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Nawaz Mohamed: Revolutionizing Buffet Experience For Customers

Nawaz Mohamed: Revolutionizing Buffet Experience For Customers

  Nawaz Mohamed ,   CEO & Founder

Nawaz Mohamed

CEO & Founder

In a world shifting to more automated service, it’s especially important for restaurants to be able to separate themselves from the crowd online. But barbecue restaurants, in particular, face an interesting challenge as their reputation is based on authentic flavor and southern charm that can be hard to demonstrate or replicate in a digital space.

Despite ongoing change and numerous difficulties, Coal Barbecues is the ideal venue for special events because it offers over 180+ dishes, along with a live grill on the table, and various live counters. Their staff is ready to make one's day spectacular, whether for a workplace team outing, a birthday or anniversary celebration, or a long awaited reunion with friends. Their menu offers a variety of delicacies from throughout the world, with an emphasis on foods from the South East Asian, American, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisines.

Every table has a live grill, allowing diners to grill partially cooked meats and vegetables to their particular preferences. Additionally, Coal Barbeque offers a wide range of live counters, from entrees to desserts, all of which are intended to please customers. Every live counter has skilled chefs who customize each dish to the specific tastes and preferences of the customers. In order to consistently exceed guests' expectations, Coal Barbecues is on a mission to provide the highest quality bbq & buffet experience imaginable.

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Nawaz Mohamed spoke about Coal
Barbecues'journey so far and the position of the firm in the restaurants and fast food industry.

Please briefly describe Coal Barbecue's position in the food business. Describe the brand's persona and the values it upholds.
Our buffet at Coal Barbecues features a range of cuisines with live cooking stations and stations that use do it your self techniques, and it is ranked among the best barbecue restaurants. With a live grill and various meals to choose from at a reasonable price, the brand represents the ultimate interactive experience with friends and family.

Coal Barbecues is on a mission to provide the highest quality bbq & buffet experience imaginable

Give a brief account of your flagship offerings. What steps are taken to ensure that newly sourced products meet quality standards and provide mouth watering dishes?
The trademark honey garlic chicken is what draws people to our locations. Additionally, our customers are drawn to our inventive live stations that provide sizzling hot fryizza, yakitori, and Mongolian BBQ. For dessert, a variety of cold stone ice creams and Indo Western delicacies are also popular. Along with these signature items, we also serve over 180 delectable dishes and the live grill, which serves as the table's focal point.

For such mouth watering dishes, our meats go through several quality checks and standards before entering the kitchens, and we carefully adhere to the farm to table philosophy. Our vegetables are picked just moments after they are needed and sourced locally.Each dish is precisely prepared after
being preserved to guarantee that our customers receive only the best.

What kind of dining experience do Coal Barbecues provide, and what specific efforts have been made to make it exceptional?
More than 180 items, all included, are available on our menu. According to our philosophy, at Coal you are the chef our chefs prepare meals based on your choices, realtime feedback, and personalization. Our ability to offer dishes that are distinct from the regular menu sets our restaurant apart from the competition. As a result, not only do our customers appreciate our buffet but also the specially produced foods!

Please tell us more about your kitchen staff. What drives them most to make sure customers are satisfied?
We have a 25 person culinary crew, and each member is well versed in many different cuisines. They are constantly working to improve and invent new meals in response to public demand and feedback. Due to our commitment, we have accomplished the amazing achievement of obtaining 96 percent client satisfaction.

Please tell us where Coal Barbecues will see itself in the future.
Our main concerns are quality and consistency. Our longterm strategy is to work with like minded partners and grow our franchise while adhering to our rules and procedures. Along with investigating Tier II cities in the South, we are eager to establish several fronts in Chennai, Dubai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Nawaz Mohamed, CEO & Founder
In December 2015, Nawaz Mohamed started Coal Barbecues in Velachery, Chennai. In Chennai, Coal Barbecues has completely dominated the buffet restaurant market. Today the CoalBarbecues brand unmistakably and firmly differentiates itself from the other barbecue cum buffet restaurants - continually exceeding guest expectations by producing excellent and distinctive products using only the freshest and finest quality ingredients.

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