Stratacache APAC: A Melting Pot Where A Diverse & Unified Team Work Together To Achieve Corporate Goals | CEOInsights Vendor
Stratacache APAC: A Melting Pot Where A Diverse & Unified Team Work Together To Achieve Corporate Goals

Stratacache APAC: A Melting Pot Where A Diverse & Unified Team Work Together To Achieve Corporate Goals

Manish Kumar,Managing Director - APAC

Manish Kumar

Managing Director - APAC

Fostering an inspiring work environment and offering other perks such as a personalized career development plan and flexible work arrangements are key factors that motivate employees to contribute more to the organization and go beyond their call of duty. While many companies have yet to understand the benefits associated with this mutual headway, few companies have evolved into the most desirable companies to work for by adopting contemporary, innovative, and progressive strategies.

An equal opportunity employer that promotes meritocracy and places flexibility, employee support and inclusiveness at its core, STRATACACHE APAC has been empowering its employees to maintain a good work-life balance while reaping the benefits of a fully connected workplace. With a team that comprises 100+ staff from across APAC who come from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures, STRATACACHE APAC is like a melting pot, where a diverse team unites and collaborates to achieve corporate goals.

CEO Insights engages in an exclusive interaction with Manish Kumar, Managing Director - APAC of STRATACACHE who highlights the distinctiveness of the company as one of the most preferred organizations to work for by the new-age workforce who knows what is best for them.

Highlight the mantra & values behind the work culture of your company?
The work culture of STRATACACHE APAC is based on fundamental values such as respect, integrity, honesty, and kindness. Our value statement is to `Make a difference every day' and our employee code (P.E.E.R.S) revolves around the pillars comprising of Passion, Excellence, Encourage, Respect, Success. Understanding family commitments, the management places less focus on hours worked and more on staff productivity and outcomes. Through a supportive, nurturing, and inspiring culture, STRATACACHE APAC has been vital in attracting talent, as there is a strong emphasis on supporting the work-life balance of employees.
How your company's offerings, the exposure (to both clientele and technology), and the growth opportunities within the company help in attracting and retaining talent?
STRATACACHE APAC offers employees an excellent opportunity to work at a leading global marketing technology company and learn from top engineering, technological and management executives. Employees will also be able to collaborate with major brands across multiple industries and help them in their marketing transformation journey.

The work culture of STRATACACHE APAC is based on fundamental values of respect, integrity, honesty, and kindness

Encouraging continuous learning and unique career development plans, STRATACACHE's e-learning program presents employees the opportunity to expand their learning through a variety of self-guided learning modules. The company also offers financial support for employees who wish to obtain certification or undertake further study about their role. All these help in retaining talent and act as a motivation for employees, as they are assured that their dedication and hard work will be rewarded.

How robust is your learning and development infrastructure? Do you encourage & sponsor your employees in terms of patent filing and doing individual certifications?
The People, Performance & Culture (PPC) team has in place a robust learning and development infrastructure that is customized to meet the unique learning needs of employees. Firstly, a Training Manager works alongside the management team to establish a personalized training and development plan for all employees and to ensure alignment with overall corporate objectives. Secondly, STRATACACHE utilizes a learning management tool ­ Talent LMS, to support its learning and development infrastructure. All new joiners are required to complete a series of introductory modules. In addition, technical and product training modules are available to employees.

In addition, the internal learning portal, Ed-Vantage ­ Centre of Excellence, has been designed to encourage and equip employees with the necessary training such as technical, interpersonal and leadership skills which will help them grow and succeed within the organization. Our library is also updated regularly, giving employees
a wide range of training materials for them to access and complete.

What are the ways of recognizing top talents & great performances within the organization?
There are various ways in which STRATACACHE APAC recognizes the hard work and dedication of employees. Firstly, the `Employee of the Month' initiative spotlights the employees that perform extraordinarily well during a particular month, and all of them are featured in the quarterly internal newsletter ­ `The STRATACACHE Times'. Secondly, `Starhub', another section of the STRATACACHE Times, recognizes high-performing teams within the organization who go above and beyond their call of duty to deliver excellent customer service and outstanding value. Apart from certificates of good achievement, top talents are appreciated through promotions, annual increments, and bonuses.

As an MD, how do you strive to make your company one of the best places to work for? How approachable is your leadership team for employees?
I strongly believe that for the company to progress and to achieve unified growth, everyone must be aligned to the company's vision and look forward to growing with the business. In this regard, a huge emphasis is placed on fostering a supportive, cohesive and united corporate culture, and establishing a unified STRATACACHE APAC. Honesty, integrity and kindness are my philosophies in life, and I always ensure that these values are the guiding principles in all my undertakings.

Furthermore, the senior management team ensures that everyone is treated fairly and with the same level of respect. STRATACACHE APAC is an equal opportunity employer and there is no room for discrimination based on caste, race, colour, religion, gender, marital status, country and more. All employees are accountable for their work, and performance reviews are based solely on merit.

Manish Kumar, Managing Director – APAC
A personable, approachable and empathetic leader, Manish is pragmatically engaged in promoting teamwork and encouraging staff to collaborate to create synergies. Respecting everyone as a unique individual with different working styles, he gives his best to make the company akin to a `second home' and' `extended family' to all by being understanding and supportive of the unique needs of each employee. An exceptional communicator with a consultative style, strong negotiation skills and keen customer focus, he combines entrepreneurial flair, enthusiasm, and strategic decision-making to drive growth for the company.

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