Dr. Priya K Ganesh: Celebrated For Introducing Art And Science Of Colposcopy With Advanced Treatment For Cervical Pre-Cancerous Lesions

Dr. Priya K Ganesh: Celebrated For Introducing Art And Science Of Colposcopy With Advanced Treatment For Cervical Pre-Cancerous Lesions

Dr. Priya K Ganesh,Medical Director

Dr. Priya K Ganesh

Medical Director

Healthcare executives operate in a fast-paced industry intending to provide the most affordable, dependable, and standard care possible. They must efficiently monitor staff when leading organizational and academic teams to be competitive. Dr. Priya K Ganesh (Medical Director) of SaiNiwas Healthcare was interviewed by CEO Insights and she shared about her professional journey as a medical practitioner.

Give us brief details about your professional journey. Also, how are you leveraging the best of those elements across SaiNiwas healthcare?
Started career as ADMO and later switched as MO Incharge FPAI Thane KNAK, I am proud to start Learning with Earning, Flagship program for Adolescents girls, of global repute IPDP. After a while I was shifted as Chief Gynecologist TMC under UNFPA. Started various projects like CUT Certificate course under RCH, started Garbhasanskar classes, which are held at an infertility clinic where workers undergo skill-based training for safe delivery and emergencies.

We also offer Cu T training certification courses under RCH to LMO/Staff nurses; our centre receives visitors from all over the world and is highly ranked by Govt HC. Besides, I was the Chairperson of the PCPNDTA, and SaiNiwas Healthcare was founded in 2005. In 2011, I resigned from my job and was reintroduced intothe system at the behest of the TMC Governing Council, with the authority to take the role of HOD of the TMC Preventive Oncology Department in 2016. I am proud to start Preventive Oncology and Colposcopy for first time in Thane district.

Please tell us about the various specialties/departments that you cater to. Also, tell us about the unique benefits of undergoing healthcare treatment from your hospital.
We have a wide range of facilities at SaiNiwas Healthcare, including a state-of-the-art ART HC. SaiNiwas HealthCare provides all solution under one roof for preventive oncology and cancer prevention, and the SNHC Flagship consists of Preventive Oncology Teaching
Course along with Books and Atlas Authored by Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar in Colposcopy which are MUHS Reference Text books. Besides we also offer, Mentorship Hand Holding Program and Biomolecular Diagnostics. The Instrument Division of SNHC holds Srivari Medical Equipment to Cater to Colposcopy and Advanced Treatment.

Over 1 lakh women have used our Preventive Oncology Department, and we have diagnosed and treated over 3000 precancerous cervical conditions with safe OPD-based procedures such as ablation and excisional approaches, preventing them from progressing to full-blown cancers and avoiding unnecessary hysterectomies. SNHC takes pride to be first ever healthcare in the country to offer every solution for cervical cancer prevention under one roof. Also, we are the only HC which has thoroughly thought beyond time in Preventive Oncology with all the parameters under one roof and having chain of centres Pan India exclusively for Preventive Oncology and Colposcopy for Cervical Cancer Prevention.

I am proud to be the first in Thane to use the art and science of Colposcopy to treat cervical precancer lesions

Enlighten us about the physical & technological infrastructure of your hospital. Also, tell us about the tools, technologies, laboratories & machinery that you leverage to come up with your multispecialty services.
We perform all types of high-tech laparoscopic procedures, infertility treatment for both male and female patients, and oncology cases for both male and female patients. SaiNiwas Healthcare is a WHO/IARC IFCPC Colposcopy course convener for India, as well as a Fogsi Colposcopy course convener, and over 1000 gynecologists have earned certificate Colposcopy Handson Training from both FOGSI accredited centres in Thane, Delhi. SNHC also provides a Fellowship Advanced Course in Colposcopy and Case Management, which has attracted 550 gynaecologists from India and around the world.

In this pandemic scenario, we have developed an online course since last year, and approximately 250 Gynecologists have gained from this one-week online course, the majority of whom are HOD, Sr Gynecologists, and PG students. We built our own custom specks instruments, as well as a portable colposcopy, carry case. Only a few instruments have
been used for Patency. A cutting-edge biomolecular laboratory is also used for HPV testing, LBC, STI tables, and genetic BRACA testing. Our laboratory has performed over 5000 HPV tests and 5000 LBC in the last three years, and our service catchment area includes all of India with a fast turnaround time.

In your journey over the past, which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction - both as an individual and a healthcare leader?
The Guinness Book of World Records approached us in 2017 to organize a Huge Megha Camp for 3500 ladies, with the participation of 40 Doctors from across India and 150 Assistants for simultaneous checkups in 40 improvised OPD Rooms erected in a vast open field at the foothills of Matheran. During this ongoing pandemic, all positive test results are managed and treated at our SaiNiwas HealthCare facility at no cost, with pick-up and drop-off service available at their entrance.

The SaiNiwas charitable trust, which was founded three years ago, will bear the entire expense. In terms of personal achievements, I am a member of numerous professional organizations, including FOGSI, IMS, IMA, ISCCP, AOGIN, WEDA, and others, and have held various roles in these organizations. I will be the Chairperson of the FOGSI Oncology Committee from 2021 to 2024, a federation of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Society of India with over 40,000 members that are doing outstanding work in women's health. In addition, in partnership with Global Rotary, I was one of three expert panel doctors chosen from India to Malawi East for an International Rotary-sponsored MMR reduction project in Africa. I am also a Crevice Master Trainer for the State Governments of MP and J&K.

Dr. Priya K Ganesh, Medical Director, Sai Niwas Healthcare
Priya earned her bachelor's degree and then her postgraduate degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Grant Medical College, JJ Hospital in Mumbai. Priya is a Former Head of department of Preventive Oncology, at C R WADIA Hospital, Thane Municipal Corporation. She is the Medical Director of Sainiwas Colposcopy, Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home, Thane and Chairman of Sainiwas Preventive Oncocare. Dr. Priya is the Medical Director of SaiNiwas HealthCare Main branches Mumbai and Delhi. Also, the Master Trainer for State Govt of MP,J&k, Maharashtra for Cervical cancer prevention underGOI Ayushman Bharath, she facilitates 27 Preventive OncoCare centers & 1 Regional Centre that works on Pan Geography and is one of the first in India.

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