Dr. Rosetta Williams: Breaking New Grounds in the Indian Education System with a Continuous Learning Spirit that is innovative and futuristic

Dr. Rosetta Williams: Breaking New Grounds in the Indian Education System with a Continuous Learning Spirit that is innovative and futuristic

Dr. Rosetta Williams, CEOThe advancement in educational sector for girls & women become rapid from 19th century with rise in common school movement and higher education opportunities. By 20th century, women constituted major part of the education sector by engaging as teachers, learners and leaders in formal and informal education settings. However, what remained unchanged was the lack of torchbearer. But Dr. Rosetta Williams (CEO, Dalmia Vidya Mandir (DVM)is one such versatile educationist and strategic leader who has been breaking new grounds in the education system of the country with her continuous learning & innovative spirit. In her career spanning 30 years, Dr. Rosetta had not only managed & led various renowned educational institutes & new academic ventures but also formed education policies and altered management across multiple locations in India and abroad. Prior to joining DVM, she has worked with educational institutes like Edexcel London, American School, founder of seven Delhi Public Schools, Zee Learn, Presidium to name a few. CEO Insights interviews Dr. Rosetta to know more about her journey along and current role & responsibilities at Dalmia bharat cement educational vertical panindia…

Please take us through the milestones in your educational as well as professional journey.
Teaching was an inherent part of my upbringing and present in my DNA. My professional career started as English teacher post which I worked in various reputed schools. After DPS, I served as Regional Director (North) for Zee Learn Pvt. Ltd. where I managed 275 Kidzee and 75 CBSE Schools and later worked as COO of Radcliffe a chain of schools. The exposure at Radcliff boosted my experience and expertise across almost all Indian states. Besides, I took various initiatives and launched a bouquet of schools and crafted the existing schools into centres of excellence.

I have proven and tested complete expertise in running all different levels of school & higher education, skill training and other successful business models,and service models, whereas converting institutions into a centre of excellence is my forte. I am not just specialized in overall management, operations and administration,
infrastructure, HR, training and development but also equipped with sound knowledge of curriculum development, teacher training and understanding of institutional developments, administration, affiliation, academics and public relations. I have authored curriculum specifications for all boards, A levels and Baccalaureate Diploma Program and even rolled out vocational institutions. Being a constant learner, I have pursued doctorate in education and authored 28 publications besides being proficient in content creation. and teaching with innovative and best practices world over.

I always envision contributing towards ‘Siksha’ in true meaning which led me to join DVM

Kindly tell us about the spark that lit you to join DVM. Also share unique methodologies that you deploy at Dalmia.
I always envision contributing towards ‘Siksha’ in true meaning, which led me to join DVM. As a CEO,my sole responsibility is to acquire the goals of each student and convert their dreams into reality. Rather than person centric approach, I follow process and policy oriented work structures which equipped me with institution technology & systems driven policies and standard operating procedures & processes. At DVM, firstly I setup an assembly line to bring all things under one roof complied with regular follow-up, audits and appraisals. Under this 360° approach, we frame the KRA, and train & mentor every staff member. Secondly, the school curriculum is well mapped with daily lesson plan resulting in effective learning which is further assured by individual academic goals. The learning trajectory set for each child is well supported by remediation, counseling and constant monitoring. These distinct methodologies help us to upgrade to the next level of excellence.

Brief us about DVM and its teaching practices.
DVM, one of the oldest chains of schools in India, is working towards bringing quality learning to far flung places in the country and has been successful in furnishing accessible, affordable yet contemporary and extraordinary learning opportunity to Indian children.

Established with a vision to nurture young minds that strive for excellence through active learning, DVM promotes value based learning for holistic development of the children and help them to excel holistically across academics, sports, arts and co-curricular pursuits. As an innovative institution, the school has
introduced a unique ‘Octave’(Ashtabhuja Content (Tatva), Teachers (Adhyapak), Parents (abhibhavak), Assessment (aankalan), Enrich (sampannata), Life skills (Jeevan nipunta), Network (Sanjaal) and Infrastructure (Sanrachana) teaching technique. Apart from providing equal learning opportunity to every child, this approach nurtures & develops each child’s unique talent and potential to the fullest while enabling them to make their career in any field.

Affiliated to CBSE board, DVM not only provides holistic K-12 education but also crafts children as thinker, sensitive and respectful global citizens with a progressive outlook. The school enhances academics through quality teaching, effectiveness, quality result, new learning opportunities through fun and experiential learning. DVM takes immense pride in imparting an education that embeds strong Indian values in students. In this journey, teachers also plays major role who get frequent professional training, which not just uplift their standards of teaching but also keep them aligned with institution vision & mission.

Cast some light on DVM’s roster of awards & recognition along with its future endeavor
DVM upholds a bouquet of well-established schools whose standards are well defined by the awards and applauds earned by the students/teachers. In 2018 DVM Dalmiapuram has been awarded ‘High Performing School’ by Indian Education Congress whereas during 2018-19, DVM Rajgangpur has bagged School Excellence award for being best CBSE School in Odisha with academic excellence, green building and community and collaboration.

We envision developing DVM as a brand in the education sector and thus encompassed competitions, sports activities, annual functions and parent interaction in our school curriculum. Meanwhile, we are also in the process of leveling the standard of all DVM schools and with the support of our enterprising staff/promoters; the path seems to be easy.

Key Management
Dr. Rosetta Williams, CEO
An award-winning educationist with over 28+ years of experience in managing and leading educational institutions

•Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam professional excellence in Education award
•Outstanding Leadership Award for contributions towards the betterment of education
•Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award
•Millennium National Teachers Award
•Educationist of the year-2009 from Indian Achievers Podium

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