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Nisschal Jaain: Pioneering Seamless Shipping Experience Through Cuttingedge Tech

Nisschal Jaain: Pioneering Seamless Shipping Experience Through Cuttingedge Tech

 Nisschal Jaain,  CEO & Founder

Nisschal Jaain

CEO & Founder

The pandemic, while unprecedented, has been a boon for some, especially the e-commerce sector. Cross border trade is undoubtedly a field of great potential in the present scenario. E-commerce has made it easier for foreign brands to reach Indian customers and has emerged as one of the fastest growing trade channels available for cross border trade of goods and services. The growth rate in cross border trade is huge and is assumed to increase more with time. How ever, the shipping and e-commerce industry is no stranger to challenges, the Indian exporters & e-commerce merchants face various hurdles before making a mark in the cross-border trade market.

Identifying these huge gaps and limitations Paralleled with the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India & Export push led to the establishment of Shypmax in the year 2021 by Nisschal Jaain who started his career in his family business from a very young age and has an ample knowledge regarding the market, geography, logistics. He is driven by the mission of succeeding in overcoming cross border trade challenges and the main key here is to strategize carefully and trade intellectually.

To know more about Nisschal’s illustrious professional journey, kindly peruse the snippet of this exclusive conversation.

Throw some light on your professional background and experience. What drives you today as an industry leader?
Before venturing into entrepreneurship and founding Shypmax, I joined my family business at the age of 22 and over the years have gained knowledge in various areas. After studying the market and knowing the barriers that are faced by the exporters in their course of business I was motivated to develop an AI enabled multi-carrier platform that would make the process convenient and seamless.
The passion in this business and the entrepreneurial zeal to create something innovationled that would create a name for itself in the market.

Could you talk about the learnings and experiences you acquired from Amity University and how you apply them in your current role?
Studying at Amity enhanced mylearning curve it laid the foundation for the entrepreneurial passion and journey ahead. Amity nurtures talent, encouraging thinking outside of the box as a practice that helps sow the seeds of looking for a fresh perspective while building traditional businesses and bringing in innovation. The mentors right from the beginning, identified my strengths and provided opportunities galore to refine them. Faculty members like Mr. Vikas Srivastav, Mrs. Mamta Mohan, Mrs. Ruchi Khandelwal and Dr. Alka Munjal were instrumental in imparting key business and leadership qualities.

Studying at Amity enhanced my learning curve it laid the foundation for the entrepreneurial passion and journey ahead

Reflect on some of the major challenges you have experienced in your journey so far? How did you overcome them and what did you learn from them?
Challenges are an integral part of an entrepreneur’s journey, as every path of success proceeds with obstacles it is true for me too. Being a second generation serial entrepreneur who loves to setup and scale new businesses, one of the key challenges has been to think and execute at speed. Despite all the failures I faced, I always believed that these are just experiences shaping me for ultimate success and I grabbed every opportunity to learn from them. Working with a team of experienced and learned individuals helped me in pushing my boundaries and building my dream business. Unwavering commitment to hire the people who are smarter than self and learn from them has greatly helped in this journey.

How do you maintain the perfect balance between your personal and professional life? What is your success mantra?
In a fast moving world it is difficult to strike that healthy work life balance and often it’s the work that gets the priority. I try to balance
work and personal life to the best of my ability. I practice multiple WFH days for myself and the team, plan the day and week in advance, as well as try to properly utilize resources with efficient time management and belief in teamwork. I consciously work towards identifying what works best for me and then align available resources accordingly to work on M.O.S.T (My own standard time).

How do you remain up to date with the ongoing industry trends to steer your organization towards the future

Social Media plays a huge role. Additionally, I stay connected with my peers and utilize my weekends when I travel and also read more and more.It keeps me updated with everything that’s happening around me and helps me cope up with the ongoing industry trends.

Going forward, what are your goals that you wish to invest in and how do you plan to take them further?
As of now my main focus is to keep myself healthy, both in mind and body and to create wealth for multiple stakeholders. Investing more in people and giving more personal time seems to be the road to achieve this goal successfully.

Nisschal Jaain, CEO & Founder, Shypmax
A Second Generation Entrepreneur and a Harvard Business School Alumni Nisschal has worked and lived in different parts of the world, starting from scratch, building & exiting businesses around Asia as diverse as Mining, Energy, Education, Retail, Technology, Logistics. Having gained multi faceted expertise across domains & rich experience across cultures, currently he is building new age businesses by marrying technology with traditional Supply Chain. Currently he serves as the Founder & CEO of Shypmax (Cross border Logistech Private Limited)

•Hobbies: Cooking, playing golf, traveling, continuous learning and education
•Favorite Book: 'The Outliers' By Malcom Gladwell,'I moved your cheese' by Deepak Malhotra and' What to ask the person in the mirror'By Robert Steven Kaplan
•Favorite Cuisine: Italian and Chinese
•Favorite Travel Destination:
London, Maldives and Hong Kong

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