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  • Raghav Saraogi,   Director, Alaknanda Group Of Industries

    Raghav Saraogi, Director, Alaknanda Group Of Industries

  • According to government data, India is the 2nd largest consumer of finished steel in the world. Manufacturing of finished steel products has taken a leap in the country over the last decade. The increase in demand in the country itself is giving a massive boost to the finished steel manufacturing sector of the country. However, not every manufacturer can make a mark in this sector owing to several reasons. First is massive competition in the market, the only solution to which is optimum quality. Secondly, quality can only be achieved with the combination of accurate technology and domain knowledge which many lack in. Raghav Saraogi, Director, Alaknanda Group of Industries is one of the professionals in the steel industry who brings extensive knowledge and technology understanding to the table.

  • Raghav Saraogi: Bringing About Vision & Innovation In The Steel Sector Of India

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Top 10 Indian Leaders From University Of Melbourne Alumni ­- 2024

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  • Top 10 Indian Leaders From University Of Melbourne Alumni ­- 2024

    Catalysts of Change: Melbourne Alumni Steering India's Progress
    The University of Melbourne, stands as Australias leading research-intensive institution. Renowned for academic excellence, it consistently ranks among the world's top universities. With a diverse and vibrant campus, it fosters a dynamic learning environment. The university's commitment to innovation and research is evident through its numerous Nobel laureates and impactful discoveries. Boasting a global perspective, it attracts students worldwide. Its robust academic programs span various disciplines, offering students a well-rounded education. The University of Melbourne remains a light of intellectual prowess, shaping the future through education, research, and a commitment to fostering critical thinking.

    “Alumni Indian Leaders from University of Melbourne are carrying the torch of excellence, lighting the path for others to follow in the pursuit of a brighter India”

    Knowledge Beyond Borders: Melbourne Alumni Leading with Vision
    The University of Melbourne has been a nurturing ground for visionary Indian leaders, fostering a legacy of excellence and influence. Alumni from diverse fields have emerged as trailblazers, impacting the socio-economic and political landscape of India. In academia, former students have played pivotal roles in shaping educational policies and institutions, contributing to the nation's intellectual capital. Their research and innovations have addressed critical issues, driving progress in fields like science, technology, and medicine. In the corporate realm, University of Melbourne alumni have risen to leadership positions, steering major Indian companies towards global success. Their strategic acumen and commitment to ethical business practices have left an indelible mark on the nation's economic development. Their diplomatic prowess on the international stage reflects the university's commitment to nurturing leaders with a global perspective. In essence, the University of Melbourne has sculpted a cohort of Indian leaders who, armed with knowledge, integrity, and a global outlook, continue to shape the destiny of their nation across various spheres.

    CEO Insights in this issue presents a list of ‘Top 10 Indian Leaders from University of Melbourne Alumni - 2024' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 Indian Leaders From University Of Melbourne Alumni ­- 2024

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
DROO Da Costa Mahindroo Architects Amrita Mahindroo, Founder & Director DROO Da Costa Mahindroo Architects A distinguished leader having expertise in research and imaginative design and breadth of experience in both private and public sector projects including residential, retail and hospitality and many more
RostrumLegal Anurag Parihar, Co-Founder & CEO RostrumLegal A business professional with over a decade of experience in diverse industries, skilled in contract management, digital marketing, investment law, leadership and much more
Wattle College Arjun Batra,Founder & CEO Wattle College A prominent leader having a decade of experience in various domains, skilled in leadership, management, project management, problem solving, team building and many more
Schrander Solutions Bharath Gudep, Co-Founder & Director Schrander Solutions An innovative leader passionate about life sciences and healthcare organizations, specializing in business development, finance, leadership, wealth management and many more
Nano Wings Bhargava Shashikanth Parcha, Founder, CEO, & MD Nano Wings A dynamic professional renowned for his contributions and leadership in the field of nanotechnology, with expertise in research and innovative solutions in various domains
Milroc Good Earth Developers Kavya Allaparthi, Chief Executive Milroc Good Earth Developers A business leader having more expertise in the management and technology, specializing in leadership, management, team building, real estate, business and much more
Eve Jewellery Khushi Kabra, Co-Founder Eve Jewellery An intelligent leader having more expertise in business and academia, skilled in teamwork, e-commerce, marketing strategy, communication, business development, management and many more
Alaknanda Group of Industries Raghav Saraogi, Director Alaknanda Group of Industries A luminary leader having more extensive experience in the construction and steel industry, skilled in business management, decision making, market analysis, team building and many more
The Data Duck Ritu David, Founder The Data Duck A vibrant leader with over 20 years of working across data, tech, design, marketing and AI, professional in branding & identity, design strategy, digital strategy and D2C
Jumpstart Studio Sangeeta Mulchandani, Founder Jumpstart Studio An entrepreneur with spanning over 15 years of diverse leadership roles in the corporate industry, skilled in leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship, community building and much more

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