Maneesh Tripathi: An Extravagant Journey From A Small Town Of Madhya Pradesh

Maneesh Tripathi: An Extravagant Journey From A Small Town Of Madhya Pradesh

Maneesh Tripathi,Chief Executive Officer

Maneesh Tripathi

Chief Executive Officer

Even during the darkest of times, leaders must possess the capabilities to dispel clouds of doubt and uncertainty so as to illuminate the path ahead for organizations. So undoubtedly, they play the most significant role in the business world, hence are called the leaders and the flag bearers for their respective organizations. As no one is born-leader, one must diligently stride forward and hone every leadership skill that is required from not only having that professional expertise but at the same time, should possess numerous soft skills in their leadership arsenal.

As leadership roles require seriously smart people at the helm, here is one such persona who has really defined the true meaning of being a leader is Maneesh Tripathi, CEO of a listed company called SEVAK Limited. Maneesh who came from a small town in Madhya Pradesh called Jabalpur has been one of the most influential public figures who has been giving hopes to every small town girl and boy to take a step forward and stride towards their dream. It has been 23 years now, since he has left Jabalpur to make himself a larger-than-life character.

Maneesh is a global citizen, who has been residing in Singapore for almost 2 decades now, and astonishingly has been to 61 cities across 41 countries in this professional journey, till date. This gave him the needed knowledge and experience in managing work culture across every unique challenge that was put in front of him. He has been crystal clearly in understanding customer needs, business management, governance, product innovation, and people management. Thus significantly creating value for all the stakeholders involved by fearlessly carrying out commitments taking full responsibility.

“I see lots of people, especially from the rural areas who don’t have the courage to come outside and face the world as they think it's impossible. So, I really want to be that entity that can inspire people from these areas and make them understand that nothing is impossible in this world. So basically, if I can do it, anybody in this world will be able to do it, if he/she is willing to take that first step,” highlights Maneesh Tripathi. CEO of the company.
“From the very beginning, I wanted to be somebody at the top of a very large MNC. Later it dawned on me that, if one sets their mind to something, somehow the positive energy will attract like minded people. And once a person decides and believes that he/she will do it. It somehow pushes you towards that goal and everything starts in line automatically. So the first step is to believe in it, put in the effort, and the rest is pretty much assured,” he adds.

The Courage to Make a change
Maneesh Tripathi started his career as a young engineer after finishing his engineering from IIM. He went to Kolkata, wherein he worked for Philipps and IBM. But soon he realized that he was caught up in a box which was limiting him from his childhood dream. However, to overcome this hurdle, he quickly re-oriented his track, took a step back, and aligned himself with the road towards his goal.

He had the courage to sacrifice his few years start the journey from the beginning. But it was quite evident that he would catch up soon. From that moment, it was never turning back for him and was perfectly ready for the road ahead. Maneesh leveraging his years of experience in MNC’s such as IBM has brought that needed recipe to support the SEVAK Limited's growth bandwagon since 2014.

The One Dollar Story
Maneesh Tripathi, once had voluntarily offered to convert his basic annual salary to USD 1 as SAVEK Limited suffered a loss close to USD 50 million due to a disastrous business setback. “We went on investing a huge amount of money in Nexian brand phones in many countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and even in India. With this, we had become the largest billion dollar feature phone company. But in just a span of 12-18 months, Apple and Samsung, completely changed the game with Android and IoS operating systems. Due to And because of this, the company suffered massive loss,” explains Maneesh.

It was a very hard time for the company, but, Maneesh’s act of valor influenced every other person in the team to cut their salary in some sort to help the company get back on its feet. The company in just one year’s time started making profit, wherein, Maneesh's quick executions of decisions to Immediately shut down or divest loss making businesses, reduce OPEX, and focus more on remaining profitable businesses played a significant role.

Fostering a true concept of Leadership
In his leadership, SEVAK Limited have evolved from hardware sales to cloud computing, application development, business continuity recovery services, as well as edge
and security services. The company is also working on autonomous vehicle software; a move from old technology of feature phones towards innovation in electric vehicles.

“We are a very result oriented organization. As they say only the paranoid survive, we are always abreast of the changing market dynamics. And people who can cope with it, survive with us for a very long time. Also, the training part is integral. We don't do internal training, but we sent all our technical and sales people to our partners. So we are TIER 1 partners for IBM, TIER 1 Partner for HP, and also TIER 1 partners for all the operators in Indonesia, signifies Maneesh.

“Even at the top level, we continuously upgrade our skill sets, for instance, very recently, I've done certification course from Havard on Lab to Market Entrepreneurship so as to keep myself abreast on how new businesses have to be seeded, So, we constantly upgrade ourselves with certifications for the best universities across the world,” he adds.

As the market has completely moved from information to innovation, and looking at the current juncture, the company has been greatly investing in WellTech (Wellness Technology), and RealTech (Real Estate Technology). While understanding the incubation in startups is of utmost requirement not only for innovation, but also for new job creation, Maneesh also took up the role for startup sub-community chairmanship in the Singapore Indian Chamber. In this crucial role, he has been helping lots of startups to connect with venture capitalists and angel investors.

Intriguing facts about Maneesh Tripathi
Maneesh follows a special routine, which he calls it as ‘Holy Hours’. He has been following this concept for years now, where he takes his sleeping hours as a vacation of 6-7 hours. And for this, Manish hasn't taken any holiday for the last 6 years since 2014, unless it is an emergency. He has also been following intermittent fasting for the last 15 years now, wherein, he keeps 16 hours of gap between two meals. Also, he is a very good cricketer, and has been the captain for his club Singapore Indian Association for seven years now.

Furthermore, as Maneesh loved watching movies, he always had a zest to produce or direct a movie of his own. So back in 2010 he did a course from Singapore Media Academy, to become a certified film director and a producer. Luckily, due to pandemic, he finally got a chance to bring that side of him into the picture. He has produced and directed a series called ‘White Coat Warriors’ which is related to corona warriors and will probably air on Netflix in the near future.

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