Dr. Vinayak Pampati: Encouraging Growth And Accessibility Of Basic Healthcare By Providing Better Healthcare Services

Dr. Vinayak Pampati: Encouraging Growth And Accessibility Of Basic Healthcare By Providing Better Healthcare Services

Dr.Vinayak Pampati,MDDue to the global pandemic of COVID-19, healthcare professionals have been in the spotlight in recent months. To deal with the increasing number of cases affected by the virus, healthcare workers have been trying hard to meet increasing requirements to cater to the community. An important factor to acknowledge is our healthcare leaders' willingness to manage such this transition with gusto and hope for a better future. CEO Insights interviewed Dr. Vinayak Pampati (MD) of VINN Hospital, wherein he enlightened us with the inception story of the hospital and the challenges he came across in order to achieve success.

Tell us about the inception ideology of VINN Hospital. What was the motivation behind the establishment of this hospital?
When I was about six years old, I learned that my grandfather was a prominent member of society and I could see how people treated him with the utmost reverence and appreciation. What began as a small clinic to support the community led him to become not only a renowned surgeon but also a remarkable human being for all his good deeds. That is the seed that my grandfather, knowingly or unknowingly, planted in me.

VINN Hospital was built on passion rather than need, and to me, it is more than a hospital; it is something that makes me smile every morning. I enjoy engaging with patients, taking on new tasks, and always thinking about ways to improve the hospital and myself. From the outside, it can appear that I checked all the right boxes to get here today but what one does not see, however, is the arduous amount of work and
unexpected challenges that were overcome in order to arrive here. I do count my blessings and look back on this journey with rose-tinted glasses.

What were the major challenges that you encountered during your professional journey so far and how did you manage to overcome them?
I was often surrounded by family members, many of whom are medical professionals, which compelled me to accept this way of life, and thus a journey began. Being the youngest in the class while pursuing an M.D. in Radiology encouraged me to work even harder and I always wanted to create a brand that I believe in, and as they say, it all starts with an idea. But turning an idea into practice is difficult enough, and trying to start a healthcare company at the age of 26 was even tougher. For me, the concept of 'challenge' has evolved over the last few years.

VINN Hospital was built on passion rather than need, and to me, it is more than a hospital; it is something that makes me smile every morning

It all started with me persuading financial institutions to back and believe in my dream, which was no simple job. I recall waiting over 6-7 hours for meetings with senior doctors and then convincing them to join the VINN family. Today’s challenges are about the growing concerns and issues that an overburdened Indian health-care system is facing, and the importance of finding ways to maximize its potential rather than demanding drastic changes.

I consider myself a medical entrepreneur, and my primary goal in this position is to promote the expansion and accessibility of basic healthcare to all.

It often feels as though I'm walking down the same road as my father, I recall the peaks and lows he experienced when establishing a medical institution in the early
1990s. Today, almost three decades later, I admire him for the direction he chose and his desire to make the world a better place.

Enumerate the state-of-the-art diagnostics and medical facilities offered by VNN Hospital.
We at VINN Hospital provide high-quality services with the aid of state-of-the-art machinery and specially qualified staff to ensure that our patients have an exceptional experience. More than ever, today, the pandemic has shown the value of good healthcare. Although we continue to track COVID-19 in our local communities, we continue to take the strictest safety measures at the hospital to prevent the virus from spreading. Our employees follow stringent protocols to ensure that they are not only responsible for the patients but also for themselves.

Do you have any advice/suggestions on your mind for the budding entrepreneurs in the same segment?
When I meet a young professional, I always tell them that hard work will get them where they want to go and that they should surround themselves with people who inspire them. Never be afraid to try because they have a unique advantage in the form of 'time' and ‘energy', both of which, when used correctly, can lead to extraordinary results. Long-term goals are something I strongly believe in having from the get go, as they help to keep one focused and guided. Perseverance has always been a driving force in my life, and I consider it to be one of my best qualities. I still learn something new every day because I have an ear for everyone and pay attention to what they have to say. Everyone, whether a senior doctor or a ward boy, has something to teach us.

Dr. Vinayak Pampati, MD, VINN Hospital
Dr. Vinayak Pampati recognized right away after receiving his advanced degree MD in Radiology in 2016 that he wanted to do something remarkable. This is what led him to start VINN Hospital which would introduce and implement facilities for his beloved city of Hyderabad and its citizens that would provide world-class health care, something the city had never seen before.

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