Kashish Rikhi: An Exemplary Young Business Leader Standing Tall Among The More Seasoned Professionals | CEOInsights Vendor
Kashish Rikhi: An Exemplary Young Business Leader Standing Tall Among The More Seasoned Professionals

Kashish Rikhi: An Exemplary Young Business Leader Standing Tall Among The More Seasoned Professionals

  Kashish Rikhi,    Founder

Kashish Rikhi


Innovation is in the blood of some people. They develop winning ideas at a young age that they vigorously work on and turn into success stories. They find ideas in their daily life that we do not even notice and make a company out of them. Their age or society does not thwart them from achieving their goals. Many ambitious young people defy convention by starting their businesses in their twenties, demonstrating that passion and determination are more powerful than age or experience. Kashish Rikhi is one such 22-year-old ingenious young business personality who is the driving force behind the success of Finndit, a renowned search engine that enables any business to transform and grow to reach new heights.

Kashish, Founder at Finndit, engages in an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine wherein she elucidates her professional journey and the unique traits of Finndit.

Tell us about the turning points in your professional journey that helped you rise as an entrepreneur and the inception story of Finndit?
Iam a commerce student who completed higher studies in Canada, and curently, I am pursuing an honors degree in leadership and management. I'm 22 years old and have been working since 18. My first job was an internship in the Research and Development Department for Mercedes, BMW, and Audi in Canada, where I was enrolled through college. Besides, I've worked as a customer service representative in a thrift store, and that was the one place where I discovered that I love interacting
with people.

During the pandemic in 2020, I returned to India solely to see my parents, and I had no plans to start a business. My father is a businessman with over 30 years of experience. He was looking for ways to bring me & his team together under one roof during the lockdown. And it was then it instilled in me to establish Finndit, a business machine that transforms any business that enters the platform into a brand.

Could you take us around the rough edges of your professional journey responsible for imbibing vital lessons crucial to helping you execute missions and taking a stand in your current role?
Despite having a lot of energy and knowledge, I lack experience. I only have two years of experience in this field, but I have my father as a mentor who guides me in everything a business is. I have learned that the business is more than revenue or profit, it is about values. Along with me, I have a team of passionate employees, and we are altogether chasing a dream to add real value to daily lives and change the world. My passion pushed me to learn a great deal. Every second demands that I learn something new, which turned me into an entrepreneur.

How would you define Finndit as an organization?
If I have to define Finndit as an organization in three words, it would be growth, passion, and honesty. I don't make many principles in my life, but these three serve as my core values. I try to create a friendly environment within my team which makes sense of knowledge sharing and leads to everyone's growth, be it client, company, or employees. When it comes to our client's services to help them grow their businesses I want them to be fair, honest and delivered to the best of our ability. We at Finndit aspire to be a search engine that can help any business reach levels they had never imagined, regardless of niche. In just 21 months, we've added 21 lakh businesses to our search engine. The entire organization works towards providing the best service possible to the clients and addressing their end-to-end needs.
What is the future roadmap you have envisioned for Finndit, and which market opportunities have you planned to tap into in the post-pandemic period?
At Finndit, we intend to build a search engine accessible to everyone in India. Many businesses are unable to reach the online facilities available today. As a result, we hope to be able to provide our services to every business out there. In addition, we've planned that getting everybody online would be the best we can give them in the aftermath of the pandemic. We have various affordable packages accessible to every business so they can reach out to their end consumer. We envision this being catered to in the future.

What message would you like to convey to individuals striving to make a difference in IT Services and IT Consulting?
All I want to say to the budding individuals in the IT Services and Consulting industry is to keep learning
& growing. We think that we're done with the part if we've learned many things. However, our world is changing at a breakneck pace. IT professionals should be fully wary of growing, learning new things, staying current with market trends, and implementing them.I came into this field out of curiosity, but it has become my passion. Adding value to your experience and learning new things from experts is critical because they will be someone who is far more knowledgeable than you at every stage of your life. Thus, growing and learning should be an iterative process.

Kashish Rikhi, Founder, Finndit
Kashish is a young woman entrepreneur who went against the grain and ventured into the corporate world at a young age, demonstrating that passion and determination are more powerful than age or experience.

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