Pradeep Kumar: Marching Ahead With A Vision To Ensure Premium Healthcare For All

Pradeep Kumar: Marching Ahead With A Vision To Ensure Premium Healthcare For All

Regular developments in the medical sector aim to ensure the seamless integration of healthy, affordable, and care routines. To achieve the objectives of continual enhancements in health care organizations, strong leadership is needed to motivate and accelerate progress at all levels of the healthcare system. Leadership in the healthcare industry is distributed through practices and organizational workforces, facing unique challenges. CEO Insights interviewed Pradeep Kumar T J (Medical Director & CEO), of Brookefield Hospital, wherein he enlightened us about his professional journey and the challenges he overcame while setting up his hospital.

What were the major challenges that you encountered during your professional journey so far and how did you manage to overcome them?
When I began my professional career in Gujarat, it was an entirely new experience for me; a new state, a new language to converse with the people around me, and I learned Gujarati in a month and a half, and it was easy to interact with the patients and understand their problems. Despite being offered various roles of administering medical colleges and universities, I chose this direction to understand the complexities that will provide me with a broad exposure to set up my hospital from the roots up.

And when we joined the corporate healthcare sector, we faced a slew of challenges, including a lack of solid resources and financial assistance, and with just 10 lakhs, I embarked on the journey of establishing a speciality hospital with 100 beds. With the support of our skillset, we were able to bring together a strong team of doctors who were specialists in their respective fields of healthcare.

I also received invaluable assistance from my wife, Dr. Sangeeta, a Dental Surgeon and the Director of Brookefield Hospital, as well as great guidance from my father-in-law, Col Hariprasad, and mother-in-law, in the effective completion of the hospital project, design and construction, within 10 months, from conception to completion, at a third of the cost of comparable projects across the world. Also, I am grateful for my parents' immense
sacrifices, which have contributed to the person I am today.

How do you align your organization with your vision and mission and as a healthcare leader how do you generate great ideas in your organization?
All of the major events that I have experienced, beginning with my childhood, and all of the challenges and opportunities that I have encountered along the way have made me aware that I must be able to provide affordable medical services that are easily accessible to all patients.

Brookefield Hospital established the world’s first-ever 2 wheeler ICU response system – known as BEAST

So, our mantra has been to ensure that we provide the best quality and personalized treatment to all of our patients, and if we can provide the services as planned, we will be able to shape our vision and mission for the institution and all of the people associated with Brookefield Hospital.

And if any of our ambitious workforces wanted to advance in search of better opportunities, we at Brookefield have prepared them to be a force to be reckoned with and after. We have provided opportunities to newcomers and transformed them into successful personalities that have led to great opportunities, and we are delighted to bring in more of such individuals to the healthcare sector.

What opportunities do you foresee in the current healthcare industry of India? Also, enumerate the state-of-the-art diagnostics and medical facilities offered by Brookefield Hospital?
During our five to six years of practice in Brookefield, we experienced a variety of difficult situations; even though our hospital is easily available, I saw several patients who were critically ill or dead by the time they arrived.

Analyzing such conditions, I performed a more in-depth investigation to determine what
causes are causing such medical emergencies and why patients are not brought to us promptly. After understanding the reasons, we worked towards fixing those missing links and that gave rise to what is probably known as the world’s first-ever an App based 2 wheeler ICU emergency responseSystem – known as BEAST, which stands for Brookefield Emergency and Accident Support Team.

We specifically wanted to design a device that could be used in medical emergencies, with an entire ICU-style setup erected at the patient's bedside on a moving vehicle. This facility is already available in and around Bangalore, but given the current pandemic scenario, we intend to launch BEAST across Karnataka within six months and take it to the top ten smart cities in the South Indian region.

In your journey over the past, which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction - both as an individual and a healthcare leader?
I have always been a blessed child; I always wanted to go to medical school, and thanks to my parents' encouragement, I was able to fulfil my dreams and become a doctor, and I have always lived up to their expectations. Getting into a Medical School was a first achievement for me, and another was excelling as a Gold Medalist in my Post-Graduation. Another significant turning point in my professional career was the establishment of Brookefield hospital in 2010.

Pradeep Kumar T J, Medical Director & CEO, Brookefield Hospital
Pradeep Kumar completed his MBBS, MD and Internal Medicine from JJM Medical College, Davangere and completed his Masters from Kuvempu University and was awarded with Gold Medal. In 1999, he started his professional journey as HOD of Medicine Department at SFGG Hospital, Gujarat, later on he has been part of various prominent medical institutions like VIMS Hospital, Koshys Hospital, Manipal Hospital, and AkshayaMallya Hospital. In 2010, Pradeep established Brookefield Hospital.

Location: Bangalore

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