Molly Chakraborty: A Well-Experienced & Adept Leader in the Supply Chain Industry

Molly Chakraborty: A Well-Experienced & Adept Leader in the Supply Chain Industry

Molly Chakraborty ,Managing Partner

Molly Chakraborty

Managing Partner

The influx of women in the sphere of technology is slowly evading the flagrant aspect of gender equality while these tech virtuosos are engraving their stellar work in variegated fields. Supply chain always intrigued Molly Chakraborty (Founding Partner, Trinamix), who forayed into pursuing her career in the very same industry with a deep-rooted vision of transforming its landscape. Post leading product development at Oracle, Molly channelized her vision and background in the supply chain space into escalating her firm – Trinamix as the market leader. To this day, the firm is living her vision by growing through contributions and adapting new challenges.

Trinamix, a global service provider andan Oracle Platinum Partner, has assisted more than 200 customers entailing CISCO, Facebook, Google and many others in enabling digital transformation for their businesses, thereby outshining as a brand that thrives for excellence in its service to customers. As a nimble and reliable partner to work with, the firm has devised PaaS-based solutions on cloud for semiconductor, high tech and retail industries as well as hybrid cloud solution that complements Oracle Cloud solution. It has also embarked into IoT, Industry 4.0 and AI realms through partnerships with best companies in the industry. No wonder, Trinamix was recognized as the partner of the year in Plan to Procurement track for 2018 and featured across the Supply Chain Planning area – 2017 & 2018 by Gartner.

Explore the following snippets of an exclusive conversation of Molly with CEO Insights to know more about her educational background, industry experiences and stature at Trinamix.

Kindly walk us through your
aspirations that paved way to the establishment of Trinamix.
After graduating from Jadavpur University in Electrical Engineering with a gold medal I embarked into the industry with a goal of making a difference. My first experience in Supply Chain was at Tata Consultancy Services where, I undertook strategic accounts across the globe for digital transformation of enterprises. In 1998, I moved to US and took up a job in Oracle in the supply chain planning suite of product.Working as development manager, my role at Oracle was to establish and grow a global team and enhance the product. I took a lead role in shaping the product by fitting market needs with technology and creativity to a state-of-the-art solution which was adopted widely by the industry as a next generation planning solution.

"I believe in the principles of leading by example, putting the ‘Customer First’, employing the best professionals in the market, inculcating a culture of creativity and nurturing a collaborative environment "

At this point I realized that it was time to make a bigger impact in the industry. I started Trinamix in 2008 with a vision of providing innovative solutions to complex business problems in supply chain in an ever changing and disruptive market. I understood the importance of sensing the market trend and creating solutions for industries to stay ahead of the curve.

I believe in the principles of leading by example, putting the 'Customer First', employing the best professionals in the market, inculcating a culture of creativity and nurturing a collaborative environment where everyone can innovate, perform at their best and thrive for excellence. Trinamix has maintained this vision while leading the industry in the supply chain space in the last 10 years.

What is your stand point towards fostering creative thinking and learning among employees? Also, how do you stay abreast of the latest industry trends?
Besides nurturing a culture of empowerment and creativity without fear in all avenues of our services, I ascertain to provide all my employees an environment of continual learning. We promote free thinking, collaboration and exchange of ideas between peers.
We have mentorship programs, bi-directional appraisal processes and a training department that is responsible for continual learning. Our employees are regularly certified by Oracle solutions. We also have incentive driven innovation programs as reflected by our track record of innovative solutions developed by our team.

To be updated on the unfolding industry trends, I partake in events that are oriented with new technologies like AI, AR, IoT and Blockchain. I was accepted by the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where I learnt the latest innovation techniques, got associated with world class executives and became a proud member in the community of industry leaders.

We also brand Trinamix and exchange ideas through sponsoring events such as “Oracle Open World” and Platinum sponsor for Oracle’s “Modern Business Experience”, besides being the co-host for webinars along with Oracle.

How do you infuse a perfect balance between the personal and professional lives of your employees?
Firstly, to promote team building and manage the stress of our employees, we organize social events, team building events, meditation sessions and creativity workouts. Along with the provision of flexible work timings and work from home options, we reassign less demanding work to employees whose family members have critical health issues and allow them to take additional leave until their recovery.

Key Management:
Molly Chakraborty, Founding Partner
Molly is the maestro behind the creation of best in class solutions for the business process transformation of Trinamix as well as other companies in the Supply Chain sphere.

Offices:San Jose(HQ), Marvin, Victoria, London, Tokyo, Hyderabad & Pune

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