DR. NAILESH: A CMO with Pioneering Ideas that can Benefit both the Employees and an Organization

DR. NAILESH: A CMO with Pioneering Ideas that can Benefit both the Employees and an Organization

Dr. Nailesh,Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Nailesh

Chief Medical Officer

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the most established healthcare systems throughout the world, India's healthcare system has been affected as well. Both the private and public sectors collaborated on the general impact of the pandemic. Private Indian healthcare groups rose to the occasion and have been giving the government all of the resources it requires, including testing, isolation beds for treatment, medical personnel, and equipment at government COVID-19 hospitals, as well as home healthcare.

Murugappa Group is a pioneering business organization that operates with its core values, "The Five Lights" of Murugappa Group which are integrity, responsibility, passion, respect, and quality. Over the years, the company has been able to excel across industries and develop into a reputed business organization in the country owing to their commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings. Being a part of Murugappa Group, Dr. Nailesh T, the Chief Medical Officer of MMTCL has been developing the Occupational Health Center with various advancements by handling all acute problems, as well as a thorough setup for dealing with all first-aid and seasonal disease cases. A pioneering figure, Dr. Nailesh T and his team aims to make the employees of the group mentally and physically healthy and get them to perform in their optimal manner.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Dr. Nailesh enlightened us with his professional journey and how he is helping the employees of the group to thrive in the current highly stressful working environment.

How are you leveraging the best of your professional experience across Murugappa Group? Also, how are you dealing with the challenges faced in the industry?
As the major job of the occupational physician, maintaining a relationship with the statutory and industrial unit administration is critical. Between the workforce and the management, the fundamental backbone is constructing a pillar, and one should be able to help employees with their health and well-being without generating too much bother for the management team. A connection between the two is required to run the show over a longer period and without turmoil. An employee who is happy and healthy is a direct asset to the company's well-being and progress.

Because expansion is the most important goal for every company, keeping the show running smoothly is a top priority, this ensures that the employee's, as well as the company's growth, is consistent. As a result, the employee's family benefits from prosperity and happiness. As a result, we play a critical role in ensuring the long-term viability of both industry and society. With my abilities, I can accomplish this to a larger level. What I can also understand is the fact that now, business organizations are willing to try new things to improve the work experience of the employees and the employees should co-operate with the business to get the best possible results out of this. So, we are also trying to bridge this gap within the organization as well.
Challenges are part and parcel of this industry and currently, vaccinating all the employees is the key challenge and my priority is to keep the employees as healthy as possible. Also, right now, lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity are a serious concern for everyone's health. So, I try to make my employees aware about all these as well. We give them diet modifications and engage them in various exercises to tackle all these issues. We strive to make the employees active and that way they can improve their health and even be more productive for the company. This also helps them to reduce the health concerns and ensures good work life balance as well. We are aiming to create the perfect working environment for our employees and this is crucial to ensure that they can thrive in their respective roles.

With your experience in the healthcare field, how are you improving productivity of the organization by employee health protection and promotion of physical and health and more?
Employee health, as I have stated, is the company's most valuable asset. Their health should be monitored regularly as needed, and they should get annual medical checks. A regular health examination and seasonal health care are also important. Physical health is handled by including them in sports, cultural events, Family Day celebrations, physiotherapy training, and ergonomic training, among other things. Nutrition plans, Yoga camps, Health training at home, Safety lessons for spouses at home, and other mental and psychosocial health services are provided. Good health Periodic medical exams, routine health care monitoring, and health risk assessments are used to manage risk as well.

An employee who is happy and healthy is a direct asset to the company's well-being and progress because expansion is the most important goal for every company, keeping the show running smoothly is a top priority, this ensures that the employee's, as well as the company's growth, is consistent

Please tell us about the various specialties/departments that you cater to. Also, tell us about the unique benefits of undergoing healthcare treatment from your hospital?
I work as an Occupational Health Physician, which is similar to Family Medicine, we assist in all sectors of medicine and their subspecialties. All care is provided under one roof, with insurance-related assistance and other services. Personally, after completing my Fellowship in Sexual Medicine, I practice sexual health consultations and am a member of the Council for Sexual Health and Parenthood International (CSEPI) organization.

What opportunities do you foresee in the current healthcare industry of India? As the CMO of Murugappa Morgan what are your strategies to take the company to new heights?
Occupational health will be in the spotlight sooner or later, it takes a variety of approaches, such as a Family Medicine approach. Because we work with major healthcare organizations as well as individuals and their families. I am currently the CMO of the Murugappa Group's single branch, Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Ltd of CUMI. Each of the group's other areas will
soon evolve and emerge. There will be group health efforts, which will be handled by Murugappa Group Corporate Communications (GCC). Healthcare, like other forums, will be a forum in the Industrial Health sectors sooner or later.

As the CMO of MMTCL, I wish to ensure that the employees' health is well taken care of and a preventive healthcare plan will be implemented across the board. The organization's health will be viewed as a valuable asset, also the company's growth will likewise be accelerated in this manner.

Looking at the current pandemic and its long-lasting impact how are you preparing and implementing better prevention Strategies?

Unlike past pandemics, Covid-19 has had widespread consequences. We have two major product lines in our MMTCL, one in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, and the other in Motibhoyan, Gujarat. Across both lines, we successfully defeated the first wave of Covid. Gujarat was particularly hard hit by the second wave, and as a result, some of our employees tested positive and received treatment. We have managed to avoid the spread of the disease in Ranipet so far, with the lowest potential infection rates. We have created SOPs in such a way that infection dissemination is kept to a minimum, the main reasons for this are patrolling and education. We are hopeful that we will be able to overcome this pandemic with zero casualties and mortality.

Apart from all this, I have been a leading coordinator of a revolutionary project of Vellore Medical Association and it is a social service that we have done during the second wave of the pandemic in order to reduce the anxiety levels and panic of the general public. This initiative is a helpline which provides services by the doctors around the clock. We did this with the support from CMC Vellore and VIT alumnus. Apart from me, the project operations were headed by Dr. Madhan Mohan, President, Vellore IMA, and Dr. Narmada Ashok, Vice President, Vellore IMA. We have also conducted lots of Blood donation camps just before the second wave of the pandemic. Apart from this, we also have added vaccination camps and recognized all the frontline workers in Government hospitals.

“As the CMO of MMTCL, I wish to ensure that the employees' health is well taken care of and a preventive health-care plan will be implemented across the board”

What are the future plans of the company?
We have given a new proposal regarding refurbishing the open space that we have on top of our canteen into a gym. Apart from that we also have spaces to play different games and all this contributes to make a good working environment. We have even our old employees having fun with these and that is what we strive to achieve. We are also aiming to give employees half an hour of their regular working time towards these physical activities. This will reduce the monotony and stresses of their work and will give them a breath of fresh air.

We have already implemented an initiative that makes our employees follow an all-liquid diet once a which will help them to release all the built-up toxins in their body. Apart from all this, as part of our CSR activities, we are also going to government aided schools and giving them diet nutrition classes, sanitary hygiene for girls and boys and conduct medical camps as well. We want to give back to the society and grow communities who are in need of help. The industries are ready to do something for their employees and now the co-operation should come from the employees.

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