I Can I Will Foundation: Transforming MSME Entrepreneurs Into World-Class Leaders

I Can I Will Foundation: Transforming MSME Entrepreneurs Into World-Class Leaders

Shyam Taneja,FounderWith technological advancements making great strides in the contemporary world, it is highly imperative for organizations to equip their leaders with multiple skill sets and capabilities. Leaders are demigods of an organization who think out-of-the-box, expect the unexpected, take swift actions and implement ideas effectively to not just enhance the organizational growth but also the nation’s growth. Hence, most organizations today are in the dire lookout for institutes that deliver value-driven leadership development programs to their leaders and thus, transform their lives both on professional and personal fronts. Despite a horde of institutes surfacing during the past decade, Ahmedabad-based I CAN I WILL FOUNDATION has been soaring high amidst this crowd and etching its excellence in the hearts of many successful entrepreneurs today.

The institute provides a unique platform for MSME entrepreneurs to learn, evolve, achieve and develop, and also a support structure for skills development to their team members. Unlike its peers, the institute has taken a step ahead to also help the children in exploring their potential to achieve better outcomes. Wondering how? While most of the people constrict their lives to a mediocre level and miss-out on potential growth opportunities, I CAN I WILL FOUNDATION is handholding them by amalgamating the power of two magical phrases – ‘I Can’ and ‘I Will’ to transform their lives.

‘I CAN I WILL FOUNDATION’ is the brainchild of Shyam Taneja (Founder) who always quoted ~ “Making life worthwhile is more important than acquiring assets and chasing positions”. Besides owning over four decades of professional experience as a leadership mentor, he has authored several bestselling books – ‘I Can I Will- Be a Leader’, ‘Time is NOT Money’, ‘Be a fulfilled person’, ‘Passion,’ and life transforming programs – ‘I Can V
Will’, ‘ePaD (Leadership Development)’, ‘ePoS (Orbit Shift)’ and others. Shyam has articulated a great deal about his institute and its fortes during an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights.

Walk us through the idiosyncrasies of your institute.
‘I CAN I WILL FOUNDATION’ functions with the sole objective of transforming the lives of millions of people in India with a vision of ‘I Can I Will World’ and a mission of ‘Make India’ to support the Make in India movement. Hence, we relentlessly help MSME entrepreneurs to become competent and make continuous & sustainable selfdevelopment. This institute is an NGO promoted by Unlimited Unnati, a unique training & consulting institute, which has been seamlessly helping people explore their true potential to achieve their dreams. During last 20+ years, Unnati has helped 20,000+ people relish success both in their professional and personal lives.

Could you cast some light on your initiatives – VLEAD, ILEAD and LiMa?
ILEAD Commune, our flagship initiative, can be availed by any entrepreneur in the MSME domain since most organizations don’t possess adequate human & financial resources to train their workforce efficiently. Here, we promote the spirit of Learning, Evolution, Achievement & Development among these entrepreneurs and let them work on their thoughts (Soch) and apply the ideas learnt (Seekh) to build a Commune (Sangat), thereby also benefitting family/associates (Sangathan). Altogether, ILEAD Commune is built on four pillars – Soch, Seekh, Sangat & Sangathan. Our participants hail from diverse industries who meet regularly to learn new ideas, implement them in their specific situations, and also help each other for the betterment of Quality of Life and Business Performance.

We have another program called VLEAD to specifically help employees discover their true potential so that they can achieve synergy and not just work together as a team, but also function with mutual trust and confidence towards the common organisational goals, thereby supporting the organisation to achieve its mission. While LiMa is a unique and exceptional journey of knowing and practicing. It is an attitudinal change process that provides powerful ideas, introspection and tools for application thus providing a
platform to discover true potential of children.

What are the some of the distinguishable aspects of your initiatives?
The coaching process we follow is designed for enhanced learning by spaced-repetitions wherein learning is absorbed and application is encouraged through workbooks. These workbooks allow participants to think, contemplate, discuss and apply learnt lessons in particular situations. By large, we have a coterie of like & positive-minded entrepreneurs keen in self-development helping each other in every possible way. Participants of ILEAD with exemplary performance are bestowed with Leadership Awards, while those of VLEAD and LiMa are given certificates.

How do you maintain the quality of your coaching process?
We deploy the concept – ‘Beat Your Best’ to encourage participants to perform better than previous sessions, be it in terms of health, relationship, mental development, spiritual progress or business growth. Besides, we regularly measure the health of each participant through an application, on parameters such as listening/reading the assignment, filling in the workbook, tracking progress of action steps decided for each goal, generating data based on target times, and actions of achieving other goals set by them. We have facilitators and not trainers who are certified by Leadership Management International, USA, to facilitate achievement among participants while group leaders ensure to improve the ones who lag behind.

What is your take on innovations?
Being firm believers that change is eternal and those who resist waste their energy, we pledge to deploy the latest scientific discoveries and developments into our process. The current Covid-19 crisis has accelerated distance learning where many international participants have been attending our programs online.

Shyam Taneja, Founder
Shyam is a quintessential game changer, motivational speaker, leadership trainer, and a life coach who has touched and transformed millions of lives right from young professionals to well-experienced doyens from 1000+ organizations.

Quick Facts:
• Office: Ahmedabad
• Initiatives: ILEAD (Learn, Evolve, Achieve & Develop), VLEAD & LiMa (Leadership in Making)

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