Rajkaran Daftari: After Pioneering Tea Plantations & Processing In Bihar, Reimagining Tea Marketing | CEOInsights Vendor
Rajkaran Daftari: After Pioneering Tea Plantations & Processing In Bihar, Reimagining Tea Marketing

Rajkaran Daftari: After Pioneering Tea Plantations & Processing In Bihar, Reimagining Tea Marketing

Rajkaran Daftari,   CEO

Rajkaran Daftari


India is currently the second-largest producer of tea in the world and accounts for 20 percent of global tea production. However, not many states in India are geographically suitable to produce tea and many regions have been unexplored for production owing to a range of socio economic problems. When it comes to a state like Bihar, no one ever thought of tea plantations there. Raj Karan Daftari started it with a humble beginning in 1992 in Kalidas Kismat village of Gorukhal Panchayat of Pothia Block in the district of Kishanganj over a mere five acres of land. He faced a plethora of challenges comprising charting unknown terrain, lack of resources, political threats and influences, and obstruction to honest work. Overcoming all these challenges, the Daftari Group from Kishanganj, Bihar under the visionary leadership of Rajkaran Daftari progressed with unwavering determination and sowed the seeds of tea plantations in Bihar. The state today boasts of more than 20000 acres of land with 8000+ small farmers, making it the fifth largest state with the area under tea plantations.

Having a background in the textile industry, Rajkaran Daftari invested a lot of entrepreneurial effort in the development of tea in Bihar as well as motivating and supporting thousands of farmers to take up tea plantations as a means of their livelihood. Rajbari Tea by the Daftari Group is now one of the most recognized tea brands not only in the state of Bihar but also in many other regions of the country. The CEO Insights magazine engaged in a conversation with him to learn more about Rajbari Tea and the kind of innovation the Daftari Group represents.

Tell us some thing about your professional background and how you came up with the idea of Rajbari Tea.
My background was in the textile industry as a trader. With time, gradually we observed that West
Bengal was geographically close to us and there were successful tea plantations in that state. We thought of doing something new and surveyed our area. Then we started on our own in 1992. At that time no one in Bihar believed that tea plantations can be possible in our state. We approached the state government with the view that tea policies should be the same in Bihar as they were in West Bengal. With little response, we started working on our land. Starting with 5 acres of tea plantations, we expanded it, established our tea processing unit, and then ventured into tea packaging. There was a time when people thought whether tea plantations could be done in Bihar but we went forward and we showed everyone that it is indeed possible.

Our objective is always to develop new processes & at the same time keep the traditions alive

How do you see Rajbari as a brand today?
Rajbari is a tea brand originating from Bihar and has gained widespread recognition for its quality. As a brand, Rajbari represents a commitment to excellence, tradition, and innovation in the tea industry. The brand persona of Rajbari is that of a trusted and sophisticated tea producer, offering a diverse range of tea blends that cater to the discerning taste of tea enthusiasts. It embodies the essence of Bihar's tea heritage while embracing modern practices to ensure customer satisfaction and delight. We want to grow a name in this sector and stay beside all the farmers who are involved in this plantation with us. We are committed to developing the environment. Our motto is not only to sell tea. We want the tea produced in Bihar to be recognized by the whole world. From manufacturing to consumption, tea is bound by traditions and that can even be found in the pages of history. Our objective is always to develop new processes and at the same time keep the traditions alive. We started the plantation of tea from the year 1992, established a tea processing unit in 2004 and the branding for Rajbari was done in 2007. By 2022, along with our offline presence, we made a good name for ourselves in the e-commerce market. Four of our SKUs now rank
among the top 100 selling teas on Flipkart. Taking the brand forward, we want to build tea tourism around Rajbari and show people about the age-old traditions of tea production and consumption.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and the value additions that customers can expect from your offerings.
Our flagship offering at Rajbari is our premium black tea, our healthy green tea, rarest white tea which represents the rich and authentic taste of Bihar's tea culture. What sets our tea apart is the meticulous selection of tea leaves and the traditional crafting process that ensures a distinct and exceptional flavor. In addition to our flagship black tea, customers can also enjoy a diverse range of options, including leaf tea, green tea, white tea, tea bags, and flavored tea. Each variant is carefully curated to provide unique and delightful experiences for tea connoisseurs. As a value addition, we take pride in our focus on quality and freshness. Our tea leaves are sourced from the finest tea estates, and we employ advanced packaging techniques to preserve the aroma and taste. Furthermore, Rajbari's commitment to sustainable practices ensures that our customers can enjoy their tea with the knowledge that they are contributing to environmental conservation. Our dedication to customer satisfaction also extends to personalized customer support and an effortless online shopping experience.

We have launched tea in varied forms and flavors and now we are keen to explore the uncharted territory of tea with green tea antioxidant tablets, nutritional supplements, and green tea flavoring packaged water. Tea deserves to emerge as a "Wellness Superfood" with its varied health benefits that come with the caveat that it must be consumed the way it is supposed to be. The need of the hour is to look beyond the traditional black tea prepared with milk.

Rajkaran Daftari, CEO, Rajbari
We believe that honesty is the best policy. We like to share the credit with all our workers for the success of the company. We focus a lot on this aspect. Another aspect that we concentrate on is hard work and discipline. As a leader, I lead a much-disciplined life and that is why I want all family members and my co-workers also follow the same in life as well as work. We want to grow the company with an unwavering determination.

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