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Sohini Shrivastav: Bridging The Gap Between Artificial Intelligence Education Adoption In Legal Fraternity & Academia

Sohini Shrivastav: Bridging The Gap Between Artificial Intelligence Education Adoption In Legal Fraternity & Academia

Sohini Shrivastav,   Founder

Sohini Shrivastav


Experienced lawyers who transition into the field of education possess an exceptional talent for unraveling the complexities of legal concepts, enabling students to grasp intricate principles effortlessly. Drawing upon their wealth of practical knowledge and expertise, these professionals adeptly simplify intricate legal theories into digestible fragments. They employ a range of effective teaching techniques, including the use of practical examples and reallife scenarios, to cultivate a profound understanding of the subject matter among students. Take, for instance, Sohini Shrivastav, whose previous experience as a legal practitioner allows her to offer a unique perspective that ignites students' enthusiasm for the technical aspects of the law. As a result, students are motivated to explore the intricate nuances of the legal field with greater depth and passion.

Sohini Shrivastav,an esteemed professional in the field of law, stands as a prominent figure at the forefront of legal education and technological innovation. As the Founder of Lexo Learning, she has embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way students comprehend complex Artificial Intelligence concepts and embrace the interplay of technology with law. With a wealth of experience as both a lawyer and an educator, Sohini brings a unique blend of practical expertise and pedagogical prowess to her role.

Below is an excerpt of Sohini Shrivastav’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

How has your entrepreneurial journey been so far? What factors motivated you to establish Lexo Learning?
Driven by an enduring passion for teaching, I seamlessly transgressed from my active corporate law practice into academia. Joining
NMIMS as an assistant professor, I swiftly ascended to the esteemed position of Associate Dean within four years, over seeing the growth and coordination of multiple campuses. Subsequently, I spearheaded the D. M. Harish School of Law, leading curriculum development, process establishment, and system creation. Recognizing the glaring gap in legal education, particularly in technology-driven domains, I founded Lexo Learning, a unique teched platform catering to lawyers, law students, and academicians. We aim to bridge the divide between technology and legal implications, with plans for expansion into other domains.

We aim to bridge the divide between technology education & adoption for lawyers & academicians, with plans for expansion into other domains

Why was Mumbai chosen to be the breeding ground of your company? How has been the place favoring you so far in your operations?
Being based in Mumbai was a conscious decision on my part. I have called this city my home since 2010, and it holds a special place in my heart. Mumbai's professional ethos is unparalleled, characterized by a swift and professional approach. The city fosters a vibrant network and abundant contacts within academia and the legal fraternity. Moreover, with the rapid growth of technology and tech law in Mumbai, it presents an ideal environment for the establishment of my platform. It's truly the perfect location for what I aim to achieve.

Elaborate about the technology framework built within Lexo Learning’s solutions. Also, which are the latest technology trends that the platform is planning to adopt?
When I established Lexo Learning, my vision was clear: to empower law students, lawyers, and academicians with knowledge about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Law students, on the brink of entering the field, must grasp AI's impact and understand terms like ML, IoT, Deep Learning, NLP, and LLM. For lawyers, AI can enhance research, reading, and writing, enabling them to focus
more on analysis, delivering higher quality outcomes at a lower cost. Academicians, too, benefit from AI tools, which enhance research, personalized learning, and institutional processes. Along with AI Education, it is also important to understand the limitations, ethics, and regulations surrounding AI Usage, globally and in India. With my background as a lawyer, academician, and law student, I comprehend the ethical integration of AI into legal practice and education. To accommodate busy lawyers, our courses are tailored for weekends, making AI accessible and understanding its complexities. Lexo aims to democratize AI knowledge, foster efficiency, and drive growth in the legal profession.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
In our pursuit of scaling up, Lexo Learning is prioritizing three key areas. Firstly, we have integrated with a SaaS platform, ensuring mobile accessibility and enabling self-paced learning with synchronous and asynchronous modules. Additionally, we offer law students the opportunity to join our internship and placement program, conducting sessions to optimize their professional journey with guidance from esteemed advisors in the Indian legal industry. For lawyers, we provide unbiased one-on-one consultations, curating a global selection of legal tech products with pricing, past performance, and functionalities, assisting them in making informed decisions. We aim to expand our reach across domains, making our user friendly app conducive to on-the-go learning, and offering certifications and personalized consultations for law firms and litigation offices. Our dedicated research wing produces articles and blogs on the latest developments in legal tech and AI, ensuring our readers stay well-informed.

Sohini Shrivastav, Founder, Lexo Learning
Sohini Shrivastav, the visionary behind Lexo Learning, holds a BA LLB (Hons.) degree from the prestigious Gujarat National Law University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Amity University. With a diverse professional background as a corporate law practitioner, educator, former academician, and entrepreneur, Sohini brings a wealth of experience to her role as the Founder of Lexo Learning.

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