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Amrita Mahindroo: An Award-Winning Architect, Reshaping Landscapes With Innovation

Amrita Mahindroo: An Award-Winning Architect, Reshaping Landscapes With Innovation

  Amrita Mahindroo,  Founder & Director

Amrita Mahindroo

Founder & Director

Commitment to research-driven design is paramount in navigating the complexities of contemporary architecture. Informed by rigorous investigation, this approach ensures projects transcend the conventional, responding to evolving socio-economic, technological, and environmental challenges. It not only elevates design outcomes but also fosters innovation, sustainability, and adaptability. By thorough exploration of the context and consequences of every project, architects can formulate solutions attuned to society's evolving demands, crafting a built environment that endures. With this philosophy, Amrita Mahindroo co-founded DROO Da Costa Mahindroo Architects.

Amrita Mahindroo stands at the forefront of architectural innovation and urban design as the Founder and Director of DROO Da Costa Mahindroo Architects, a distinguished RIBA and RICS Award winning practice based in London and Paris. Balancing her commitment as a mother, she leads the practice with a holistic design approach, intricately addressing objects in urban landscapes. Her work seamlessly combines rigorous research and imaginative design, navigating the profound impacts of macroeconomics, emerging technologies, and societal shifts on cities. Amrita's dedication to motherhood reflects her desire to be a role model for women facing choices in balancing professional excellence and family values, a dedication she is open to sharing for the benefit of others.

Below is an excerpt of Amrita Mahindroo’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences?
In the tapestry of my professional journey, I, along side my husband - Michel Da Costa Goncalves, cofounded DROO Da Costa Mahindroo Architects in 2012. As architects, we transcend the conventional, considering the intricate parameters that shape our built environment social, environmental, political, economic, and technological. Our studio embodies a multidisciplinary ethos, seamlessly weaving together product design, interiors,
architecture, and urban design, driven not by fleeting styles but by a commitment to the process. My educational odyssey from the University of Melbourne to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and my work experiences in Europe have enriched my perspective. Over the past decade, we've undertaken diverse projects, reimagining spaces, from historical buildings to urban interventions. Currently, our focus in Melbourne involves densifying suburbs and introducing innovative housing models. Balancing family life and our dynamic offices in London and Paris, we find inspiration in the complexity of our work and the joy of pushing design boundaries. Recently, I was honoured with the European Commission's 40 Under 40 Architecture Award, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence amid the intricate tapestry of our professional and personal lives.

In essence, effective leadership is about strategy, vision, & cultivating a culture of shared achievement within a team

Tell us about the unique experiences the University of Melbourne offers. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
The University of Melbourne, nestled in the vibrant urban canvas of Melbourne, provided me with a unique and enriching academic experience. Its urban campus, a microcosm of the city's dynamics, became a physical manifestation of my architectural aspirations. Beyond the classroom, the campus instilled in me a profound understanding of how cities function, fostering a connection between people, work, study, and the built environment. Access to a diverse range of subjects across disciplines and engaging lectures from exceptional teaching staff expanded my horizons. The campus facilitated inter disciplinary interactions, creating a network that transcended academic confines. Studying amidst the lively pulse of Melbourne exemplified the university's commitment to holistic learning, influencing my approach to architecture with a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of urban spaces.

How would you define DROO Da Costa Mahindroo Architects as an organization and its current position in the market?
DROO Da Costa Mahindroo Architects defines itself as a dynamic international practice, strategically positioned in London but with a global reach. Our market
stance is n't about sheer size but rather making a significant impact. Clients seek us out for the complexity of their challenges, knowing we thrive in innovation. We're not just problem solvers; we're innovators tackling the most intricate issues across continental Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Our forte lies in finding interdisciplinary solutions, whether restructuring academic institutions or harmonizing private and social housing dynamics. DROO's identity in the market is synonymous with innovation and the ability to navigate and transform complex challenges into opportunities, making a meaningful difference worldwide.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?
I approach leadership as a collaborative journey, emphasizing a team-centric philosophy. Recognizing each team member's unique skills is crucial, ensuring they excel in areas where their strengths shine. It's about fostering growth, not only in acquiring new skills but also in feeling accomplished in their contributions. Being a people person is fundamental; building relationships with clients, collaborators, and internal teams is key. Leading isn't dictating tasks but identifying where each person adds value and wants to grow. Nurturing a happy, collaborative team, including external collaborators, drives our success. In essence, effective leadership is about strategy, vision, and cultivating a culture of shared achievement.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
My future destination aligns with the expansive scale of impactful projects. I aspire to lead, demonstrating thought leadership with enduring effects on the cities we touch. The goal is to shape urban environments, contributing positively to future generations. While deeply committed to the ongoing work, I envision a structured organization that allows occasional detachment, fostering opportunities for diverse projects or unique perspectives. The journey ahead involves continuous participation in transformative projects and, eventually, creating a flexible professional landscape that accommodates exploration and innovation beyond the current scope.

Amrita Mahindroo, Founder & Director, DROO Da Costa Mahindroo Architects
Amrita Mahindroo, Founder & Director of DROO Da Costa Mahindroo Architects, is an award winning architect renowned for her innovative, research-driven designs that redefine the boundaries of contemporary architecture on a global scale.

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