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Nishant A Mishra: A Visionary Leader, Enabling Brands To Build An Impactful Identity

Nishant A Mishra: A Visionary Leader, Enabling Brands To Build An Impactful Identity

Nishant A Mishra,  Founder & Director

Nishant A Mishra

Founder & Director

The digital marketing industry in India is rapidly expanding, driven by increasing internet penetration and e-commerce adoption. With a large population and a growing digital ecosystem, the landscape is competitive, with several digital agencies, consulting firms, and specialized companies catering to diverse business needs. Government initiatives like Digital India and Make in India further fuel growth. Constant innovation and evolving trends, such as AI and mobile marketing, shape the future of digital marketing in India, presenting ample opportunities for professionals in SEO, social media, content creation, and data analysis. Prakriya Digital, an emerging Digital Solutions firm, headed by Nishant A Mishra, Founder & Director is showing us the impact an agency can make for brand identity and marketing. Here are some highlights from our interaction with Nishant.

Give a brief account about your professional journey and what inspired you to establish Prakriya Digital.
I have always been fascinated by marketing and filmmaking. From the time when television ads were the real deal, brand advertisements caught my attention and pointed me towards this field. The way brands communicated with consumers across India, carving out a niche for products was quite interesting. With a B.Com degree and a PGDM in Advertising and Marketing, I began my professional journey at Tonic Media, gaining valuable experience in planning and strategizing promotions. Throughout my 12 year journey, I worked with notable agencies including Travel Guru, Yatra, and HDFC. Seeking new opportunities, I moved to Bangalore and joined House Joy, exploring the startup culture. Prakriya was inspired by my vision of creating something which helps brands plan, strategize and market better by understanding the needs of the customer and the essence of the brand, what it stands for, and
what it is trying to create.

How would you define Prakriya Digital as an organization and its position as a metaverse company in the market?
With an organic background and specialization in SEO, I focused on networking with people specializing in diverse specializations like social media, web development, brand identity creation etc. The result was the establishment of Prakriya Digital, a firm working with customers as a partner, understanding their organization, products, USP and what message is to be sent to the target audiences. Realizing how vital it is to build trust towards the brand in the end-user’s mind, Prakriya helps brands establish an identity that leaves an impact. From becoming one of the options to becoming the option, we help clients not only enter the market, but enter with a bang leveraging our expertise in SEO, web development, social media marketing strategies, influencer marketing etc.

We emphasize effective networking to seize opportunities, stay updated, and establish a prominent presence

As the Founder and Director, what are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies?
There are three main factors including planning, executing, and strategizing which play a pivotal role. Keeping the advice of one of my mentors close to heart, I understand that the pace with which technologies and trends are changing everyday, it is not possible for one person to stay informed about it all. As such, there is a vital need for a strong team, necessitating integral team management skills and project management skills in a founder. Leaders need to ensure positive growth in themselves and the workforce to ensure positive growth of the business. Our collaborative approach fosters growth across various verticals, including design, strategies, and writing through brainstorming sessions with the whole team. We emphasize effective networking to seize opportunities, stay updated, and establish a prominent presence.

Where do you see yourself headed towards the upcoming years? What
is your future roadmap?
We have multiple growth plans starting with a focus on expanding our market presence in India, as well as expanding our reach overseas, finding clients in the APAC region, Middle East, and the West as the need for agencies like Prakriya increases in these regions. We are also developing a talent management and influencer market as well, connecting social media influencers with brands and honing their marketing skills for more advanced marketing strategies.

Based on your experience within the industry, what would be your advice to budding industry leaders going forward?
In alignment with the advice I received which helped me grow, I would advise budding leaders to have a keen interest in team management. In a fiercely competitive industry like this, it is essential to have good and talented people associated with you and on the same page. Further more, a focus on strategizing individual projects as per the unique needs of every client is crucial for which it is vital to understand their vision, and accordingly try to explain what value you add and why they should invest in your solutions.

Furthermore, it is vital to stay humble and take inspiration from the generations before them. Today, India and its people are growing together, and as we grow, it is vital to remember the struggles of coming from a humble background with big dreams, and making it through hard work and determination. Keep that sentiment at heart, and always continue to give your work 100% while also being grateful to your families, friends and acquaintances who have sacrificed for you or helped you in any way. Never take humility out of the equation.

Nishant A Mishra, Founder & Director, Prakriya Digital
Nishant is a dynamic individual with a lot of fire and passion in his professional as well as personal life. A hardcore football fan, he spends his time off supporting his favorite team, watching matches with his friends. In addition to sports, he also loves to read, Shoe Dog being his current favorite. He also likes to travel and enjoy quality time with his family and friends, particularly the date nights with his wife. A driven entrepreneur, he emphasizes the need for being connected to one's roots, and always being grateful.

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