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  • Dr.Chethan B.K., Founder & CEO, Rohini Scientific

    Dr.Chethan B.K., Founder & CEO, Rohini Scientific

  • Positioned among the top 12 destinations for biotechnology worldwide, the Indian biotechnology industry amounted to US$ 63 billion in 2019 and is forecast to reach US$ 150 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 16.4%. With a notion to address the rapidly surging biotechnology industry extraordinarily by ensuring better products than the market, Rohini Scientific was established by Dr. Chethan B.K.in 2019. Owing to his global and diversified experience along with his passion for microbiology, Dr. Chethan initiated his dream project to serve the Agriculture and Industrial community under the umbrella of Rohini Scientific. Catering to the agricultural domain by assisting the farmers to improve their agricultural produce by implementing advanced technological innovations, Rohini Scientific promotes, plans and implements sustainable techniques and methodologies in agriculture, agri-business and allied sectors under the guidance of Dr. Chethan.

  • Dr.Chethan B.K.: Serving The Agriculture And Industrial Community Under The Umbrella Of Rohini Scientific

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Top 10 Leaders In Biotechnology Industry - 2021

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  • Top 10 Leaders In Biotechnology Industry - 2021

    Biotechnology is the technology that manipulates biological systems, living organisms or parts to develop or create different products. Biotechnology is linked to genetic engineering and unfolds as a field of its own. The Five main branches of modern biotechnology are divided into humans, environmental, industrial, animal, and plants. In, recent months, biotechnology has been the vanguard in fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the evolution of insulin, the growth hormone, gene therapies and vaccines such as hepatitis B. And of course the covid-19 vaccinations are some of the breakthroughs of biotechnology. Furthermore, genetically modified foods have been created such as WEMA (Water Efficient Maize for Africa). There are different types of biotechnology some of them are, Red biotechnology, Green Biotechnology, White biotechnology, yellow biotechnology, blue biotechnology, Grey biotechnology, Gold biotechnology. These are known classed in colors which are needed for bio-process engineers, microbiologists, cell biologists, automation engineers, equipment specialists, research scientists, and biochemical engineers. The Indian Biotechnology industry is worth 63 billion dollars in 2019 and forecast to reach 102 billion dollars by 2025 at a CAGR of 10.9 percent. In this issue of the CEO Insights Magazine, a list of ‘Top 10 Leaders In Biotechnology Industry - 2021’ is provided to the readers in different sectors, for informing the excellent services and helping them step foot in the door of Biopharma, which can open up a whole new world of opportunities in so many different areas. The listing is prepared by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the Industry Outlook magazine editorial team.

Top 10 Leaders In Biotechnology Industry - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Bugworks Research Inc Dr. Anand Anandkumar,Co-Founder & CEO Bugworks Research Inc He himself and his co-founder team came forward with their initiative Bugworks, to address the massive unmet need of untreatable superbugs, by designing a new generation of antibiotics
Bharat Biotech Dr Krishna Ella,MD & CEO Bharat Biotech With his working experience at Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston as research faculty, and impeccable knowledge as scientist of Molecular Biology, he has developed the company in vaccine innovation
Biocon Dr Christiane Hamacher,CEO & Managing Director Biocon She has 20+ years' experience in leadership, strategic development and operations in value chain in worldwide located pharmacies
Rohini Scientific Dr. Chethan B.K.,Founder & CEO Rohini Scientific Specialized in agri biotech, waste management, raw material supplying, industries & agriculture, logistic providing, Dr. Chethan is a supplier of bio fertilisers, and renowned agriculture consultant
Biotrends Indranil Das,Co-Founder & CEO Biotrends He has nearly 28 years of experience in establishing & restructuring businesses with hands-on experience in formulating, developing and implementing yearly business strategies to ensure attainment of revenue goals
Dr. Reddy Laboratories Satish Reddy,Chairman Dr. Reddy Laboratories Renowned for his business and pharmaceutic manufacturing, he is a trustee of Naandi Foundation which works for child rights and education, safe drinking water, agriculture export marketing
Natura crop care Rupa Manoj Kumar,Managing Partner Natura crop care By his unique understanding of microbial plant interactions in nature, he validated natura to the current scenario of increasing sustainable agri-horti produce across the world
Phenomenex India S V Ganapathi,Managing Director Phenomenex India Senior Executive with a passion for building businesses and developing people. Steadfast, contiguously optimistic and strategic change leader with skills in spurring revenue acceleration, optimizing productivity, creating customer-centric business model by uncovering and harnessing employee and business potential
Pristine Biomedical Sambit P. Sahoo,Founder Pristine Biomedical He had worked in several International projects with consortium of nations like Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA and current work role involves life science and medical research
Genaxy Scientific Navneet Trehan,CEO Genaxy Scientific He has been conducting motivational and skill building programs in various companies in various segments. One of his major assets has been the global strategic alliances, of which he has more than 50 to his credit

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