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Procom Office Solutions: A One Stop Shop For Office Solutions

Procom Office Solutions: A One Stop Shop For Office Solutions

Jilesh Zaveri,Owner

Jilesh Zaveri


While the major wedge of the corporate workforce is still working from home, there are clear signs across the world that people are beginning to return to their offices in person for the first time in months. The dawn of 2022 is expected to be a tailwind to this. However, when employees finally return to the workplace, the employers have a new challenge in their hands to not only ensure safety of their people in the present day, but also foresee and foolproof workplaces from predicaments ahead of time. Alongside outbreak prevention & employee safety, the peace of mind of employees will thicken the list of concerns for businesses. It's quite lucid that the need of the hour is solutions providers who can equip them to face these myriad of challenges, with respect to office as well as hybrid work environment, especially using the advantage of technology. Jilesh Zaveri, the founder of Procom Office Solutions is on a mission to provide such a stress free office as well as hybrid work environment through its comprehensive approach. Offering everything from employee entry solutions to advanced AI & computer vision based business intelligence, Procom Office Solutions is one of the leading providers of technology solutions. CEO Insights engages in an exclusive interview with Jilesh.

What was your inspiration to launch this venture in 2003? How has been the journey so far?
I was always keen about new technologies. After completing Engineering in Industrial Electronics &Management from Somiaya College of Management,I had an opportunity to do an internship in BARC, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism and work in Divya Electro Technica, a leading time and attendance firm. Post this, I decided to start my own venture and was fortunate to be the channel partner of Crompton Greaves ­ Daewoo range of Fax Machines. This paved the way for Procom Office Solutions to venture into various products such as Pbx, CCTV, Access Control, AV and much more. Our USP is that we just don't sell the product, but offer a solution to our clients to exactly meet their requirements and with the help of the latest techno logies, we ensure cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Where is Procom Office Solutions
positioned in the market and how would you define it as an organization?
Today Procom Office Solutions is the official channel partner of Matrix Hikvision, Polycom, NEC, and ZKTeco, among others, offering everything from CCTV to Access Control, Telecom solutions, and AV systems. Last year, we were awarded the No. 1 channel partner for Matrix security products. We have a customer base across India. Our marquee clients include Henkel Adhesives & Jesons Industries (Manufac turers), State Bank of Mauritius & Karnataka Bank (BFSI), Singapore International School & RBK International (Educational Institutes), Hinduja Hospital (Healthcare), Indian Navy & Bharat Petroleum (Government) and so on. We are now also providing our customers with solutions based on video analytics, including people counting, automatic number plate recognition, behavior and other artificial intelligence and deep learning tech. This helps our customers in measuring their work and enhancing their productivity. In short we define ourselves as a comprehensive solution provider enhancing business efficiency through world class products.

What was the impact of the pandemic and what strategies were used to overcome the challenges?
Pandemic was a learning curve. There was an impact initially, but it also taught us that the basics is what is going to help. Hence, we started connecting with our customer base and were able to give them products like access control with temperature detection and cameras that can detect social distancing and also check human temperature, among others. The pandemic also helped us sharpen our skills as we augmented our knowledge with respect to a lot of AI and Deep Learning technologies which can be used in video analytics to give our clients a lot of actionable information, which today is a great competitive advantage to have for any organization. We were also able to implement helmet and PPE kit detection using CCTV for some of our manufacturing clients, and also entrance barrier solution through Automatic Number Plate recognition for commercial and residential societies.

Speaking of your professional journey, what is that key element responsible for elevating you to the level you are at now?
It has to be my passion for learning. Like Albert Einstein once stated, "Once you stop learning, you start dying". So the key aspect of our growth is continuously learning about new technologies and implementing them for our clients.Pandemic is a testament to this. We use a learning portal for our employees where they can learn about the products we deal with and acquire knowledge about several aspects of customer requirements.
Which are the milestones that made a huge difference for you and what have you learned from them?
We have never seen turnover as a mile stone. It's always customer satisfaction for us. There are quite a few milestones in our 18 years spanning journey. The first one was joining hands with Matrix Comsec as a channel partner which helped us promote Make in India brand. Moving to our office in a corporate park in 2014, and recently, implementing an Artificial Intelligence solution for a manufacturing firm, which was highly appreciated by the client, were also happy milestones in our journey.

From your experiences, what would you like to inculcate to the budding entre preneurs stepping into this industry?
I would suggest three things:(i)continuous Learning, knowing the industry, and keeping a tab on latest techs (ii)taking care of your health & fitness and (iii)always be humble and approachable to all of your customers and employees.

Towards the future what are the opportunities that you foresee in the market and what are your goals?
There is a plethora of opportunities. AI & deep learning is going to be the key, while the industry also needs data which is going to be provided by CCTV systems. For instance, in retail, we can offer customer counting and behavioral analytics. In manufacturing, we can offer specific object detection and counting on production lines. In logistics, we can offer number plate recognition, container management and also traffic management. Our goal is to help SMEs and corporates to get the right data that they need to improve their productivity through our wide range of products and to reach the top five in our segment.

Jilesh Zaveri, Owner, Procom Office Solutions
An industry veteran with more than two decades of experience in Office Management Solutions, Jilesh is a constant learner and a visionary leader.
Hobbies:Playing Cricket & Badminton and listening to music of RD Burman
Favorite Cuisine: Ghar ka Khana
Favorite Book: Who Will Cry When You Die by Robin Sharma
Favorite Travel Destination: Lucerne and Switzerland

Awards & Recognition:
•No.1 dealer of Matrix Pbx from 2003 to 2008 in Mumbai, and all India in 2006 & 2007
•Award for Sales Accomplishment in 2006, 2012 & 2020 by Panasonic
•No.1 Dealer of Security System in Mumbai by Smart I in 2008
•No.1 Dealer for NEC for 2010-2011
•No.1 Dealer of Matrix Security System 2020

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