Divya Rakesh: Inspiring People to Find their Best Version the German Way

Divya Rakesh: Inspiring People to Find their Best Version the German Way

Divya Rakesh,Co-Founder & Director

Divya Rakesh

Co-Founder & Director

The good entrepreneurs get excellent work-rates out of their employees, but the best ones inspire employees to whole heartedly find their best version. Deploying a work culture which he always cherished while working in Germany has been a predominant ingredient in the success of Divya Rakesh, Co-Founder & Director of Exadatum, which is a Pune-based software company that lifts organizations to the world of big data.

When employees constantly pursue their best version in all their chores, the mouth watering outcomes are inevitable. Within the first six months of its inception in 2016, Exadatum magically turned the fate around for its first client leveraging its founders’ decade-strong experience in Big Data, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence, and hence paved the way for dozens of clients across the industries like Retail, Healthcare and Banking. CEO Insights engages in a conversation with Divya one of the exemplary entrepreneurs of today.

How is the German influence in the work culture working-out? Does it suit the Indian scenario and keep employees motivated?
We (myself, Sandeep Mehta & Abhijeet Shingate) have infused our HR policy with a lot of thought process. For instance, while the maternity leaves in India are typically confined to a maximum of three six months, our policy allows them to savor nine months of paid maternity leave with an option to extend it to three more months without payment. Besides this, our Sabbatical policy enables them to accumulate leaves and take a break for three four months. Also, by sponsoring a domestic and an international trip respectively after three and five years of joining, we balance their hard work with equal amount of break. Our insurance coverage includes parents as well. It surely keeps our employees motivated.

Deploying a work culture, which he always cherished while working in Germany, has been a predominant ingredient in the success of Divya

What were the initial challenges faced while building a brand outof your venture?
Challenges are the most interesting aspect of entrepreneurship. We had plenty of them, as none of us had a business back ground. But we are friends for a long time now and complement each other. Our rapport helped us tackle those initial hiccups. On boarding the right people was the single biggest challenge. We thus drafted a stringent hiring policy. The people we hire today really make an impact. However, building a healthy sales
pipeline is always challenging and that’s exactly where our focus lies on.

It’s almost impossible to build a business without the right set of support around. How has been the support from your family?
In the infancy of our organization, there have been rough patches in terms of stress and emotions. That was a time when I really experienced the support from my family, especially my better half Bharti, who have been a great support through all this. They have been a source of strength and belief that we can do what we have started.

How do you picture your self in the future?
I want to continue our endeavors in Machine Learning & Data Science, and grow with more service offerings in the bag. In the long run, like 20 years from now, I imagine myself in an industry around space technologies & travel.

Also, based on your journey, what’s your advice to budding entrepreneurs?
My advice is simple; if you do things right with passion, success is inevitable!

Key Management:
Divya Rakesh, Co-Founder & Director
A civil engineer (NIT Warangal) by education, Divya has always been passionate about computers and IT. He has more than 15 years of digital experience under his belt.

Offices: Pune (Headquarter), London & California

Offerings: Software Solutions powered by Big Data, Machine Learning & Business Intelligence

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