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Mritunjay Kumar Singh: A Legal Expert Marching Ahead With Rich Cyber Security Skills

Mritunjay Kumar Singh: A Legal Expert Marching Ahead With Rich Cyber Security Skills

 Mritunjay Kumar Singh,    Head - Legal

Mritunjay Kumar Singh

Head - Legal

The legal industry is experiencing a significant transformation, with new technological advancements, regulatory changes, and an increasingly globalized marketplace. In response to these changes, Chief Legal Officers are embracing innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analytics to enhance efficiency and optimize legal outcomes. They also emphasize collaboration, strategic planning, and leadership skills to navigate the evolving business landscape. As such, the role of a Chief Legal Officer is becoming increasingly complex, focusing on integrating legal strategy with business objectives to succeed in today's dynamic and competitive legal environment. Mritunjay Kumar Singh is the Head of Legal at Ahluwalia Contracts India, a leading Construction and Infrastructure company in India. With over 24 years of overall experience and 15 years of experience in Leading Corporate houses, he has a proven track record of successfully managing legal affairs and providing strategic advisory to clients.

Mritunjay is bringing extensive experience and expertise to the legal domain, and with an LL.B. degree from the University of Delhi and a specialization in Cyber Laws and Cyber Forensics and being a trained Mediator in ‘Samadhan’, Delhi High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre, he is well-equipped to navigate the complex legal landscape of today. Let’s hear from him.

Please share your professional background and experiences in the legal industry. What motivated you to pursue a career in law, and what motivates you today as a leader in the field?
I have a degree in law from Delhi University and an LLM and postgraduate diploma in Cyber Laws and Cyber Forensics from NLSIU, Bengaluru. Belonging to an army family and pursuing education
from Army Public School, Delhi and Kendriya Vidyalaya Southern Command Pune, I have a strong foundation in law and discipline. I have worked in Tis Hazari District Courts, various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India, gaining extensive experience in trial matters, appellate matters, constitutional law, and the practical applicability of substantive laws. I have also worked with various law firms and notable clients, including ABN Amro, IDFC Private Equity, and Fiat India. After 14 years of private and law firm practice, I gained a better understanding of how companies function by working as inhouse counsel with Emaar MGF India, Omaxe, and Agson Global. Currently, I serve as the Head-Legal for Ahluwalia Contracts, providing general transactional and corporate advisory services, as well as advising on high stake arbitrations and litigations.

As a legal expert, I believe in fostering innovation and driving success through purpose-driven partnerships

Can you provide some insights into the current market position of Ahluwalia Contracts India and how you would describe the organization?
Ahluwalia Contracts India is a leading Civil Contractor/Infrastructure Company with over 43 years of specialized experience in the construction industry. As a listed company with a turnover of close to Rs.3000 crores, it has been recognized and awarded for its professional management by the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC). The company has earned multiple ISO certifications and is pre-qualified to bid for most Mega building projects in India. Ahluwalia Contracts India has an impressive portfolio of completed projects, including AIIMS, Airports, Metro Stations and Depots, IIMs, NITs, Hospitals, and Data centers and is currently executing projects worth more than Rs.10,000 crores.

Can you share your approach to staying informed about industry trends and using that knowledge to guide your organization's future direction?
As Chief Legal Officer, I understand the importance of staying informed about industry trends to steer my
organization toward the future. I keep pace with changes in laws, regulations, policies, and technology by adapting to the latest technologies and also utilizing traditional resources such as journals and research and attending webinars seminars, and discussions. I have also completed specialized training in Cyber Laws and Forensics to mitigate cyber risks. I foster a culture of innovation within the organization and encourage my team to share ideas and be open to new technologies. My experience as a litigator provides me with valuable insights into contract interpretation. The role of Chief Legal Officer provides an immense opportunity to show up not only as a functional expert but also as a senior leader with general management skills. Being part of teams that are building legacies that one can look back on and feel proud of is what drives me today and inspires me to take up challenging roles in the industry. Overall, I remain committed to being at the forefront of my field and positioning my organization to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Can you describe the challenges you faced while establishing yourself as a leader in the legal field and how you overcame them to become successful?
As a Head of Legal, I faced several major challenges while establishing myself as a successful leader in the legal domain. One of the primary difficulties was merging legal solutions and risk mitigation measures with the business' and clients' operational requirements. I had to ensure that any proposed legal steps or advice did not impede the growth and expansion of the business, as that would not be in the organization's best interest. This required a careful balancing act between legal compliance and business needs. To overcome these challenges, I focused on maintaining clarity of mind and keeping my goals in sight. By constantly aiming to ensure legal compliance while keeping in mind the organization's interests, I emerged as a successful professional in the legal domain.

Mritunjay Kumar Singh, Head - Legal,
Ahluwalia Contracts India

Mritunjay is an experienced corporate lawyer with expertise in compliance, contracts, litigation, and intellectual property. He has completed his LLB from the University of Delhi and specializes in Cyber Laws and Forensics.

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