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Nagesh Rao & Sindhu Rao: Brewing Success In The Beverage Industry

Nagesh Rao & Sindhu Rao: Brewing Success In The Beverage Industry

 Nagesh Rao & Sindhu Rao,  Co-Founders

Nagesh Rao & Sindhu Rao


Established in 2003, Beverich is driven by the goal of providing authentic South Indian Filter Coffee and Tea to work places. Brainchild of Nagesh Rao and cofounded by Sindhu Rao, Beverich thrives on its principle of ‘Feeling at home while at work’. With a clear vision to expand its presence to every corner of India, the firm has made its mark as a leading manufacturer of hot beverage products and a trusted supplier of vending machines. Their mission remains steadfast: to refresh every customer with the finest South Indian Filter Coffee and Desi Tea. Currently, Beverich’s services extend to 45 cities, solidifying their PAN India presence. In the wake of the post-Covid era, the brand has gained even more recognition, as workplaces have come to appreciate the unique taste and quality that Beverich brings to their daily coffee breaks.

“Beverich firmly believes that everyone should be able to enjoy their favorite beverage at their workplace. Consequently, we are dedicated to engineering machines suitable for offices of all sizes. Our journey has witnessed a transition from offering premix products to introducing fresh milk machines, coffee beans, and machines specifically designed for traditional filter coffee and Indian Tea. Integral to Beverich's core values are ethics and organic growth. They are deeply committed to delivering quality products and swift service, considering their service partners, clients, and employees as an extension of their family. This unwavering dedication has motivated them to establish an in-house Coffee Roasting setup, further exemplifying their commitment to authenticity”, speaks Nagesh.

Let’s hear more from this powerful duo in this interaction.

Could you please describe the quality control methods your organization has implemented to ensure the delivery of high-quality products?
At Beverich, quality is not an optional feature; it is an integral component of our product offerings. Nagesh's deep-rooted passion for crafting exceptional coffee and tea variations, coupled with his extensive experience in sourcing the finest coffee beans from the Chikmagalur and Coorg regions, guarantees authenticity right from the source.

We maintain strict control over our in-house roasting and packaging processes to preserve the integrity of our blends. Additionally, every batch undergoes a rigorous taste-testing procedure, a handson approach that ensures our customers experience the premium flavor we promise.

Beyond the production phase, we have implemented a comprehensive system for gathering and analyzing customer feedback post-sales. This feedback is essential for our continuous improvement approach, which ensures that with each interaction, our standards are not just met but raised to new heights.

Please provide a concise overview of the machinery and equipment used to ensure the delivery of our authentic products.
Production: In our production facility, a continuous coffee roaster is in operation, roasting several hundred kilograms of beans daily. In tandem with the roasting process, we maintain an integrated packing facility specifically designated for coffee and tea. This end-to-end
inhouse integration is the key to ensuring the authenticity, quality, and consistency of Beverich's product range.

Delivery: To optimize the dispensing of our premixes, we employ a variety of cutting-edge vending machines, including the Fresh Filter Coffee/ Tea machine, Bean-to-Cup Machine, Pre-Mix Machine, Mini Combi, Smart and Touchless variants. These machines are not only technologically advanced but are also engineered for easy maintenance, reducing the need for a dedicated full-time attendant. Each vending machine undergoes rigorous quality checks and testing before being installed at the client's workplace.

At Beverich, quality is not an optional feature; it is an integral component of our product offerings

Share the considerations that influence your recommendations to clients.
At Beverich, we embrace a consultative approach, delving into the intricacies of each client's unique requirements. We understand that every workplace has distinct needs and preferences. Our focus extends beyond simply providing a machine or a blend; it's about seamlessly integrating into their daily operations and enhancing the workplace experience with every cup served.

The key factors we take into account encompass the nature of the business, the operational budget, team size, work shift hours, beverage preferences, operational efficiency, and expansion plans. However, the paramount guiding factor remains constant: ensuring that each cup of our filter coffee and Indian chai delivers the authentic 'feel of richness in every sip' and that unmistakable 'feel at home while at work.'

