Navneet Trehan: Steward Of People's Growth And Master Of Organizational Success

Navneet Trehan: Steward Of People's Growth And Master Of Organizational Success

Navneet Trehan,CEOA true leader will soar to the pinnacle of success together with his/her team. An ideal example for such a leader who uplifts the members and molds them into the best humans is Navneet Trehan. Apart from being an expert in business strategy, international business launch, technology, innovation, R&D, talent acquisition, retention, and more, his passion lies in training people and transforming them into capable leaders to drive the next generation.

With nearly 40 years of diverse experience, he forms the most accurate picture of a great innovation-led professional. He is almost phenomenal in his ability to communicate an inspiring vision of launching one-of-a-kind products satisfying all the clients' needs.

CEO Insights is much privileged to engage an exclusive conversation with the industry connoisseur who consistently ensures that each employee knows that he/she truly matters to the organization. In the below excerpts of the interview, he showcases Genaxy as a one-stop biotech solution provider. Navneet highlights the importance of putting the employees first to achieve mutual growth. The valuable nuggets from him reap win-win situations for both people and organizations.

Kindly enumerate your background and how did you become an inextricable part of Genaxy?
I am a postgraduate in chemistry and started my career from the grassroots level. After gaining around 12 years of diverse experience in the initial brands I worked with, I became Vice President of a Pharmaceutical Company and led 750 bright minds. From there on, the leadership journey of mine began.

In 1994, I ideated a consultancy company and got in touch with a global giant in biotechnology called Axygen Scientific. They approached me to launch the company in India. I took up the contract of 5 years, appointed a team and trained the entire team. The project became an enormous success in the country. In 1999, Axygen was well-established, and the contract we signed expired by then. Later, Axygen Scientific wanted me to be a founding member for a subsidiary - Axygen India. In 2000, I received an additional responsibility as the Director of Axygen US for
international business development.

Through the journey, I had the opportunity of launching the brand across Asia - China, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong and more than 30 countries on the whole. I was involved in contacting end-users and ensuring that Axygen becomes a leader in its segment and increases its market share in South East Asia. We became No. 1 in the specified market segment. At the same time, I started collaborating with various global companies and got some of the top international brands into our fold in India. In 2008, we changed the name to Genaxy Scientific India.

Starting his career journey from grassroots-level, Navneet Trehan became Vice President of a leading Pharmaceutical company and led 750 members at the age of 32

Brief us on Genaxy as a Next Generation Solution Provider in Biotechnology.
Genaxy (former Axygen) was conceptualized in 1999 with a futuristic and innovative vision, having its corporate office in New Delhi and Head office in Solan. Our mission lies around the saying, "You Name It, We Have It". We understand what exactly the scientific fraternity requires. We started creating products that will satisfy them completely. The portfolio that began as a 2-page catalogue has reached nearly 400 pages today. We are adding a new innovative product to the portfolio every now and then. Henceforth, ensuring that they do not have to go to multiple vendors for their requirements. Our USP is customer satisfaction through business ethics. We believe in working at the end-user level by understanding and converting our product benefits to match their needs.

With a presence in more than 85 percent of labs in India and a strong foothold in segments of Academia, Industry, Agriculture, Diagnostic, Medical, and Seed Industry, Genaxy has established itself as the market leader not only because of its relentless innovation but also because of its renowned commitment to quality, unrivaled business ethics, and resolute customer-trust. With years of plastic injection moulding experience, Genaxy ventured into the plastic manufacturing business in 2001. Since then, Genaxy has been an unstoppable force and has grown to be recognized as a global leader in the manufacture of vastly used Pipette tips, Petri Dishes, Micro Centrifuge tubes, Screw Cap tubes, Ria Vials, Storage Racks, and Custom Plastic Injection Moulding.
Genaxy boasts its high-quality products with its high-end infrastructure and strict quality procedures. Since our inception, the Total Quality Management concept has been our prime focus. A rigorous quality check is incorporated at every stage of production to ensure flawless and best quality products. The sole motto behind these stringent quality tests, such as the steel ball test, is to provide an international quality product at an affordable price. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 compliant and our products are non-pyrogenic and certified RNAse/DNAse free.

Elaborate on your roles and responsibility at Genaxy.
My key role has been in developing a formidable team. In the 40 years of rewarding journey, the best contribution from my side is the high-performing team which I could developed who are extremely capable of delivering excellence. I have not only develop people but have been successful in generating high profile leaders for taking Genaxy ahead. As a person with a high degree of managerial capabilities, I always focus on motivating the team as they are the asset for our growth. I have also been responsible for all global alliances and maintaining relationships with all international companies and developing strategies for their product launches in India. We are proud that the products which were not known in India are converted into top brands today.

This apart, I have been responsible for sourcing and selecting the right product by understanding which products will be required five years from now - to stay ahead in the market.

Navneet Trehan, CEO, Genaxy Scientific
• With a firm foothold in more than 150 cities in India and an emerging presence in Europe, Middle East, and South Asia, Genaxy now aspires to extend its wings in the rest of the world to become a trustworthy/distinguished supplier of disposable plastic products globally.

• Genaxy witnessed an impeccable growth of 80X since its establishment in 1999.

• Under Navneet’s aegis, the brand envisions to be recognized as one of the Top 20 Biotech Brand globally
“I wholeheartedly acknowledge and thanks Mr. Hemant Gupta, Our mentor;
Mr. Mukesh Gupta, our senior Director; Mr. Saurabh Gupta, our Director ; All my Senior Colleagues and on the Top my family (My Parents, My Wife, and My Children) who has supported and helped me to dedicate myself completely to my work. If they wouldn't have given me 100 percent support, I would not have left a successful journey to look back,” says Navneet.

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