Dr. Sundaresan Maiyalagan: Peregrinating Healthcare Eminence Through Profound Cognitions | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Sundaresan Maiyalagan: Peregrinating Healthcare Eminence Through Profound Cognitions

Dr. Sundaresan Maiyalagan: Peregrinating Healthcare Eminence Through Profound Cognitions

Dr.Sundaresan Maiyalagan ,  Founder & CEO

Dr.Sundaresan Maiyalagan

Founder & CEO

A well-functioning healthcare system is crucial in bolstering a nation's economy, fostering development, and driving indus-trialization. It serves as a vital factor in enhancing the overall physical and mental health and well-being of individuals globally. Medaltius, based in Mauritius, specializes in an array of services designed to meet the demands of the current and future healthcare sector. They provide a variety of healthcare services in Mauritius, encompassing Physio-therapy, Physical Rehabilitation, Critical Care, Anesthesia, Pain Management, Aeromedical Transport, Skills Training, Home Based Medical Care, and Overseas Medical Assistance. Dr. Sundaresan Maiyalagan, the CEO and Founder of Medaltius is a highly regarded industry veteran. As a Physician Executive, his expertise has been pivotal in guiding the organization to success since its inception.

During an in-depth interview, Dr. Sundaresan provided insights into the latest industry developments, the internal workings of his organization, and the factors that have contributed to his current position.

Can you concisely overview your career path and the motivation behind founding Medaltius?

After completing high school at the Indian School Muscat, Oman, I embarked on my medical journey and received my MBBS degree from Kasturba Medical College (KMC) Mangalore, Karnataka, India in 2000, as part of the Class of 1994. My pursuit of knowledge led me to KMC Manipal, Karnataka, India where I completed an MD in Anesthesiology in 2004 and subsequently served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at KMC Manipal. In 2005, I ventured to Mauritius, joining the first comprehensive private cardiac center in Mauritius, followed by roles at local hospitals including those managed by Fortis and Apollo Healthcare groups. Concurrently, I obtained a Diploma in Aeromedical Transport and Retrieval from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Transitioning into leadership, I directed the establishment of a 70- bed hospital in the eastern part of Mauritius before founding my firm, Medaltius.
Complementing my practical experience, I pursued an MBA from HeriotWatt University, UK. I also became an Instructor in Advanced Pediatric Life Support in collaboration with my South African colleagues, and travel frequently to South Africa to instruct on the course. I have been part of teams that have secured healthcare accreditation for their organizations, including Joint Commission International accreditation (JCI, USA) and CHKS (U.K). My professional drive springs from a passion for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, aiming to humanize healthcare and address deviations from core healthcare objectives. This moti-vation is underscored by my pursuit of an MBA to navigate current healthcare challenges facing providers and patients.

Our organization prio-ritizes training, reco-gnizing its crucial impact, epitomized by the adage: 'Better to sweat in Peace than bleed in War’

Please share your academic journey at Kasturba Medical College Manipal and elaborate on the non-academic lessons and experiences gained from the campus.

I'm eternally grateful to my teachers at KMC Mangalore and Manipal for their valuable lessons and training imparted to me. In Anesthesiology, I learned from exceptional Professors and fellow post-graduate colleagues; many of whom served as mentors in both academic and personal life. Despite my introverted nature in high school in Oman, KMC Mangalore and Manipal nurtured my creativity. As a Fine Arts Secretary at KMC Mangalore, I gained valuable experience. The multicultural environment at KMC broadened my cultural understanding and interpersonal skills. It fostered permanent ties with people who are now spread across the globe, the KMC Diaspora. I also met my life partner at KMC, Manipal.

Describe Medaltius as a company and its standing in the market.

Medaltius, a four-year-old organization, provides Anesthesia and Intensive Care services in private sector hospitals in Mauritius, alongside home critical care services, Aeromedical Evacuations, and Overseas Medical Assistance. We operate a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center and are establishing an outpatient center for specialized wound care, with other collaborative healthcare projects in the pipeline. Positioned to address gaps in private healthcare delivery, we are also involved in medical skills training and are registered
with the Mauritius Qualifications Autho-rity (MQA). We provide consultancy services for medical supply companies and healthcare facility establishments while collaborating with private stakeholders to enhance healthcare delivery and offering comprehensive solutions from staff training to critical care management.

What recent challenges impede people from adopting healthy habits, and how can we address these obstacles to promote better choices?

Improper role models and readily available choices often hinder optimal decisions, with cost being a key factor. An unfit gym instructor can deter his students. Leading by example is crucial; I believe that there's a disconnect between patient nutrition emphasis and food quality for hospital staff. To tackle this, healthcare institutions must walk the talk, offering healthier food options for staff, not only for patients. Creating awareness and fostering a health-focused workplace culture is crucial. Small efforts like gym memberships or incentives for physical activity for the staff can enhance the well-being of healthcare staff. Investing in wellness spaces, like meditation areas, fosters a holistic approach, enhancing employee well-being and productivity. This positively influences healthcare personnel, leading to a ripple effect on patient care.

Can you share the distinctive characteristics of your leadership and outline the principles or approaches you adhere to in guiding us?

In my leadership approach, I draw insights from the military and shipping industry, where captains rise through the ranks, emphasizing the importance of under-standing task complexities and setting SMARTER goals. I believe in applying the 80/20 principle in healthcare delivery. Hands-on leadership, open communication, and a culture of learning from mistakes are central to my leadership style, inspired by the aviation industry and Formula 1 pit-stops, aimed at integrating efficiency and patient safety into healthcare delivery.

Dr. Sundaresan Maiyalagan, CEO & Founder , Medaltius

Dr. Sundaresan Maiyalagan, a seasoned healthcare professional and trainer, specializes in Infection Control, Critical Care, Anesthesiology, Aviation Medicine, and Healthcare Management. With a Master's in Anesthesiology, a Diploma in Aero-medical Transport and Retrieval, and a Master’s In Business Administration, he has overseen Intensive Care Units, Emergency Departments, Operating Theaters, and Brown Field Hospital projects in Mauritius, showcasing a robust healthcare presence.

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