Mohamed Hatem: An International Expert With Wide Knowledge In Technology And Managed Services

Mohamed Hatem: An International Expert With Wide Knowledge In Technology And Managed Services

Mohamed Hatem,Chief Executive Officer

Mohamed Hatem

Chief Executive Officer

The role of a CEO is to identify organizational objectives and build the best possible ecosystem for achieving them. But every business is different, and setting goals can differ widely from company to company, depending on the sector and the customers they serve. CEO Insights interviewed the CEO of Mobily Infotech India, Mohamed Hatem. He enlightened us about his professional expedition and elaborated about the organizational challenges for which he has developed effective solutions.

In the current day and age, the CEO of a company has to assume various roles such as a leader, visionary, decision-maker, manager, board developer and others. What different roles have you been undertaking at Mobily Infotech India?
Currently, I am serving my duties as a CEO at Mobily Infotech India, also I am one among the Board Member of this esteemed organization. I have been involved with Mobily Infotechfrom the days before its inception, I have laid the vision for the company back in 2008, and from past two and half years I am working towards the objective of growing this company.

Describing my role in the company, looking at the database I discuss with various department heads of the Mobily Infotech to develop various strategies and business plans. I set organizational goals and present them to our leaders at the parent company that is Mobily Saudi Arabia and follow the compliance set by them.

What were the initial challenges that taught you the basic lessons of managing diversified functions of the organizations? Also, how did you manage to achieve the success that you had in the later phase?
As I took over as the CEO of the company, the initial challenge I came across was aligning Mobily Infotech India’s plan of work with Mobily Saudi Arabia, and to ensure that all the strategies crafted by me will lead the company towards success. Later on, I moved the organization towards KPI driven functions and set the objectives for the company according to the KPI arrangements made.

Adding to this, till 2018, Mobily Infotech India was operating as a Captive Sourcing Company and under my leadership, I shifted it to a fully managed service providing company. We are exceeding customer requirements by transforming as KPI driven organization. I manage to keep complete transparency between us and the parent company, this helps in arranging the projects and maintain the right pattern.

I believe in building second-level leaders, since the time i have joined this organization i am working on guiding my employees to grow into the next level, it is my passion to help employees build leadership skills

We would like to have an insight on the way you run the organization, Mobily Infotech India.
I am a person who is always open to communicate. I listen to my employees, understand their problems and then try to solve them by finding the simplest solutions. Most of the times I simplify the issues and try not to complicate things around them and resolve them in the initial stage.

Also, I believe in building second-level leaders, since the time I have joined this organization I am working on guiding my employees to grow into the next level, it is my passion to help employees build leadership skills. We are in the telecom industry from the past 15 years, I have been working with my team in extending the services offered and deliver quality service into other subsidiaries.
In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed your utmost satisfaction - both as an individual and as a business leader?
I hold professional experience of more than 20 years. I started my career in Egypt and from past 13 years I have been part of Mobily Group and now heading a company as a CEO is the major achievement for me. In the initial days of MobilyInfotech, when the company was launched in India, I was one of the core team member and today being a board member and CEO of the same organization I feel proud. I have been involved during the process of developing new systems and enterprise architecture of Mobily, which I have led for a brief period.

In Mobily Group, I have gone through various roles and have not stayed at one designation for a long time. To look up to new challenges with a passion to overcome them gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

Managing a company involves a lot of stress, skill, and time. How do you manage to balance between your personal & professional life?
Throughout this vast professional journey, one thing I do to manage balance between personal and professional life is, split them into their respective timings. When I enter my home after office hours, I do not bring any work related matters with me. I do not have any conversation related to my work as that time is completely given to my family. Also, my family has been very supportive and they very well understand my personal and professional priorities.

Mohamed Hatem, CEO, Mobily Infotech India
Mohamed Hatem is an industry expert in Telecom, Integration, Innovation cycle and ideation process, Managed Services, Digital Transformation, E-Commerce, Mobile, Web, Enterprise Architecture, IT Development, Entrepreneurship and startup cycles with more than 21 years of experience. He has completed his B. S. Engineering degree from Cairo University and from 2005 onwards he has been part of the Mobily Group working at various roles such as Senior Manager, Executive Manager, Enterprise Architecture and Director of IT. Currently, he is a Board Member and CEO of Mobily Infotech India.
Location: Bangalore

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