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Dr. Ajith Kumar: Changing The Way You Receive Healthcare

Dr. Ajith Kumar: Changing The Way You Receive Healthcare

Dr. Ajith Kumar,  Founder & CEO

Dr. Ajith Kumar

Founder & CEO

The healthcare industry needs proficient business leaders with the solutions to guide an industry amid disruption from changing technological innovations to business competition & patients demanding better care for less. Dr. Ajith Kumar, Founder & CEO, Hospicare Operations and Management is one such profound doctor cum business leader who established his venture as a result of his understanding of the unique requirements of the industry and the gravity of healthcare’s role in daily life. Dr Ajith after pursuing MBBS developed a keen interest in developing himself as an entrepreneur in the healthcare sector. Before establishing his business, he has exceptional experience working under various Administrators at Ramaiah Hospital and others in Bangalore and being associated with leading doctors of the hospital.

In the year 2019, he established HospiCare Operations and Management and ever since then has been focusing his intentions on improving quality of patient care services, hand holding in hospital operations, introducing newer technology to hospitals and other healthcare centers. The compassionate business leader has taken up the responsibility to promote health & healing and provide treatment to the hospitals struggling in day to day operations. Being a vital part in organising CAHOTECH 2017, which constantly introduces better adaptable and affordable technology solutions to hospitals across India. Let’s hear it from him.
What influenced your decision to
become an entrepreneur and establish HospiCare Operations and Management?

I come from an MBBS + Finance background and during my association in the healthcare sector, I realized there were not many proficient doctors who were able to work in the field of hospital management. This is when I decided to establish Hospicare Operations and Management and create a common platform for doctors to practice their skills and we will take care of their business. Through this venture, I wanted to bring in professional people to improve the businesses in hospitals across PAN India. This has been my motive & inspiration to take an entrepreneurial turn in the healthcare sector.

Our team includes medical experts, rehab specialists, quality managers, and medical administrators who provide end-to-end exclusive operations & management services to hospitals using international skills and the latest technologies

How would you define HospiCare Operations and Management as an organization and its position in the market?
Hospicare Operations and Management is conceived and led by a team of medical doctors, Hospital administrators, quality managers with high management experience. We are profoundly skilled professionals with clinical as well as non-clinical knowledge. Our team is well equipped to provide end-to-end hospital operations & management services to hospitals in par to international standard with latest technologies. As we are into O&M of many hospitals, we are currently operating in five states in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil
Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

How has your response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic been? How did you tackle those challenges?
The problem that we faced during the Covid-19 pandemic was the lack of scope to expand PAN India because of the travel restrictions. We had to confine to a specific geographical location which hampered the growth of business outside Karnataka. But immediately after the restructuring of the government norms, as the world started restoring itself, we too started to reinstate our business across the nation. Many hospitals were not able to manage the capacity of the patient load and for them we efficiently aligned their operations & management.

What are the changes in healthcare trends that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee to serve people better as medical professionals?
The healthcare industry is growing at a very high rate. There are a lot of infrastructural changes and technological innovations in hospitals that are expected in the coming years. Medical facilities will not be limited to hospitals, rather they will also be carried forward to patients’ homes. A lot of technologies are going to be set up to increase the consumer experience and provide top-notch medical services.

Dr. Ajith Kumar, Founder & CEO, Hospicare Hygiene & Healthcare
Doctor cum entrepreneur with an exclusive experience in the healthcare sector, Dr. Ajith is currently the founder & CEO of the Hospicare Operations and Management. He aims to provide appealing facilities to hospitals and create unmatched experiences for patients.

Hobbies: Reading books
Favorite Book: Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO
Favorite Cuisine: North Karnataka cuisine
Favorite Travel Destination: Tahiti in North America

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