Keshav Shoor : Emerging As A Market Leader Through His Business Acumen & Zeal To Succeed | CEOInsights Vendor
Keshav Shoor : Emerging As A Market Leader Through His Business Acumen & Zeal To Succeed

Keshav Shoor : Emerging As A Market Leader Through His Business Acumen & Zeal To Succeed

Keshav Shoor,    COO & Director

Keshav Shoor

COO & Director

The hand tool industry has recently been the primary source of hardware tool makers all over the world as economic globalization has accelerated. The wide spread use and greater needs for hand tools are unfathomable, and as a result, there is a surge of more than 10% annually. The forecast period, 2021-2028, shows that the global hand tool market will expand at a CAGR of 4.1 percent, from $22.97 billion in 2021 to $30.48 billion in 2028.India is a leading hand tools producer, closely following China. A pioneer in this hand tools industry, Vishal Tools is setting higher standards for its competitors by constantly delivering over the expected market standards. Led by Keshav Shoor, COO and Director, Vishal Tools has been leading the company’s operations and overseeing functions to enable the firm in reaching new heights of success.

Here are some highlights from our interaction with Keshav Shoor.

Throw some light on your professional background and experiences. What inspired you to venture into the Hand Tools manufacturing Industry?
Upon completion of my education in Business and Management from Lancaster University, UK, I joined Vishal, my family business as an executive. Inspired by my father, who built a business empire through sheer hard work and dedication, I focused my efforts into the hand tools industry, constantly upskilling myself. With the skills and knowledge I possess, and the rich experience I am gaining, I am dedicated to take Vishal Tools to new heights as the COO and Director of the Company.

Define Vishal Tools as an organization. What makes the company unique from the other competitors?
Vishal Tools is dedicated to being a market leader in the production of hand tools by providing top-notch infrastructure, innovation, quality, and customer experience. A family
-owned business, Vishal Tools was founded in 1992. We produce hand tools, garden tools, striking tools, wood working tools, and automobile tools as well as leather tools belts etc. We ship the mall over the world. We are a prominent producer and exporter in India and specialise in producing all types of wrenches.

Vishal Tools has a wealth of experience working with large retailers and buying houses throughout the world, like Harbour Freight Tools, Truper, Walmart, and more, and offers the highest professional quality products and customer services. VISHAL has the highest manufacturing capacity in India and is outfitted with the newest technology to produce superior products. We have the best technology and world class infrastructure in the industry, run by a team of specialists. Further we are accredited with different certifications including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSMS 45001:2018, SA 8000:2015 and VPA-GS ETC.

Vishal firmly believes in the availability of cutting edge equipment and systems on a global scale for the production of highquality goods

Could you give a brief account on the latest technologies adopted by the company in manufacturing products?
Vishal firmly believes in the availability of cutting edge equipment and systems on a global scale for the production of high quality goods. We have the greatest solutions to boost our organization' efficiency and productivity by automating and properly utilizing the resources and technology imported from all around the world. Thus the organization has reached a high level of automation. Our manufacturing facilities are eco friendly, and we have adopted many environmentally friendly practices such as rainwater harvesting, re-using water and energy losses, and using solar energy to help lower CO2 emissions.

Briefly tell us the major factors you consider while suggesting your products and services to your customers?
We have strong production standards and produce goods of a professional caliber. Our commitment to providing products of the highest caliber that outper
form established quality standards has helped Vishal build a name for itself as a company that can be trusted, and this is a major factor in the company's expansion and success in this cutthroat sector. I concentrate on making sure that we deliver high quality items and a positive client experience because these are our core values. Our ability to consistently deliver high quality advice while avoiding the tactic of product promotion sets us apart.

Tell us about your recent case study reflecting the success and also give a brief account on the company's long term & short term plans?
According to the current global situation, commerce is moving from China to other nations. The economic prospect is growing as attitudes toward India around the world improve. Vishal recently constructed a new manufacturing facility equipped with the newest technology, machinery, and maximum automation, which will produce products of higher quality. Vishal wants to create new product lines that aren't currently made in our nation using modern manufacturing facilities with cutting-edge technology, first rate infrastructure, and ecofriendly practices.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting a new in this domain?
My advice would be that the hand tools sector offers a lot of growth opportunities and there is a wide product range which can be developed. It is a great time for Indian entrepreneurs to delve into this space and grow exponentially by creating high quality products which are globally needed.

Keshav Shoor, Market Leader, Vishal Tools & Forgings (LFM)
Keshav is an entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the manufacturing and export industry. After pursuing an education in Business & Management from the Lancaster University, he joined his family business with the goal of growing it exponentially and becoming a market leader.

•Hobbies: Learning, Traveling & exploring different cultures, Music, reading, exercising.
•Favorite book: Rich dad poor dad, The Secret.
•Favorite cuisine: Japanese, Continental and Chinese
•Favorite Travel Destination: Croatia, Greece, Amsterdam, Spain, Belgium.

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