Sneha Rakesh: A Persistent Leader Upscaling The Capabilities Of Clients & Her Team

Sneha Rakesh: A Persistent Leader Upscaling The Capabilities Of Clients & Her Team

Sneha Rakesh ,Managing Director

Sneha Rakesh

Managing Director

After earning her Masters degree in Engineering, Sneha garnered immense experience by playing diverse roles such as Customer Support Executive (customer handling, interaction & retention),Technical Support Consultant (handling technical issues & providing solutions accordingly)and Software Engineer(hands-on experience across back-&front-end of technology).

As per Former American President, Theodore Roosevelt,a leader& a boss are worlds apart, as a boss criticizes, defends their ego& focus on themselves, while a leader encourages, coaches, uplifts one’s entire team and is always willing to learn. Sneha Rakesh, Managing Director, Akarmaxs Tech Private Limited(a web development company), is one such leader,blessed with the mindset & attitude of a Leader. Strongly believing that collaboration is the key to success and competition creates barriers,she stands apart by operating as a team player with perseverance. A people’s person, Sneha created her network in the industry across sectors to build a brand name and also provides employment to the youth. She personally took the initiative to pull-in projects, train the youth, monitor the operations, counsel the candidates to uplift their capabilities in work and deliver projects on time.

Climbing-up from the ground, Sneha garnered an interesting blend of experience concerning technology, people management, client handling, project management, business development and administrative management,among others. Having evolved into an industry expert with necessary skillset, Sneha took the leap and founded Vcreate Software Solutions as a proprietor firm, sharing her wisdom among the team to grow it as an organisation. As the entity broadened its territories, she rebranded it to Akarmaxs Tech to bring in more credentials and induct more youth in the company for
technical projects. In an exclusive
interview with CEO Insights, Sneha articulates her management style, client retention strategy and more. Here are the excerpts:

As we know, the barriers to progress for women are many in our society. As a woman leader, how crucial has your industry experience been in shaping your leadership journeys?
It wasn’t easy for me to start a company in a male dominated society where organisations are mostly run by men. But my mindset & thought of creating a healthy & professional environment within my organisation without any gender bias gave me the strength to start Akarmaxs Tech. Since it’s hard to have male employees working under a female superior, I created my mark by interacting with people from all levels to get them on board to run a healthy organisation. More over, rising up to mid senior level from a fresher level taught me regarding the organisational structure of hierarchy, people management, client management, business strategy, and so on. This made me aware of the obstacles I might face when I started Akarmaxs, and helped progress all along.

"Strategy and planning have been my key strength along with networking and business development"

Kindly tell us how do you chalk-out efficient business modules at Akarmaxs?
Strategy and planning have been my key strength along with networking and business development. I ve always focused on the solution rather wasting my precious time and effort on the problem. Thus, when we land-up in any kind of problems, I with my team first work-out the solution, and thus convert the problem to an opportunity and make it business viable. As per different opportunities, we create different approach and thus shape them to reach effective goals.

How do you ensure that Akarmaxs’ specialization reaches every client in the best way possible?
Every prospect which we go for and turns to be our customer are never treated as one. For us, our clients are our partners for long run. We don’t stop with rendering solutions for the enquiries received, but we strive to understand their pain points in the business efficiency and provide effective solutions in terms of cost, operations and results. We provide suggestions and advise with regard to additional solutions too, which the clients missout, to run their operations without any
hindrance. On top of that, we offer round the clock support to facilitate them to run their operations smoothly.

Our proactive approach regarding technology,creativity, strategy and marketing help us to reach any kind of client irrespective of their size, demographic, sector and others. Were in continuous process of research & analysis in terms of technology trends, competitors, financial environment, and people efficiency for every client who becomes our partner.

How do you encourage creative thinking among your employees?
Our open organisation respects & believes in welcoming every idea from anyone with in the organisation. We perform a combined brainstorming to understand their thought process and create a united team effort to execute the best solution carved-out of the discussion.

How do you update yourself with the latest technologies and industry trends?
As we’re associated with various entrepreneur platforms, startup groups, networking groups and so forth, I participate in various meetups to share my experiences. My association with various online & offline industry groups makes the industry inputs automatic. I also keep-up with various online journals, magazines & forums to understand the technological changes, perform a thorough study on them and further discuss with fellow team members & industry peers to gather information and have a clear understanding.

What is your mantra to strike the right balance between your busy professional life and personal life?
I neither carry professional engagements to home nor bring personal aspects into the workplace, since they’re both very important to me.

Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, e-Commerce Support, IT Outsourcing& Payment Gateway Integration

• Aryabhatta International Award
• Kaayaka Rathna Prashasti
• Kempegowda State Award
• Raashtriya Yuva Pursakaar
• Women Achiever of the year-(eMERG) 2018
• Honorable Doctorate in 2018 and more to come

Offices:Bangalore(Headquarter), U.S.& Dubai

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