Pratyush Ambuj : Leadership Ingenuity & Industry Anticipation Through Paradigms Of Acumen | CEOInsights Vendor
Pratyush Ambuj : Leadership Ingenuity & Industry Anticipation Through Paradigms Of Acumen

Pratyush Ambuj : Leadership Ingenuity & Industry Anticipation Through Paradigms Of Acumen

Pratyush Ambuj ,  General Counsel

Pratyush Ambuj

General Counsel

The majority of IT experts collaborate with organisations, possessing a nuanced technical comprehension necessary to fulfil organizational requirements. In today's era, the significance attributed to Information Technology belies this essential professional domain's expansive and pivotal nature, with its importance often surpassing anticipated levels. Proxgy operates as a technology aggregator, specializing in innovative near-world technology solutions that simplify daily challenges for its users while opening up a vast new realm of opportunities and possibilities.

Pratyush Ambuj, serving as the General Counsel, Head of Policy & Government Affairs at Proxgy, has consistently been a pillar of support, assisting the organization in scaling and advancing towards higher levels of achievement. His role includes exploring new business and growth opportunities for the Company and he is pivotal for debt and equity fund raising at Proxgy.

During a personal interview, Pratyush provided us with insights into his profes-sional journey and the industry, offering valuable perspectives on the latest trends in the field.

Can you share an overview of your career history and experiences? What motivated you to enter the legal field, and what fuels your passion as a leader in the industry today?

Starting my career in 2009 after graduating with a law degree from DES-Ferguson College, Pune, I navigated the challenging job market of 2009 recession to secure a position at ICICI Lombard as an in-house counsel. My journey took me from there to roles at Godrej & Boyce and then to Aditya Birla Group and ORIX, handling legal, compliance, and public affairs for five years. The entrepreneurial call led me to co-found Advantage Legal, focusing on client development, public policy, and government affairs, which marked a shift from my traditional legal roles. Post pandemic, I joined Proxgy, a tech startup founded by my former colleague Pulkit from ORIX, focusing
on strategic growth, alliances, legal and B2G market navigation. My legal career was inspired by a family tradition in law and a childhood fascination with the dramatized portrayal of lawyers on television, despite an initial push towards engineering due to my family preferences. Today, my drive is fueled by a desire for continuous improvement and innovation, the challenge of solving complex problems, and a commitment to making a positive societal impact, a passion that extends back to my law college days of engaging in social service.

Leading by example, I take on responsibilities, shield my team from criticism, & ensure they receive recognition for their contributions

How would you describe Proxgy as a company and its present standing in the industry?

Proxgy occupies a unique niche in the market with its innovative, Made in India product, enhanced by a bespoke SaaS model. It stands out as a company dedicated to a noble cause of valuing human life by integrating millions of blue-collar workers into the mainstream economy, similar to white-collar professionals, by providing them with tools for safety, remote connectivity, collaboration, and immersive experiences.

Proxgy aims to create an ecosystem akin to the likes of Jira, slack, Zoom, enabling blue-collar workers to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. The product not only aligns with the Digital India initiative by the Government of India, but also focuses on including a segment of the workforce that has been traditionally overlooked. Proxgy products will give blue collar workers a holy dip in the Mahakumbh of Digital India.

Looking beyond domestic borders, Proxgy's product has also garnered international attention and acclaim, as evidenced by recent recognitions from Gitex Africa and CES. This underscores our commitment to the vision of making Bharat (India) a global manufacturing hub, a principle we fervently embrace and promote within our organization. Our vision is to paint the world’s canvas with Made in India products 'Jis aur nazar jaye made in Bharat nazar aaye'.

Share your leadership style and principles. What guidelines or methods do you adhere to as a leader?
In my leadership journey,I've been privileged to learn from esteemed mentors like, Gauri Gandhi, Paresh Thakkar and Jay Gandhi. I believe leadership isn’t just for global leaders and marketplace titans. It’s an arena everyone gets to play in. Leadership is lot less about having a formal title and large cabins. For me leadership starts with 'Selflessness'. I prioritize supporting new recruits as they transition into corporate life or new work environment. I believe in fostering their passion for the profession. Leadership, to me, transcends titles and involves everyone. At Proxgy, our startup ethos promotes openness and initiative. I lead by example, taking responsibility and ensuring my team receives recognition. Advocating for my team's well-being, as I did at ORIX, underscores my commitment to their success. Key mantra for leadership is to shred insecurity and to identify, nurture and foster a future leader.

How do you stay current with industry developments to guide your organization towards future success?

Returning to my childhood environment, both my parents are educators, which instilled in me a love for reading from a young age. My primary source of information comes from books, journals, and interactions with people. Being social by nature, I enjoy attending conferences, networking, and engaging in conversations over coffee, where I gain insights into industry happenings.

As I'm part of a technology company, staying abreast of technological advancements is crucial. Therefore, I regularly browse the internet, read journals and books to keep informed about developments and upcoming challenges, particularly in areas impacting manufacturing, AI and contract management models.

What is the ultimate goal you are striving to reach?

I would just into three lines, answer this question. Being a part of the founding team at Proxgy, the only destination and the ultimate goal as of now is to walk with my friend and Founder - Pulkit and witness the Bell Ringing Ceremony(IPO). My all strategy, effort and energy are aligned for this goal and destination.

Pratyush Ambuj, General Counsel, Proxgy

Pratyush Ambuj possesses a diverse background, blending corporate and policy experience, supported by prestigious education and professional roles. His expertise spans corporate and policy realms, augmented by leadership skills and cultural adaptability.

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