Priyal Ostwal: The Perfect Manifestation of a Proficient & Vehement Artist cum Entrepreneur

Priyal Ostwal: The Perfect Manifestation of a Proficient & Vehement Artist cum Entrepreneur

Priyal Ostwal,  Founder & CEO

Priyal Ostwal

Founder & CEO

Majority of the students in India lack the ability to decide their actual field of interest and even if they did, only few actually move ahead to pursue it as their career. But with her parents, Gautam and Manju Ostwals’ constant support, Priyal Ostwal, 24 year old (Founder & CEO, Artwaley) never gave up on pursuing her deep-rooted fervour towards art and painting from the start of her schooling while being enthralled by the beauty of colours and stories of their origin. No wonder her art works gained great acknowledgement in the preliminary round for Emirates card design and while being recognized among the Top 3 finalists of Business Plan 2013 by TiE. On the other hand, she was also alarmed by the scenario wherein many individuals in the art landscape were grappling to display their works and gain recognition due to financial or social impediments.

Hence in 2015, Priyal came up with a solution to resolve this problem as well to satiate her passion and unveiled Artwaley, a platform for research-based artists to explore diverse materials and studio facilities, connect with their peers across global markets and also merchandize their work via marketing. Despite hailing from a Marwadi community, her parents gave her enormous support in establishing her own business while her father Gautam Ostwal (Co-Founder, Artwaley) recently joined the firm to enrich the business. Today she outclasses as one of the youngest & emerging entrepreneurs in the field of arts. She was also selected to be one of the top and youngest start-up CEO invited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Champions of Change by NITI Aayog. Explore the excerpts of an exclusive conversation of Priyal with CEO Insights here under that present her strategies towards moulding both her employees and Artwaley in the path of success.

Kindly walk us through the challenges you were posed with while becoming an entrepreneur. What strategies you adopted to combat them?
Regardless of tackling multiple
challenges during the transition from an artist to an entrepreneur, I managed to learn from this crossover and overcame the biggest challenge of matching art to the personality of clients. This indeed was possible by customizing packages exclusively for each customer in accordance with his/her tastes and personality which in turn elevated my position both as a budding artist and a successful entrepreneur in the industry. I strongly believe that firstly I must love what I do to enkindle people around me to work relentlessly towards achieving the vision. Besides, commitment, self-discipline, team orientation by knowing them and sharing a common vision with them, creating the right work ambience and showing respect towards people and work are the instrumental traits one ought to possess to sustain as a good leader.

"I strongly believe that firstly I must love what I do to enkindle people around me to work relentlessly towards achieving the vision"

Another important factor I would like to mention when we speak of strategies and becoming a successful Entrepreneur which, our generation clearly fails to demark in this economic race, is being a good human being. The most basic and fundamental factors of the management lessons are something that everyone learns at home in the form of culture, I could never thank my mother Manju enough for providing me with such an environment to help me build a strong moral compass which constantly guides me to date.

Could you enumerate some of your noteworthy milestones so far?
During my period as a freelancer,I also set up an art gallery at Hotel Naveen in Hubli, further understanding the market and its structure we later evolved to our franchise model. Presently, we are incubated at Sandbox Startups of Deshpande Foundation in Hubli. In no time, Artwaley has evolved into a highly regarded and accomplished firm that cherishes its art works of exemplary standards and unmatched diversity. Our artists are in fact endowed with a bulk of opportunities and the right work environment to exchange their ideas, learn, experiment and grow while they exhibit their concept of art some times by conducting campaigns wherein celebrities create artworks through their assistance. While embracing a treasure trove of 1500+ hand painted original art collection and associations with 75+ versatile artists PAN India, we are also proud for having obtained the first round of funding for Artwaley on valuation of Rs.20 crore.
What are your suggestions for employees to excel in their work? Also, how do you stay abreast with the industrial advancements?
Employees at Artwaley are seamlessly empowered to think out of the box and implement their ideas in order to cope up with the daily challenges at work. Clearly by exploring group solutions and competing with each other in a healthy fashion, they are capable of devising exceptional solutions and business practices followed by cultivating team work and responsibility. My personal suggestion for them is to remain energetic and fervent in each endeavour and recount ‘There are no shortcuts to success’, thereby encouraging them to work extra hours with no resentment and perfectly balance their personal & professional lives.

Moreover, I ascertain to participate in varied mentorship programs, seminars, conferences and events like Champions of Change by NITI Aayog, GES Summit during Ivanka Trump’s visit, Jito Growth Summit, TiECON Events and others to gain profound insights on the industry by associating with eminent leaders and inspirations to make uncharted strides.

Please cast some light on your propositions for the future of Artwaley.
Predominantly known as the one-stop-shop for any genre of art, Artwaley is striving to become the world’s largest art holder. The most recent development which was in our pipeline since the last one year is the four tie ups we recently entered into, we are now also tied up in Bangalore , Jodhpur, London and Australia. With this we have also made our first international presence. Reminiscing our accomplished projects – painting at Hubli airport, murals for Badami railway station, 300 paintings for a dedicated project, revamping corporate office spaces with art, and beautification of colleges and schools, we keep moving forward by breathing the quote from the bestseller – The secret ‘If you believe in yourself and if you feel you can, you will; if you feel you cannot, you will not’.

Key Management:
Priyal Ostwal, Founder& CEO
One of the youngest & emerging entrepreneurs in the sphere of arts, Priyal laid the foundation for Artwaley to contribute her prowess for the reinforcement of her community while funnelling her passion to create value for the society.

Office: Hubli
•Murals and sculptures
•Customised art

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