Mikebags: A Trusted Brand For Kid's Stationary & School Items

Mikebags: A Trusted Brand For Kid's Stationary & School Items

Led by Madhav Reddy Yatham (Mike), Smily Kiddos is a California based kids stationery brand offering a wide range of premium designer products in Canada, India, US, UAE, and other middle east countries with its bag manufacturing factory unit situated in Hyderabad, India, where the bags are manufactured and marketed under the same brand name. The noble thought of adding some zest to the childhood pursuits, incited him to come-up with the concept of designing stationery and back-to-school products for children, resonating to their dearest impressions. His defained objective, shrewd knowledge and decades of industry experiences assisted his idea of venturing Mikebags. And ever since inception, the brand is known for manufacturing superior quality and design products, including wide range of kids items and premium stationery products for travel and corporate in four major countries - US, Canada, UAE, and India.

CEO Insights takes the opportunity to interview an internationally reputed business person and gain some insight into the commercial industry and the contributions Madhav’s out of the box approaches resulted in this niche domain!

Shed some light on the effort you have put-in to craft the distinctiveness and the unique streaks of Mikebags. Tell us about the benchmark it has created in the market?
We have created an impressive image of ourselves in the market by delivering best quality products at reasonable prices, meeting the penchant of every consumer. We are recognised to be a premium quality stationery organization in the industry, known for availing highdensity durable raw material which is passed through a set of ten quality assurance tests, including the stage where the order is placed to the manufacturing stage and the stage where the products’ quality will being probed, checked-out and validated. It is our responsibility that we make sure that we conduct proper checks before making the products available in the market, and this is the reasons why we have observe three different quality checks (Q1, Q2, and Q3). To gain the consumers’ confidence, we punch a quality check stamp on each item as a symbol of reliability, giving them one year warranty assurance. Our products are manufactured with non-toxic materials keeping customer safety as utmost priority.

Talking about the products, we put forward wide varieties of pencil
cases, erasers, backpacks, lunch bags, crayons, pen pouches, key chains, board games, and water bottles which are available in Amazon and Walmart. The manufactured items are put-out on both national and international market. To make the products get-at-able, we have released them on the online platforms and in major retail shops of US, Canada, UAE, and India. Our brand has been well received all over, and currently, we supply our products to more than 600 stores in India and Middle East.

Our effort and endeavour has earned us the title ‘The most adorable kid’s stationery brand’, which is the outcome of the top-notch strands of our products

Our effort and endeavour has earned us the title ‘The most adorable kid’s stationery brand’, which is the outcome of the top-notch strands of our products that have notable trendy features, ethnically fitting the requirement of children of different age group. The feedbacks we received have been amazing. We are happy to know that our products have found place in the heart of the customers. Our re-markability secured us a partnership with world’s leading multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate – The Walt Disney, and we do take pride about this event.

How are you keeping a tab on the ever evolving trends and demand in the market? To what extent has the company been able to meet-up the expectations of its users?
The only constant in life is change, and the continuous revision of the choices and demand of the consumers hugely influences the behaviour of the business activities. And to maintain a pace in the race, it’s imperative that brands should take effective measures to meet the expectations of the customers. As a leading brand, it is our foremost duty to know what our customers want, and keeping a track of the latest developments taking place in the industry enables us to fashion-up modish and best suiting products for the kids across the globe. With Mikebags, we intend to inspire and amuse children to have fun as they go to school, study, and explore their creative side.

What is the future like for Mikebags
in the industry? How is Smily Kiddos vanquishing the Covid-19 pandemic?
It would not be wrong to say that we were blessed with good luck in each of our endeavours, and in a short period of just three years, we have created a significant space in the ecosystem. This has always motivated and enkindled us to something new and innovative. There were rough times too which we confronted strategically with a lot of forbearance and valour. With the support of such adroit team, we intend to move forward and touch new pinnacles. One thing; we will continuously strive for winning every kid’s heart and remain the star of their fantasy world.

Madhav Reddy Yatham,Founder

In response to the recent coronavirus pandemic, Smily Kiddos has commissioned its new ‘Safety Breathing Mask’ with three layered fabrication methods. The manufactured masks are entirely washable and reusable, which makes them best & cost-effective to protect. Instead of shutting operations at our stitching factory, we have started producing PPE Kits and Masks for Hyderabad and a few more South Indian cities, supplying them to Pharmacies, Hospitals, Corporate, few departments in the government and others.

Madhav Reddy Yatham, Founder
Leading the market for over 30 years as the top-drawer serial entrepreneur and terrific industrialist, Madhav (Mike) has brought into existence sustainable business models and explored unique business lines. His absolute comprehension of fad subjects like technology, strategic investment plans, finance, operations, and sales empowered him to be successful in each of his endeavours.

• Pencil Cases
• Erasers, Backpacks
• Lunch Bags
• Crayons
• Pen Pouches
• Key Chains
• Board Games
• Water Bottles
Offices: Hyderabad

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