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Manish Jobanputra : A Result-Oriented Professional Setting New Benchmarks In Healthcare

Manish Jobanputra : A Result-Oriented Professional Setting New Benchmarks In Healthcare

Manish Jobanputra,   Chief Operating Officer

Manish Jobanputra

Chief Operating Officer

Instituted in 2017,Mumbai Oncocare (MOC) is a brainchild of 4 visionary Medical Oncologists including. The genesis of MOC was to offer the best in the class and most updated medical interventions, highly qualified doctors in cancer treatment and related services using a State of the Art facility coupled with seamless healthcare services for patients. Having started with 2 centers, the company lived by the promise of proximity to patients and has expanded operations to 13 centres across Maharashtra and a solitary centre in Indore put together, in the end of August 2022.The center has ambitious plans to further expand operations beyond the borders of Maharashtra as well.It is a symbol of our commitment to provide excellent Oncology & Hematology healthcare services to patients suffering with these critical ailments.

It is an established fact that promptness of medical services in disease like cancer matters the most to an extent that it can impact treatment outcomes. We take pride to engage in an exclusive conversation with Manish Jobanputra. In the interview, he looks back on his journey and shares inspiring thoughts.Below are the excerpts.

Define Mumbai Oncocare Center as an organization and how is it different from other cancer cure hospitals present in the country?
Looking at a macro level, there are almost a million plus reported cancer cases every year in India alongside more than a million active cases and equally unreported cases as well. Now the numbers here are huge but the options available for them is the unorganized government sector which doesn’t give personalized care and consumes the valuable time of patients and care givers. Speaking
of multi-speciality hospitals in the private sector, the quality of care might be good in terms of technology but it is not affordable for all. Mumbai Oncocare Center is placed in between, offering both quality care and affordability. Our main focus is patient comfort, affordability, ethical treatment, and personalized care.

“Our main focus is patient comfort, affordability, ethical treatment, and personalized care

All our centers are boutique and large with 3000to 5000 sq ft facilities. We make our service accessible to many patients by opening centers in tier two and tier three cities apart from Mumbai.

Share about the facilities you offer at Mumbai Oncocare Center. What are the recent tools and technologies that the center boasts off?
From an infrastructure point of view, Mumbai Oncocare Center is as good as any multi-specialty hospital. On top of this, we provide privacy (private rooms) to patients at extremely affordable prices. Speaking of the latest technology, our centers have Paxman Cooling Systems, which is one of the two systems approved by the FDA for usage during chemotherapy.

Hair loss due to Chemotherapy is widely recognized as one of the most traumatic side effects associated with cancer treatment. In certain parts of India, it is still taboo. Now, this cooling system has the potential to reduce nearly 65 percent of hair loss during the treatment.

Tell us about your educational background and experiences. What inspired you to venture into the healthcare space?
My educational grounding has been in engineering and I was professionally involved in research within the polymers and semiconductors space. I hail from a family that is into business small or big. With an unfaded interest in business, I decided to pursue MBA and got into IIM Ahmedabad. Post which, for the past 12 years, I have been associated with the healthcare
industry. Apart from the boom and opportunities, I really wanted to contribute my bit to the sector and decided to proceed with my profession in the same.

Brief us on your journey in the healthcare industry and foray into the cancer cure space.
Initially, in 2012, I co-founded Fine Feather Dental a chain of dental clinics. The vision was to change the way healthcare services were being delivered in India. In over seven years, we grew our business to 20 clinics and soon became the only profitable dental chain in India. Subsequently, I moved into the diagnostic field and joined Sterling Accuris Diagnostics as Business Operations head.

In 2019, I seized an even bigger opportunity and moved to Clove Dental. For one year now, I have been working in the niche of cancer care; leading Mumbai Oncocare Center, and looking forward to accomplishing ambitious growth plans.

What is the current position of India in terms of providing eminent cancer cure facilities at a global level? What more can we expect from this segment in the future?
Our country is primed for improving cancer care. Most of the therapies and modalities of treating cancer that is available in the western world, are easily available in India at present. Even if not, they can be made available. However, some patients prefer to get the treatment done abroad. And I think it is not from a prospective treatment availability in India, but for their privacy and comfort. Today, global expertise is available at the click of a button and patients can access global doctors for a second opinion over a video call.

Manish Jobanputra, Chief Operating Officer, Mumbai Oncocare Center
Manish, the COO of MOC, helped Sterling Accuris Diagnostics to expand from 6 to 35 locations within a span of just 20 months. He was also instrumental in driving Clove Dental’s growth across 8 cities and 170+ locations before joining Mumbai Oncocare Center.

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