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Parvesh Kheterpal : Spearheading Legal Excellence & Strategic Advisory

Parvesh Kheterpal : Spearheading Legal Excellence & Strategic Advisory

 Parvesh Kheterpal ,  General Counsel

Parvesh Kheterpal

General Counsel

Holding a pivotal role within organizations, the General Counsel oversees legal affairs, navigates regulatory landscapes, and mitigates risks while aligning legal strategies with business objectives. Beyond conventional legal duties, the General Counsel serves as a trusted advisor to senior management, providing counsel on a spectrum of issues from contractual negotiations to compliance matters. As the General Counsel, Parvesh Kheterpal embodies the convergence of legal acumen and strategic business vision.

His distinguished career spanning over two decades reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence in the legal profession. With a proven track record of delivering value and driving organizational growth, Parvesh's expertise and leadership have consistently positioned him as a key influencer in the corporate landscape.

Embarking on a distinctive exchange with CEO Insights magazine, Parvesh divulges the intricate facets of his transformative journey as a prominent leader in the country. Let's explore further.

Describe Ampyr Energy as an entity and its market standing.

Ampyr Energy is a joint venture between Singapore-based stake-holders (AGP Group) and the climate-focused CFM Climate Fund Manager in the Netherlands. Since our inception in 2020, we have been actively involved in renewable energy projects in India, with operational solar and wind plants in Karnataka and plans for expansion across various states.

Our goal is to make a meaningful impact on the environment while conducting business responsibly. Moreover, our dedication to corporate social responsibility is evident in our voluntary community development initiatives near our plants. Additionally, we prioritize diversity by reserving a percentage of positions for women employees, aligning with our commitment to inclusivity. With a strong global presence and a focus on ESG principles, Ampyr Energy stands as a beacon of sustainability in the energy sector.

As the General Counsel, how do you propose policy changes to Ampyr Energy and leverage your past
experiences to enhance the company's value?

As the General Counsel of Ampyr Energy, I am entrusted with the essential responsibility of steering our organization towards compliance with both Indian and international statutes while also championing best governance practices. My role encompasses not just the formulation of policies but also their meticulous imple-mentation throughout the company.

My aim is to fortify our organizational frame-work, driving sustainable growth & safeguarding our stake holders'- interests

Leveraging my extensive experience, I spearhead the conceptualization and drafting of policies, ensuring they align seamlessly with our business objectives and regulatory obligations. Drawing from past experiences, I bring a nuanced understanding of legal frameworks and industry standards to the table, enabling me to propose policy changes that not only mitigate risks but also enhance our company's value proposition.

How do you share your expertise to empower your team and keep them updated on regulatory changes?

I firmly believe that each member should not only contribute to the organization but also evolve as experts in their respective fields. To achieve this, I foster an environment of autonomy, where team members have the freedom to execute their tasks and develop their expertise. I ensure my door is always open for any queries or guidance, fostering an atmosphere of trust and open communication. Furthermore, my team members are actively encouraged to attend conferences and training sessions to stay abreast of industry trends.

Additionally, we have instituted a monthly presentation session where each team member shares insights on various subjects, promoting knowledge-sharing and colla-boration. By empowering my team with knowledge and opportunities for growth, we collectively contribute to the success of Ampyr Energy while fostering individual development and expertise.

What strategies would you employ to strengthen Ampyr Energy's legal defense in the face of legal challenges?

To fortify our legal defense, I emphasize a holistic approach that integrates legal acumen with a deep understanding of our business operations. Understanding the intricacies of our business enables me to provide strategic guidance and advice that align with our commercial objectives. In negotiating high-stake contracts, I
go beyond legal clauses to offer insights on commercial implications, ensuring that our agreements are not only legally sound but also conducive to our business goals. Similarly, in litigation, I leverage my understanding of our business to craft defense strategies that address both legal and commercial aspects effectively.

Additionally, I advocate for collaboration between our legal and commercial teams, fostering a culture where both entities work hand-in-hand to tackle legal challenges. This collaborative approach enables us to harness the expertise of our internal teams while also engaging external legal consultants when needed, ensuring that we assemble the best possible defense team for each case.

What are your aspirations for the future?
I'm actively pursuing opportunities to delve into the business side of operations, leveraging my deep understanding of both legal intricacies and commercial impe-ratives. Concurrently, I am committed to giving back to society. Through ACoS (Alliance for Corporate Counsel and Company Secretaries), the institution I founded, I aim to enrich the legal profession by facilitating knowledge sharing, organizing seminars on statutory changes, and providing input on regulatory amendments.

A key agenda for us is to secure recognition for in-house counsels as advocates under the Indian Advocate Act, thereby fostering a closer-knit community and enhancing the stature of in-house legal professionals in India. Beyond professional milestones, my overarching goal is to contribute meaningfully to societal adv-ancement while continuing to grow and evolve both personally and professionally.

Parvesh Kheterpal, General Counsel , Ampyr Energy

Parvesh Kheterpal embarked on his legal journey in 2001, after completing his Company Sec-retaryship and LLB from Delhi University. Beginning with litigation roles, he swiftly transitioned to legal consultancy, serving prestigious clients across India. With over two decades of experience, he's held pivotal roles as General Counsel at renowned organizations like Future Group, Lanco Group and Feedback Infra. He is a regular speaker and was elected as chairman of Gurgaon Chapter of ICSI in the year 2013. He has been recognized by Forbes India as General Counsel of the year 2022 and by Legal 500 as top general counsel.

Hobbies: Learning new things, Meeting people, Travelling, Playing Golf (learner)
Favourite cuisine: North Indian
Favourite books: ‘The Secret’by Rhonda Byrne
Favourite Travel Destination: Goa, Bali

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