Pernod Ricard India: World's Co-Leader In Wines & Spirits And The Fastest Growing Multinational Alcohol Beverage Company In India

Pernod Ricard India: World's Co-Leader In Wines & Spirits And The Fastest Growing Multinational Alcohol Beverage Company In India

Shrikant Lonikar,Chief Human Resources Officer

Shrikant Lonikar

Chief Human Resources Officer

HR infuses `intrapreneurship' through its business savvy `LISTEN' approach- Learn, Innovate, Support, Transform and Energize (using) NextGen tools to proactively address emerging business challenges and evolving people issues. Taking this philosophy to heart, Pernod Ricard India has been able to create an inclusive and competitive working environment for its employees that allows them to offer the best for the organization consistently. Shrikant Lonikar holds the office of CHRO of Pernod Ricard India and in an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, he talks more about the work culture and employee programs that make Pernod Ricard India a perfect job destination for job seekers who aspire to develop and thrive in the modern-day corporate realm.

Pernod Ricard India is a fast-growing multinational alcohol beverage company delivering quality products to its consumers across the country. How do you ensure that this match-less proposition is ideally accomplished by your workforce?
We are in the business of delivering happiness to our customers and this is possible only when our own people experience higher levels of all-round happiness with heightened confidence & protection from different vulnerabilities. I have a 4-point formula that has helped me and the organization stay ahead as a market leader/disruptor with unmatched brand salience & crisis resilience. Those four points include 1) happiness of employees as well as their families, 2) finesse to make our employees future-ready, 3) kindness to foster compassion in employees, and 4) readiness to ensure their constant development to meet future challenges.

What're the mantra & values behind the work culture of your company and how does that aid in attracting talent?
Win individually & collectively by fostering a value-driven performance culture that is made purposeful with social empathy & ecological sustainability is our mantra of success. As newer work styles/skills emerge with unprecedented speed of innovation, the need to expand with agile business structures and a capable workforce to leverage emerging growth opportunities are more pronounced than ever before. Passionate employees bonding over
a shared culture of purpose-driven process excellence and compassionate innovation is at the heart of Pernod Ricard that focuses on people & brand excellence. Further, we are scaling up innate intrapreneurship motivation with greater self-pride as the key to achieving our vision of creating the happiest place to work & excel with an unbeatable return on inspiration and innovation.

This is building enterprise-wide, long-term `skills-success-sustainability' to leverage `new normal' opportunities intelligently. With a happy, highly skilled & compassionate workforce thriving more with conviviality, we leverage our employees & happy families as our brand ambassadors to attract & retain talent. And all this is made possible with my tried & trusted `4Es' approach: Engage with compassion, Empower with equality of opportunities, Enable inclusivity & custom support, and Elevate with new-found self-pride & work-zeal translating into a more engaged, productive & new-normal agile workforce.

How does your company policies consolidate strategies with overall business objectives and how do the HR direct and drive a positive work environment?
We thrive with a humane albeit targeted transformation approach. We have practiced & perfected multiple market-proven 'people & organizational transformation successes' by aligning people's attitude & aptitude with emerging & inescapable new normal norms. This HR2.0 revolution promotes & nurtures inclusivity with greater transparency & equity. This has transformed our people & social engagement for the better by building L&D systems, performance excellence & nurturing a plethora of passionate change agents that focus on the holistic development of the employees.

How contemporary is your HR policy? What are the compensations and benefits provided to the employees in terms of stock options, insurance, leaves or other celebrations, entertainment & leisure offerings?
Our employee compensation program is designed with one fundamental purpose: to support Pernod Ricard's core values and mission, which is growth through exceptional products, services, and community development. Consistent with this, our compensation practice embodies the principles of a) the compensation program should align the interests of our leadership team with those of our shareholders, b) the compensation program should reward the achievement of Pernod Ricard's strategic PRI initiatives, short- and long-term operating and financial goals, c) compensation should appropriately reflect differences in position, merit and responsibility, and d) the compensation program should be transparent.
In structuring a compensation program that will responsibly implement these principles, we have developed the following objectives for our employee compensation program:
· Overall compensation levels must be sufficiently competitive to attract and retain talented leaders and motivate those leaders to achieve superior results.

· A substantial portion of total compensation should be contingent on the achievement of personal productivity, objective corporate performance goals, and that portion should increase as an executive's position and responsibility increases.

· Total compensation should be higher for individuals with a greater responsibility and greater ability to influence our achievement of operating goals and strategic Pernod Ricard India initiatives.

Also, our compensation practices country-specific/region-specific research-based factoring in micro and macroeconomic indices information. These demonstrate our commitment to fair & equitable pay. We strive to make our compensation disclosures clear and concise to our employees and stakeholders, providing all information necessary to acquaint them with our compensation philosophy, our compensation-setting process, and how much our people are paid.

Shrikant Lonikar, Chief Human Resources Officer
Shrikant is the Whole-Time Director and Chief Human Resources Officer at Pernod Ricard for Gulf, SAARC region, and India. He is a member of the Top Leadership Council of the company. Shrikant has over 35 years of experience in leading HR in India, the US, Europe, China, the Gulf, and South Asia. His key focus areas have been leading HR Transformation, building systems & processes, defining, and developing culture, advising the CEOs on strategic business and people matters, developing talent & leadership capability, and enabling the growth of the business.

Shrikant is an Executive Coach certified by Results Coaching as well as Marshall Goldsmith. He has been trained in Strategic HR Planning at the University of Michigan, US, and is a trained practitioner of Six Sigma. He has also been certified as an Assessor for the `Global Leader of the Future' Assessment by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. In addition, Shrikant is a Leadership Development Center Assessor certified by Svennerstål & Partners, AB, Sweden. Shrikant possesses professional competence in psychometric testing and is a certified facilitator of the Psychometric Tests designed by TVRLS. He also has been an international speaker and visiting faculty at several management schools.

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