Emkay Wealth Management: Guiding Wealth for Generations

Emkay Wealth Management: Guiding Wealth for Generations

Bhavesh Sanghvi, CEO, Dr. Joseph Thomas, Head - Research,Ashish Ranawade, Head - ProductsWealth management is often considered akin to financial planning, but the fact is, financial planning is just a small aspect/ part of wealth management. Wealth management is a continuous investment advisory process that is a combination of risk analysis, asset allocation, portfolio management, risk management and a number of related services. It offers several strategies and plans that allow affluent individuals, promoter driven companies, family offices, select corporates to attain financial objectives in a planned, systematic and process based manner. However, formulating the right strategies is not easy. It requires research and deep knowledge of the financial markets. Emkay Wealth Management,led by Bhavesh Sanghvi (CEO) and supported by Dr. Joseph Thomas (Head of Research), and Ashish Ranawade (Head of Products), facilitates Investors to achieve their financial goals through its unique processes, cutting edge advisory and technology.

Emkay Global, the parent company was founded in 1995 with a clear aim of offering sound research-based financial advisory services to the clients. Since then, the firm has dealt with diverse clientele and situations, which has enabled it to offer the right aids to better manage the money. With all these, Emkay has etched a name for itself as a reliable partner in the financial services domain while meeting the financial growth requirements of its clients. To further explore the features of Emkay Wealth, CEO Insights garnered an exclusive interview with the trio.

Tell us more about Emkay and the services that you offer.
Bhavesh: Emkay is a pioneer in financial services that offers well-researched and cogent advice on Investments. Our continuous and single minded focus is on understanding customers’ needs and offering the right financial solutions. Emkay Wealth’s primary services comprise of Risk Analysis, Asset Allocation, Investment Solutions, Asset Management, Research & Execution, Investment Process and Estate & Succession Planning. However Emkay Global has a large practice on the institutional advisory side, wherein
we offer institutional equity services to global and domestic institutional and high net worth investors. In our asset management business, we have close to about Rs.600 crore of assets under management across various strategies. We also offer investment banking services, where we are renowned for restructuring debt as well as raising equities.

Our continuous and single-minded focus is on understanding customers’ needs and offering the right financial solutions

We believe in keeping things simple and what differentiates us is our research driven approach and the insights that guide us. We are focused around the basic pillars as far as the offering is concerned which focuses on asset allocation, creating a disciplined process around how we should conduct our portfolio reviews for clients and selecting the right product which could come on board depending on the clients and their risk appetite and then creating a portfolio which could outperform the market.

Ashish: Emkay is an organization which has been in existence for 25 years in the industry, and the team here has around two decades of experience in the market, in handling clients. We know our clients and have seen their requirements through various market cycles over a long period of time. Hence, we are perfectly placed in between the clients and the market, and also we are in the best position to get the clients the right kind of products, asset allocation and advice for any kind of market condition.

Bhavesh: Emkay has successfully been running a blended strategy called Emkay L.E.A.D since 2018, where the whole genesis of the strategy was to understand what makes a company create wealth for its shareholders. We built the framework called Emkay L.E.A.D, which is a large cap and midcap oriented strategy that invests in companies with long-term sustainable growth and dominant leadership position in their respective segments. Today, Emkay L.E.A.D Portfolio Management Service(PMS) is reckoned as the best PMS that ensures maximum risk mitigation and opportunity assessment.

How will you differentiate Emkay Wealth from other industry players?
Dr. Joseph: We follow a unique four stage fund selection process Enhanced Efficiency (ENEF) Model, a proprietary model. Developed by our team of experts, this model has a performance track record of more than 18 years. It has helped investors make scientific and objective choices of funds. The
model brings together return based factors as well as risk based factors while attempting to identify the potential performers.

Apart from that, something which differentiates Emkay from being in the advisory space is the deliverables. We have one of the finest set of advisory deliverables which also includes the investment plans that we make. We also do comprehensive multi asset class portfolio reviews which are supported by the best technology.

How does Emkay Wealth incorporate technology tools to serve its clients better?
Bhavesh: We leverage technology to its best to offer the best services. Unlike other platforms that just show the transactions and statements, our platform aggregates underlying holdings across service providers and provides automated weight ages on a daily basis across service providers. Our applications can provide information on large cap, product allocation, underlying holdings and more in just a single click of a button.

What is the future roadmap set for Emkay?
Bhavesh: We recently sought a SEBI registered investment adviser license and we are in the process of launching full-fledged wealth management and investment advisory services for Ultra HNI clients.

Dr.Joseph: We are also in the process of developing a sentiment meter to understand the equity market’s sentiment in a better way, using sentiment proxies. That is one of the things which we are working on and it will be released soon.

Bhavesh Sanghvi, CEO
An alumni of Columbia Business School and NMIMS, Bhavesh brings in nearly three decades of experience, of which, the last 16 years are with the Financial Services industry.

Dr.Joseph Thomas, Head of Research
A Masters in Economics and a Ph.D. in Management, Dr. Thomas brings to the table a rich experience spanning three decades.

Ashish Ranawade, Head of Products
An alumnus of Columbia Business School, a Masters in Management from JBIMS and an Engineer from VJTI, Mumbai, Ashish brings in over 25 years of experience in financial services and investment management.

Offerings: Wealth Management, Risk Analysis,Asset Allocation, Investment Solutions, Asset Management and more

Office: Mumbai

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