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Praveen Mange: Leveraging Effective HR Strategies To Drive Organizational Growth

Praveen Mange: Leveraging Effective HR Strategies To Drive Organizational Growth

 Praveen Mange,   Head of Human Resources- Australia

Praveen Mange

Head of Human Resources- Australia

Human Resources (HR) plays a pivotal role, being the driving force behind the creation and sustenance of an efficient work environment conducive to employee growth. From ensuring compliance, fostering inclusion, managing talent and enhancing employee satisfaction, effective HR strategies serve as the backbone of an organization's vision and culture, steering it toward success.

Praveen, an accomplished HR professional with nearly three decades of global experience, has been a key player in shaping HR leadership across various business verticals and geographies. Over the last 15 years, he has worked with Adani Group across various business verticals and geographies. In his most recent role, Praveen has been instrumental in establishing HR functionalities and infrastructures for greenfield projects at Bravus Australia, a subsidiary business group under Adani, spanning a wide spectrum of industries.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Praveen sheds light on his professional background, his leadership approach, and much more.

Give a brief account of your professional background and experiences. What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?
I completed my Postgraduate in Management from IIM Indore and have dedicated over 25 years in HR, spanning a diverse array of sectors. My journey has taken me through Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Energy, Resources, and more, with significant contributions in regions like Australia, India, Dubai, and Singapore. Over the last 15 years, I have held various HR leadership roles across Adani Group, building strong foundations and frameworks in terms of people capacity and capability while expanding organizational operations across geographies.

Commencing my journey with Adani at Mundra Port, I later transitioned to the gas business in Ahmedabad. For the past decade, my focus has been in Australia, spearheading the setup of HR functionalities for the firm's Mine & Rail greenfield project and transition to Operations. Throughout my career, I've been
motivated by the opportunity to make a positive impact. Understanding that my work holds the power to influence people and culture, contributing to the overarching vision and culture of the organization, has been incredibly rewarding. This motivation propels me to continually strive for excellence in shaping positive workplace environments.

Define Bravus as an organization and its current position in the market. Articulate the importance of HR Operations Being in Sync with an organization’s Strategy.
A subsidiary of Adani Group, Bravus is a diversified group of Australian businesses delivering integrated energy and infra structure services for the future. The firm operates across sectors, such as Mining, Rail, Renewables, and Port Operations, which makes the firm stand out from the rest with a complete pit-to-port infrastructure in Australia.

The key to thriving businesses lies in a relentless focus on four critical areas: people, process, technology, & performance culture

Human resources is a key member of ELT and an integral part of an organization's success. HR practices, policies, and initiatives drive, support, and align with the strategic objectives of the organization, leading to better business performance and sustainable growth. One of the core HR responsibilities is the strategic focus on measuring and rewarding employees' goals in accordance with the business scorecard metrics and performance indicators. This not only ensures individual growth but also directly contributes to the overall success of the organization. HR at Bravus is committed to cultivating a positive work culture where individuals can thrive and grow. This includes the strategic management of necessary skills, capacities, and behaviors that serve as the foundation for the success of the entire organization.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What is the success mantra that helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
I firmly believe in transcending the role of a functional leader to that of a business leader. Understanding the industry, intricacies of business, its drivers, challenges and more, is paramount in propelling the entire organization forward.

My leadership philosophy centers around cultivating a climate of respect, trust, and accountability within the team. To achieve this, clarity of expectations is crucial, accompanied by a commitment to helping each team member develop to their fullest potential. I advocate
for transparent conversations, often navigating discussions that others might avoid. This transparency, coupled with kindness and empathy, enables individuals to comprehend overarching expectations, fostering their personal growth.

In my experience, there's no shortcut to success. I firmly believe that the key to thriving businesses lies in a relentless focus on four critical areas: people, process, technology, and performance culture.

As the Head of Human Resources, what are the latest industry trends and methodologies you have adopted in the company to train the employees to extract the best out of them?
In my role as the Head of HR, staying abreast of the latest industry trends and methodologies is integral to ensuring our workforce is equipped with the skills and knowledge essential for success. Amidst the myriad of market trends, our approach is guided by three fundamental questions: What are we trying to achieve, what skillsets are we seeking, and what gaps are we striving to fill?

Our focus has shifted from traditional learning programs to the implementation of micro-learning modules. These bite-sized, on-demand modules empower employees to access content aligned with their immediate needs. Complementing our emphasis on personalized learning is the establishment of a robust culture of continuous feedback and coaching. This ensures that employees receive timely guidance to reach their full potential. Furthermore, we leverage data analytics to get insights into both individual and organizational strengths and areas for improvement.

Praveen Mange, Head of Human Resources- Australia, Bravus
An accomplished HR professional with around three decades of extensive global HR leadership experience across various sectors, Praveen Mange’s recent role has seen him setting up the HR functionalities at greenfield projects of Bravus across a wide range of industries in Australia. An MBA graduate from IIM Indore, his extensive expertise includes aligning HR strategies with business goals, implementing comprehensive compensation & reward programs, cultivating leadership talent, enhancing the employee experience, and harnessing HR systems & analytics for strategic advantage.

• Hobbies: Gardening, exploring locations
• Favorite Cuisine: South Indian, Italian
• Favorite Book: As a Man Thinketh, Dare to Lead
• Favorite Travel Destination: New Zealand, Australia
• Awards & Recognition: Awarded Best HR in Mid-size Services by AIMA – 2011-12

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