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Dr. Ajil Abdulla:  A Visionary Healthcare Provider Integrating Technology With Healthcare

Dr. Ajil Abdulla: A Visionary Healthcare Provider Integrating Technology With Healthcare

Dr. Ajil Abdulla,   CEO

Dr. Ajil Abdulla


Technology has always been an integral part of healthcare. The evolution of healthcare is massively dependent on adaptation, innovation, and technical advancement. In an era of advanced digital technology, the overall experience of healthcare providers and patients has significantly improved due to the efficient integration of technology. A well-known Pediatrician with more than 12 years of practicing experience, Dr. Ajil Abdulla has always been passionate about integrating technology with healthcare. His passion for technology has made him venture into the software space and establish the healthcare tech firm Vellnezmed Healthcare. Apart from Vellnezmed, he is also the Director of Endovest, a management consulting firm providing valuation, investment support to startups and all the required services from company incorporation to Tax related services and Cybpress Innovative Solutions, an IT firm that offers all kinds of software and technology services.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Dr. Ajil shares the underlying idea behind starting Vellnezmed and its position in the market, the challenges he has faced throughout the journey, and much more:

How would you define Vellnezmed Healthcare as an organization and its current position in the market?
Vellnezmed Healthcare is the parent company under which we have different brands. We have a set of doctors and technocrats in our firm, who help us provide efficient and trustworthy service to the public. Vellnezmed healthcare is now an institutional member of the International Society of Quality in Healthcare (ISQua). We are the first organization from Kerala to be an institutional member.

We also have launched various tools to provide quality healthcare service to our clients. One of those healthcare tools launched by us is Diagnosys. Accreditation is not mandatory for clinical laboratories in India. However, certifications are required to assess the quality of laboratories. Only two to three percent of laboratories have NABL certification in India. Here is the importance of implementing Diagnosys certification.

Diagnosys is a standard developed for vellnezmed by Bureau Veritas,
one of the global leaders in certification services, for assessment of Medical Diagnostic Laboratories. Diagnosys ‘The trusted Symbol to right diagnosis’ is implemented to improve the quality of services in laboratories and diagnostic centers by helping them identify occupational hazards and risks to their employees and implement appropriate measures while ensuring the quality of tests performed.

Diagnosys certification helps people assess the quality of laboratories and is greatly valued among them. Implementing this certification will result in an increase in customer footfall of the centers.

Bringing innovation and quality service to the healthcare sector and community is what drives me

What are the recent healthcare industry trends adopted by the company and is it working on an upcoming solution? If so, could you elaborate on the kind of impacts that you plan to bring in through your offerings?
We are going to come up with a tele consultation app, which is a first of its kind not only in India but also outside India. Being a Pediatrician, I know the real-time issues parents usually face. I get calls from parents from India as well as abroad seeking my help and opinion regarding their kids. So, we have made an exclusive platform named KIXper, for Pediatricians including doctors from all the subspecialties that come under pediatrics. KiXper will be a virtual pediatric subspecialty clinic. This can be used equally by the public and other pediatricians too for better care of kids.

Vellnez MVT - 'The Trusted Guide to Health'. Our brand for Medical value Travel

We are associated with many hospitals from various parts of India to provide appropriate guidance and the right treatment plans. We also have clients from the Middle East and Africa coming to India for expert treatment. We operate by getting the medical reports or required details of patients from their own countries. Then our panel of inhouse specialist doctors discuss among themselves and help them get the best treatment available in India at affordable rates. Our international associations have helped us to provide possible treatment options in different countries.

We also launched a teleconsultation app, given as white-labeled solution which is being used by many clients (doctors, clinics and hospitals) both in and out of India. We are waiting to launch Vellnez app where we aim to promote the culture of preventive
healthcare and affordable healthcare.

Could you reflect on some of the toughest challenges you have encountered in your journey so far? How did you overcome them and what did you learn from them?
I usually take things easy, which has helped me overcome all the challenges throughout my professional journey. Initially, when we thought of working on improving the quality of services at laboratories, we faced many challenges in finding a good partner for the certification process. Finally, we came in touch with Bureau Veritas and explained the situation in India to them. They were impressed with the idea of providing certification for the quality of services in laboratories and made the standards for us. After that, the journey became easier for us as Bureau Veritas is already a trusted company with about 200 years in the certification field. Another challenge we faced was getting investors on board as most of the investors in our part of Kerala are conventional investors and are aligned towards startups.However, finally, we some how managed.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and the opportunities you foresee?
The pandemic has brought in a lot of changes in the healthcare sector. The number of patient visits to hospitals came down by 60 percent during the pandemic as people were extremely cautious to visit hospitals and only visited when it was needed. The home healthcare sector has been experiencing a rapid boom, especially in the metro cities, since the pandemic and we are going to venture into that sector too. We are also associated with an international company in the US that deals withtherapies and machinery very effective for relieving spine related pain.

Dr. Ajil Abdulla, CEO, Vellnezmed Healthcare
Dr. Ajil is a Pediatrician with more than 12 years of experience and is also working as the CEO of the Healthcare Tech firm, Vellnezmed Healthcare. He is also the Director of Endovest, which provides management consultancy, valuation, and investment support to startups. He also leads another IT firm named Cybpress Innovative Solutions that offers all kinds of IT related services. A passionate individual with a keen interest in integrating technology with healthcare, Dr. Ajil is associated with many charitable organizations and NGOs and is involved with various social activities. He did his MBBS from Yenepoya Medical College and his post graduation from Govt. Medical College, Calicut.

Hobbies: Reading, Travelling, Exploring new opportunities
Favorite Cuisine: Homely food
Favorite Book: Wings of fire by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Favorite Travel Destination:Europe

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