Bhargava Shashikanth Parcha: Unveiling The New Age Advancements In India's Nanotechnology Industry | CEOInsights Vendor
Bhargava Shashikanth Parcha: Unveiling The New Age Advancements In India's Nanotechnology Industry

Bhargava Shashikanth Parcha: Unveiling The New Age Advancements In India's Nanotechnology Industry

Bhargava Shashikanth Parcha,  Founder, CEO, & MD

Bhargava Shashikanth Parcha

Founder, CEO, & MD

Nanotechnology is a rapidly evolving field in India, and within the realm of nanotechnology, innovators and entrepreneurs have played a pivotal role in advancing its applications and driving the industry forward. One such notable figure is Bhargava Shashikanth Parcha, recognized as the Founder, CEO, & Managing Director of Nano Wings, a company at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in nanotechnology.

Renowned for his contributions and leadership in the field of nanotechnology, Bhargava Shashikanth Parcha’s vision and expertise have been instrumental in steering Nano Wings towards pioneering research and innovative solutions in various domains. By fostering partnerships and encouraging innovation, he has contributed significantly to the growth and application of nanotechnology on a global scale. His visionary leadership and commitment to innovation continue to drive Nano Wings' success and impact within the dynamic landscape of nanotechnology.

We recently engaged in a one on one interaction with Bhargava Shashikanth, let’s hear more from him.

Can you provide a detailed account of your professional journey and the motivations that drive your daily routines?
I earned a postgraduate degree in Chemistry from Osmania University (1994-96) and subsequently served as a Lecturer in Chemistry at a local college, at the same time I held the position of a Part-time Project Assistant in Materials Science at the DSIR Govt. of India recognized R&D Lab, SR Research Laboratory for Studies in Crystallization Phenomenon. Following this, I pursued an MPhil at the University of Melbourne and undertook roles
as a Senior Scientist and industry-academia Fellow at Invictus Oncology, a Delhi-based startup, and a Visiting Fellow at Harvard-MIT HST.

Could you elaborate on the distinctive experiences provided by the University of Melbourne and the invaluable non-academic lessons gleaned from the campus?
The University of Melbourne, with its illustrious 170- year history, is steeped in a rich scientific and social culture. The Parkville Campus, nestled in the heart of Melbourne city offers a dynamic environment conducive to diverse activities beyond academics. Notably, the campus is home to specialized libraries, including Baillieu & Brownless Biomedical Libraries, fostering an enriching atmosphere for personal and intellectual pursuits.

I believe in fostering an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued

How would you characterize Nano Wings as an organization, and what is its current standing in the market?
Nano Wings stands as an R&D-focused company, specializing in the provision of nano materials in both raw and customized forms. Our relentless commitment to ongoing research and development yields a diverse range of nanomaterials in different verticals such as 100 percent water dispersible Copper, Silver, Gold, Potassium powders, which will form colloidal nanodispersions; organic solvents & oil absorbing composite materials for water treatment applications; customized nano dispersions & emulsions for agritech, aquatech, cosmetic and nutraceutical segments; graphene based materials, and innovative water & oil repellent coatings. Geographically, our global footprint extends to 10 countries across five continents, reflecting our significant presence in the market.

Provide an in-depth overview of Nano Wings' flagship offerings and elucidate the added value that customers can anticipate.
At Nano Wings, our core strength lies in R&D, allowing us to deliver
tailored and cost-effective nanomaterial solutions to our clients. We pride ourselves on adhering to stringent timelines and providing unwavering support for our clients' diverse needs. Our production capabilities span from small scale to industrial levels, positioning Nano Wings as a comprehensive destination for clients seeking R&D, pilot, and industrial-scale production. Additionally, our engagement in OEM and Toll manufacturing further underscores our commitment to offering holistic solutions that cater to every aspect of our clients' requirements.

Please describe your leadership style. Which principles or strategies shape your role as a leader?
I strive to promote inclusiveness, practice patience to the best of my capacity, and cultivate a culture that views mistakes as valuable chances for growth and learning.

How do you stay informed about current industry trends to guide your organization toward the future?
I stay consistently updated by engaging in constant reading and active participation in various exhibitions and seminars, allowing me to stay abreast of the latest developments.

What is the ultimate goal or direction you are steering towards in the future?
My goal is to establish fresh B2B connections and enhance the current ones to achieve unparalleled levels of success and collaboration.

Bhargava Shashikanth Parcha, Founder, CEO & MD, Nano Wings
Bhargava Shashikanth Parcha, with a postgraduate degree in Chemistry, is a nanotechnology leader. From a Lecturer and Project Assistant to roles at Invictus Oncology and Harvard-MIT HST, he is now the Founder, CEO, & MD of Nano Wings. His dynamic leadership shapes advancements in nanomaterials and research.

•Hobbies: Reading Novels and watching movies
•Favorite Cuisine: Homemade
•Favorite Book:The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas
•Favorite Travel Destination:
•Awards&Recognition: MIRS, MIFRS and, Visiting Fellow at Harvard-MIT HST

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