Lavelle Networks: Delivering The Best Enterprise Network Experience

Lavelle Networks: Delivering The Best Enterprise Network Experience

By Shyamal Kumar,   CEOIn today’s world, Cloud technology is a trending buzzword among business environments. It provides exciting new opportunities for businesses to compete on a global scale and is redefining the way companies do business. Consequently, agility, flexibility and the ease of managing the entire network from a single-window have become the greatest need in today’s cloud centric environment. Here is where the Software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) comes into the light that makes it possible for enterprises to link users with the applications in an economical WAN topology. The need for such software defined networking(SDN) technology is to ensure that the network can handle things like performance, availability, latency, and security with great ease and efficiency. Offering exactly the same is Bangalore based Lavelle Networks with a specialization in SD-WAN solutions. The firm has earned a trusted reputation by providing a cloud-hosted SDN platform that facilitates a host of diverse WAN features, designed for optimal control and bandwidth efficiency of the WAN.

Lavelle was established in 2015 but entered the market in 2017. It started gaining popularity after the rollout of one of the world’s largest deployment of 1500+ locations in less than three weeks for a top retail brand in India. Since then, Lavelle’s pace of growth and the evolution of technology have been at a breakneck speed. Under the aegis of Shyamal Kumar (CEO), the company has cemented its hold in the IT networking industry as one of the leading organizations that operate as a highly professional partner for networking solutions. CEO Insights interviews Shyamal to know more about the features of Lavelle.

Brief us about Lavelle’s unique aspects. Also, tell us that how did you comeup with the idea of Lavelle Networks?
Lavelle is an organization dedicated to offering SDN solutions that enable exceptional levels of scalability and stability network performance, efficiency, and reduction in the overall total cost of
ownership for enterprise IT firms. Nowadays, businesses are looking at remaining at the forefront of the SD-WAN phenomenon because of the valuethat technology brings, in the form of flexibility, cost, and scale. We aim to help such enterprises to excel in the industry leveraging our dedicated networking solutions.

We believe that SDN in its true sense is about building great networking software, minus the overhead of network protocol convergence

The idea of the establishment of Lavelle came to us after the introduction of Google’s B4 SD-WAN project, which was the first time SDN and applied to the WAN at a global scale. We believe that SDN in its true sense is about building great networking software, minus the overhead of network protocol convergence, which is the dreaded reason for network complexity. SDN is all about preparing enterprises for the surge in cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications coming our way. India is increasingly a mobile workforce environment, and every enterprise is distributed, so we put two and two together and decided to go after SD-WAN the right way. We saw an exciting opportunity to create a pure networking software solution that used some of the principles of B4, and we took it.

Since the idea struck us at a coffee shop on the famedLavelle Road an epitome of Bangalore’s culture and heritage we decided to identify ourselves with innovation in Bangalore, with the place where the idea first came to us, and so started the journey of Lavelle Networks!

Brief us about the current business scenario & opportunity. How are leveraging this opportunity to deliver the best network experience beyond every node?
Everything in networking is going to be internet centric. The way enterprises connect with each other is already changing. However, in the current era, networking has been lagging in innovation, while applications, storage and compute have seen rapid advancements and disruption in technology. Our vision is that the SDN controller in the cloud (as a service) is the true end goal of this transition in enterprise networks. Hence, by leveraging our expertise in SDN, SD-WAN Cloud Networking, Network acceleration networks. Hence by leveraging our
expertise in SDN, SD-WAN Cloud Networking, Network acceleration Network-as-as-Service, and Hybrid WAN, we are offering solutions as Scale AOn SD-WAN platform that includes features like Network Security, Networking Branch, Network Control, Network Monitoring, and advanced WAN Services.

Tell us more about ScaleAOn solution. How has been your client’s feedback about your networking solution?
Unlike many other players in the market our platform is built on 100 percent SDN architecture, hence the name ScaleAOn SD-WAN platform. It comes with Edge Appliances Cloud Port Edge that provides the widest range of on-site network connectivity from 4G to Fiber to V.35. Our add-on Internet Protection licenses are for the precise use cases of SaaS or pure Web browsing access.

With our dedicated solution, we are solving all of the requirements of our clients and we have proved it in the market with one of the top five largest networks in any market segment like retail insurance, private banks, e-Commerce and more. We have also ensured that our technology is backed with great customer experience using both in house teams and our partner network. Most of our clients have reported an almost 100 percent uptime, 20 percent of the reduction in costs, a drastic improvement in network speed and performance, and a high NPS for our customer experience, post deploying our solution.

What is your future roadmap.
We are doing pretty well in our segment. We have witnessed 10x growth for last year and we are confident of continuing this pace. There has been rapid adoption of our technology and solutions in India enterprise across market segments. Enterprises have endorsed our solution by transitioning 100 percent of their network and thousands of locations on Scale A On SD-WAN. We aim to be India’s top SD-WAN vendor in the near future.

A graduate from BITS Pilani, Shyamal has been in the data networking space for the last 18 years leading products at Tata Elxsi, Juniper Networks, Inkra Networks, Telsima Communications, Riverstone Networks, NetContinuum and Versa Networks among other companies

Location: Bangalore
Offerings: SD-WAN platform that features Network Security, Networking Branch, Network Control, Network Monitoring, and advanced WAN Services

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