Geetanjali Medical College Hospital: Manifesting an Exemplary Way of Healthcare Delivery

Geetanjali Medical College Hospital: Manifesting an Exemplary Way of Healthcare Delivery

Dr. Kishor Pujari,CEODespite a booming economy, India’s public healthcare system still encounters multifarious trenches. There is only one state-run hospital for every 90,343 people, one hospital bed for every 2,046 people and one public physician for every 10,189 people in our country. While the recent healthcare reforms are poised to perform the rescue mission, the private healthcare system is anticipated to play an instrumental role. Having predicted to witness excess patient-incoming in the process, private hospitals have a herculean task upfront - to manage the flood of patients without compromising on smooth & quality healthcare delivery.

Manifesting an exemplary healthcare delivery by banking on its abundant hospital & patient management expertise, Geetanjali Medical College Hospital (GMCH)- a multi super specialty Teaching Hospital based out of Udaipur over the years has placed itself in a prominent position to command the latest reforms happening in the country. Boasting of a vision to deliver high-quality healthcare to all segments of the society in the most affordable way, GMCH is one of the largest medical colleges & hospital in Rajasthan with a capacity of 1150 beds, which has NABH accreditation for all its specialties and super-specialties.

Projected towards comprehensive delivery, GMCH has created various ‘Centers of Excellence’CoE)including Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Oncology (Onco-surgery & Onco-Radiation), Neurology, Neuro-Surgery, Urology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, and IVF. Having back-boned by super-specialty talents from India’s best medical institutes like AIIMS, JIPMER, PGI, and CMC, this facility has reduced burden on patients from South Rajasthan who earlier
travelled to either Ahmedabad or Jaipur to attain reliable healthcare.

Comprehension that we are running a large & complex medical organization makes us always explore the newer ways to manage our business

A medical graduate coupled with great business management acumen(MPM,MHSM & AFCHM),Dr. Kishor Pujari, CEO,GMCH has made crucial interventions to achieve GMCH’s institutional objectives of quality healthcare delivery and revenue growth through efficient resource utilization. Dr. Kishor divulges more about GMCH through CEO Insights.

While demand for quality healthcare delivery is on the rise, what are your strategies to optimize such a large medical & paramedical workforce for the benefit of the patients?
Innovation and appropriate management style is the key to stay ahead of the market competition. Comprehension that we are running a large & complex medical organization makes us always explore the newer ways to manage our business. This includes anything from acquiring & retaining appropriate talent pool through various human resource development programs to assessing & creating appropriate service mix to cater the dynamic market demands. I am constantly working with my HR & Operational teams to align our services with market dynamics.

How do you ensure top-notch quality and novelty of your treatments and its outreach in needy patients?
We have created sync between general specialties and super-specialties to offer comprehensive care. Our CoE for Cardiology is well-equipped with latest Cath Lab where our team of Cardiologists perform complex cardiac procedures of Angioplasties and Device Closures, not to mention our expert team of CTVS surgeons who are excellent in performing complex adult & pediatric cardiac surgeries
with minimum mortality and morbidity rate. Banking on latest microscopes, we also do complex neuro surgeries like Epilepsy Surgeries

On the other hand, we are performing 80 to 90 radiotherapy sessions per day for cancer patients and 10 to 15 Radio Surgeries(SRS)in our Radiation department. Indeed, we take pride in our comprehensive Cancer Center that caters to the needs of cancer patients from entire south Rajasthan. Most of our CoEs aid in decreasing patients’ need to travel towards metro cities for the treatment.

As our country is hosting paradigm shift in the way healthcare is delivered, how do plan to make the most out of this business opportunity?
Besides the new reforms within the country, there is a huge scope and opportunity for Medical Tourism. While offering our services at negligible costs compared to developed/OECD countries, we will invest our efforts to tap the opportunity and attract Medical Tourists across the globe to GMCH, which is situated in the beautiful lake city of Udaipur and accredited by NABH. Further more, Central Government’s scheme ‘Ayushman’ will be a great opportunity for us in terms of making better healthcare contribution to the society.

How are you updating yourself with the latest technologies/industry trends in order to make Geetanjali Hospital reach its future goals?
In coming months, we will start Kidney Transplant and Heart Transplant programs. We are adding our second Cardiac Cath Lab, PET CT and 3T MRI to cater to the increasing patient workload in next six months. Apart from these, we are all set to engender a dedicated super-luxury wing for Wellness & Preventive Healthcare, in addition to strengthening our academic curriculum to match the best teaching institutes in India.

Key Management:
Dr. Kishor Pujari,CEO
A medical graduate with great business management acumen, Dr. Kishor makes interventions with efficient resource utilization. This plays a significant role in GMCH providing quality healthcare delivery.

Office: Udaipur

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