Describe your leadership approach and the principles or methodologies guiding your team management.
At Beverich, our leadership philosophy is founded on principles of clarity, collaboration, and leading by example. Nagesh leads the way in sourcing, processing, and marketing, while Sindhu takes charge of brand development, finance, and customer service. Central to our approach is a sincere dedication to our clients and a commitment to open and honest communication.

We view every team member as an integral part of the Beverich family, not merely as employees. This perspective fosters a culture of unity, mutual growth, and shared aspirations. We establish transparent objectives, roles, and responsibilities, empowering individuals to take ownership of their tasks. Providing consistent feedback on strengths and areas for improvement promotes a culture of continuous learning. Recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance ensures that our team members feel valued and motivated.

Moreover, we actively encourage open dialogue and welcome ideas and suggestions. This practice not only enhances our business operations but also instills a sense of belonging among our team. Prioritizing a positive work environment ensures that everyone feels respected and appreciated. We attribute our leadership approach and these guiding principles to the formation of a dedicated, motivated, and successful team. As we navigate the ever-evolving beverage market, this strong foundation fuels our confidence in achieving even more significant milestones in the future.

Looking ahead, what shifts in market behavior do you expect, and what opportunities do you foresee?
The beverage market is unquestionably dynamic, and recent trends suggest a transition from the Work-From Home (WFH) model to a
renewed focus on 'Work place Presence.' Consequently, we anticipate a sustained increase in the demand for fresh beverages, particularly coffee and tea, within workplaces. Organizations are prioritizing onsite incentives, and high-quality beverage offerings have become a central strategy.

Moreover, the workplace demographic is rapidly diversifying, leading to evolving beverage preferences. For example, there is a noticeable increase in coffee consumption among North Indians.

Another emerging trend is the growing demand for quality beverages beyond the workplace environment. In response, we have introduced 'BeverichHotSpot, the Cafe,' featuring a curated selection of snacks, fast foods, and beverages. With its success, we are exploring the possibility of introducing similar setups in select workplaces to align with and capitalize on the evolving market demands.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting a new in this domain?
For entrepreneurs embarking on a new venture in this domain, several key pieces of advice emerge from experience:

Commitment and Vision: Entrepreneurship requires unwavering commitment and a readiness to face challenges. A clear and motivating vision should guide your business decisions while keeping your team motivated.

Integrity and Quality:-Technology and business processes may evolve, but integrity and a consistent commitment to quality remain crucial for any successful venture. Building trust through honesty, transparency, and genuine service approaches is fundamental.

Stay Updated and Agile: The dynamic nature of the beverage market necessitates staying informed about industry trends and competitor insights. Adaptability is essential to ensure your business remains relevant and ahead of the curve.

Financial Prudence and Networking:
Efficiently managing finances, especially in the initial stages, is vital for long-term sustainability. Building relationships within the industry can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and mentorships, providing valuable support.

Feedback and Diversification: Actively seek and value feedback from clients, peers, and employees. While exploring new avenues is important, it's crucial to maintain the focus on your core offering.

To sum up, view challenges as opportunities. Blend resilience with innovation and always remember the initial motivations that led you to embark on this entrepreneurial journey.

Nagesh Rao
Nagesh began his career in Bengaluru in the customer service and marketing sector before transitioning to the hot beverage vending industry. Recognizing a growing demand, he shifted his focus to creating fresh milk-based beverages and, after receiving advanced training in coffee roasting, he skillfully crafted the signature blends for Beverich. Today, he plays a pivotal role in overseeing production, maintaining quality standards, and leading the marketing efforts for Beverich.

Sindhu Rao
With 13 years of experience in the apparel industry, Sindhu refined her expertise while working as a merchant manager at prominent export houses in India. In 2011, she joined forces with Nagesh, embarking on an enriching journey with Beverich, where she now spearheads brand development, nurtures customer relationships, and drives financial initiatives. She has also undergone training in the coffee roasting process.

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