Polestar Consulting: The Rising Star In Managed Services Landscape

Polestar Consulting: The Rising Star In Managed Services Landscape

Alok Sharma,Managing Director

Alok Sharma

Managing Director

The era of Managed IT Services is here, and it is here to stay. Businesses are focussing on their core competence and ensuring IT readiness by engaging the right Managed Services Provider. The innovation space has detonated over the last ten years. A gander at the IT landscape gives us a brief look at the size and scale of what needs to be managed. Polestar Consulting is a market leader in infrastructure management services, information technology consulting, digital solutions and services delivery. The company is a technology partner of choice for the organizations looking to strategically transform, grow and lead in today’s challenging business environment.

Alok Sharma, the Managing Director of Polestar Consulting, has built a young and agile team of over 100 employees to deliver an omnichannel customer experience. This dynamic team has delivered over 100 successful projects across varied technology platforms to 50+ customers across geographies. Alok is a strong and visionary leader who believes in empowering his young team to make critical decisions without fearing failure. He would like to describe his organisation and people as driven, innovative and customer focussed.

CEO Insights engages in an exclusive interview with Alok, who shares the journey of Polestar Consulting.

What is Polestar Consulting when it comes to its way of approach and operations?
Polestar Consulting is an agile and innovative Managed Services player. For Polestar, SLA does not just mean delivery of ‘uptime’ to the customer. We would like to be the engine of cost and process optimization for our customers. We comprehensively manage the
complex and rapidly evolving security challenges.

With increased IT architecture in businesses across the globe, several disjoint sectors have emerged, resulting in the increased utility of managing these sectors to a single platform for effective operation. How is Polestar Consulting seamlessly integrating various sectors with its solutions and products?
When we take-up a client, we define, model, standardize and optimize processes. We help our customers understand and navigate the landscape of modern & secure tools, technologies and delivery models. Our next step is to create an overarching IT Roadmap and Architecture for the organization. We are platform and technology agnostic.

With our pooled resources and in house analytics, management and productivity tools, we bring down cost of service delivery dramatically without compromising on the SLA

An increased conglomeration of data and information has resulted in establishing a secure and dedicated data storage framework. Being costly and resource-consuming, several players opt-out of this option. How is Polestar, with its cost-effective Data Centre Management solution, securing the enterprise IT framework?
Usually an enterprise in such cases spends 80 percent on resources and tools which they require less than 20 percent of the time. With our pooled resources and in house analytics, management and productivity tools, we bring down cost of service delivery dramatically without compromising on the SLA.

One of the aspects of managed services is to undertake customer relationship management that secures the company’s branding and resources. How do your solutions consolidate enterprises’ current IT structure with customer relation and management?
We help our clients in improving their customer’s experience by
targeted interventions by ensuring projected and controlled service outages. We provide pre-defined future end state by employing best practices from across the globe.

The implications of transition cost and time of enterprise service & infrastructure to newer ecosystems are enormous. How does Polestar reduce these implications with increased efficiency?
Initially, we used the top of the line COTS software for Incident, Helpdesk, Asset and Resources Management. We found that not only was it cumbersome, but customers also needed less than 20 percent of the features built-in and paid for all of it. Based on this repeated experience, we introduced our in-house Management and Analytics tool – Pole Plus based broadly on the ITIL framework of Service Delivery. When we took-on a client last year, we right-sized their software licenses and could bring down the annual subscription fee by more than 30 percent. We virtually paid for ourselves.

Share with us a success story or a use case study with few technical insights.
We recently helped a customer with their ‘Go to Market Strategy’, which would have failed completely without the consolidated IT and Mobile layer. We not only brought down their GTM initiative cost, we also ensured superior experience to their ultimate recipients. Right from choosing the Message Oriented Middleware to deciding the service basket to the Cloud Host, we managed the entire backend of the GTM journey.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are your future innovation goals?
While we help our customers to ‘scale-up’, we are at that crossroads ourselves, where personalised services would have to give way to a more institutionalised response. While we aim to increase the employee strength from 100 to 200 in the next two years, we aim to improve our revenue four-fold, which also means we expect the per person productivity to double. We shall also bring-in a few more of our own customised productivity and management tools like Poleplus.

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