resilient, promoting collaboration, setting clear goals, showing empathy, maintaining a positive attitude, and upholding ethics and integrity. By combining these principles with perseverance and dedication, one can significantly enhance the chances of achieving positive outcomes in various aspects of life and work.

Describe your leadership style and the principles you adhere to as a leader.
As a leader, I believe in setting a clear vision and purpose for my team, leading by example, and empowering team members to take ownership of their work. I prioritize open communication and actively listen to feedback while demonstrating emotional intelligence in constructively resolving conflicts.

I focus on coaching and developing team members to help them reach their full potential. In decision making, I gather information to make informed choices and remain adaptable to change when necessary. While achieving results is essential, I also emphasize the value of continuous learning and foster a culture of recognition and appreciation for the team's efforts. These guidelines and methodologies guide my leadership approach and help create a positive and productive work environment.

What is the ultimate destination you are aiming for in the future?
The future destination I envision is 'NOW', which means being fully present in the moment while embodying a leadership style characterized by a clear vision, effective communication, empowerment, emotional intelligence, adaptability, and a focus on achieving results. This leadership approach fosters a collaborative and supportive environment, encourages continuous learning, and recognizes the teams valuable contributions.

Raj Kaushik, Director, FRP Services & Company(Asia)
Raj's interests revolve around spiritual pursuits, including listening to talks by mystics and spiritual leaders, meditation, and reading. He also maintains an active lifestyle by working out at the gym and participating in NTU alumni activities as a member of the Alumni Exco.

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