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Nishant Prasad: Bringing Years Of Industry Experience To Steer Through Compliance Challenges

Nishant Prasad: Bringing Years Of Industry Experience To Steer Through Compliance Challenges

Nishant Prasad , Chief Compliance & Legal Officer

Nishant Prasad

Chief Compliance & Legal Officer

In today's world, Indian investors are struggling to find reliable investment opportunities that fulfill their aspirations. Nishant Prasad(Chief Compliance & Legal Officer at Wint Wealth) recognized this challenge and is now working towards enabling access to new investment opportunities for India's retail investors that were previously available only for big institutional investors with his latest stint at Wint Wealth.

With over seven years of expertise in commercial laws and acquisitions, Nishant is adept at balancing several priorities and evaluating the impact of regulatory changes on businesses. In addition, Nishant has been named a Finalist in the ALB India Law Awards 2021 for both ‘In House Counsel of the Year’ and 'Young Lawyer of the Year’. Also, Nishant was recently honoured with the Lex Falcon Award in the Legal (Under 10) category at the Lex Talk World Global Conference in Dubai, UAE, in February 2022 for making an outstanding contribution to the legal industry through his rich experience, vast network, and forward thinking approach to the law. Recognizing the numerous achievements of Nishant Prasad, Chief Compliance & Legal Officer of Wint Wealth, CEO Insights magazine recently engaged in a one-on-one interaction with him. Let’s hear from him.

As a Legal Officer, how do you keep the firm’s legal team in sync with its strategic goals?
In my opinion, the key is to approach the situation with an entrepreneurial mindset and a thorough knowledge of the product at hand. While compliance officers are often criticized for being conservative and
only able to respond with yes or no, I believe that this approach is no longer viable in today's complex business environment. Therefore, the team must be aligned in such a manner that you have a thorough familiarity with the product's front and backend operations. Have your insights implemented or designed in a way that fulfils regulatory requirements and commercial goals.

Our company culture is one of a kind, and our workplace is distinctive in that no supervisors nor private cubicles are present

Define Wint Wealth as an organization.
Wint Wealth is an exciting, original, and relatively new firm, having launched in 2020. Our company's early researchers suspected that Indian investors lack familiarity with and access to the technology sector. To avoid the risks associated with investing in equities, stocks, and equity mutual funds, we created Wint Wealth, a platform for corporate bond assets. As a result, it is giving rise to a new kind of investment market that might serve as a conduit for, or at least cater to, the many investing aims and aspirations that individual investors may have.

Furthermore, our company culture is one of a kind, and our workplace is distinctive in that no supervisors nor private cubicles are present. For us, it's not about winning or losing but about getting the job done fairly and efficiently. It's a place where you can accomplish your best work toward the company's objectives in any way you feel most productive.

What factors do you consider when developing effective corporate growth strategies and business development initiatives?
Successful business development initiatives need extensive coordination among many individuals inside a company. To highlight the most critical variables and components, particularly from a regulatory compliance stance, we must include beginning level ones,
growth plans that are being addressed in and of themselves, and evolving strategies. Since we are in the financial industry, which is highly regulated and has many compliances to manage, developing an efficient corporate strategy necessitates anticipating and accounting for potential difficulties, challenges, and future variables as they are being formulated. However, I believe that my main objective is to include everyone in the discussion from the start. And the team is confident that we will promptly identify any regulatory or compliance difficulties that may arise in the future and develop the product appropriately. Therefore, it's a more effective procedure, and we can carry it out satisfactorily.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
In a way, my passion for money management shaped my decision to enter the field of finance and technology. And I intend to stay here for the foreseeable future. Even though I have already made a significant contribution to raising people's understanding of their finances, I want to do even greater things in the future. One of my goals is to spread financial education throughout India, both in urban and rural areas. I say this because, according to the statistics, only about 5 percent of Indians put money into mutual funds; the rest either use outdated investment vehicles like fixed deposit accounts or simply save their money. As such, I believe that one of the primary goals is to, in addition to professional work, initiate a campaign of financial awareness, which, in the next few years, may lead to the grassroots-level development and investment capacity of the Indian people as a whole.

Nishant Prasad, Chief Compliance & Legal Officer, Wint Wealth
Nishant graduated in 2015 with BA LLB Honors from NALSAR University of Law. Furthermore, Nishant is a legal expert with a wide range of experience, excellent problem solving, communication, interpersonal, and strong negotiation abilities, as well as the ability to multitask and do assessments of regulatory and corporate concerns.

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