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Posimind Consulting: Piloting A New Technology Mission In HR Industry

Posimind Consulting: Piloting A New Technology Mission In HR Industry

Trupti Nanal,Founder & President

Trupti Nanal

Founder & President

The integration of HR solutions with analytics is becoming easier because of the advancements in technologies like AI, machine learning and predictive analytics. Simultaneously, organizations are building mobile applications and collaboration software that allow businesses and employees to access critical information from anywhere and everywhere. Predictive analytics, on the other hand, is assisting in the derivation of inferences regarding continual employee improvement through numerous information, charts and info visuals. It's no wonder leading HR solution providers like Posimind Consulting are focusing on all of these dynamic technological developments.

Trupti Nanal, the Founder and President of Posimind Consulting, is a torchbearer of this novel tech powered approach. Trupti possesses 20 years of experience in the HR industry and has been a member of numerous active networks among industry leaders. She has a solid team of Assessors, including Psychologists, and a strong understanding of Business Operations. In an exclusive conversationwith CEOInsights, Trupti enlightens us with the challenges she overcame to flourish as an industry leader.

What was the idea behind the inception of Posimind Consulting? What is it that inspired you to start this entrepreneurial journey in the populous HR domain?
My journey as an employee started with being a Sales person and then progressed to senior levels at various firms. I never considered that I would be perceived as having an entitlement. The entrepreneur within me always wanted to flourish and not restrict myself into a 9-5 job as an employee.

I have always been an excellent observer and listener I keep an eye on individuals and try to listen to their path as an entrepreneur and how they evolved every time I meet new people. And I believe that is why this occupation was beneficial to me. I took a sabbatical for my children after working for numerous years in various industries then, I finished my MBA with a focus on Human Resources.

So, as I previously stated, I enjoy
meeting new people, seeing and studying their personalities, how they behave, and how they think. And that's where head hunting hit me because, in the early 2000s, HR was a relatively new notion in markets. Everyone was going through correct placement at the time, and then this idea came to me. I said to myself this is where I can truly offer value to this profession.

When I started my head hunting firm in Pune, the challenges I faced were not just limited to commencing a new business venture in the men's world, but also moving to Pune made me face a massive cultural change. I uprooted myself from a small town to this mini metro bustling with new business ideas

What were the challenges that you had faced during the early years of your journey as an entrepreneur? How did you manage to overcome those challenges?
I had to overcome many obstacles before even planning to start my own venture into headhunting. Coming from a small village in Maharashtra, adjusting myself in a city like Pune was the biggest challenge I had to overcome. Pace of life, culture, language was taking their toll on me. I was determined to over come the rough seas and took up one wave at a time.

English was always a widely spoken professional language and it wasn't too long that I realized I had to gain command of the language. I grew by improving and working on small details. As I stated earlier,I always wanted to be an entre preneur. So, when I first started my career, it was predominantly a male dominated industry, and I worked hard to earn the trust of my clients. I told them that I'm a committed entrepreneur who takes my job very seriously, and whatever you ask for, this is the value addition I'll provide.

What are the differential factors about your services that make you stand out from similar companies in the market? Explain your USP.
We have three verticals:First is executive search and headhunting, which I handle on an individual basis for 50lakhs and beyond. Also, I have different employees who handle budget profiles ranging from 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs.

Second is HR Services, where we offer customized HR services to the firms, where we analyze, strategize
and deploy tools and personnel to effecti vely improve HR operations. Third vertical is what we call Repose or company repositioning. Repose deals mainly with midrange or smaller businesses who are looking to scale up but do not have the right tools or expertise required. Posimind has access to onboard experienced CEOs who can navigate such companies in the right direction. For a small or a midrange business, getting such personnel on board is a difficult undertaking because of the cost involved and they are constantly wary of their productivity. In such scenarios, our professionals with proven track records are deployed to work on a project by project basis. This typically starts with understanding the client's long term and shortterm goals, vision and discussing with them the expected time frame.

What are the latest technologies that deploy across the company operations? Also, how do you ensure the quality & authenticity of your services besides keeping the data of customers secure?
We have developed our customized AI application through which we share profiles with our clients. Occasionally, certain requirements are kept on hold by the client due to other unforeseen events. As we have centralized data processing backed up by cloud technology, even after a couple of months, if the client wants more information on the candidates shared, it is possible with a click of a button. This has been a game changer, helping us reduce our turnaround times increasing efficiency, quality of recruitment and better analytics both for our Client and Posimind.

Tell us about your company's recent revenue growth, and the future roadmap.
When I first launched my company, I worked alone for a couple of years and now we have 17 people on board with the senior advisory board, offices in Bangalore and Mumbai, and we have recently opened an office in Indonesia. In the future, we hope to expand our services and networks in multiple countries, in line with our goal to have a global presence. We want to be known and recognized globally. These are my goals for Posimind, and I am glad we are working towards them by engaging with firms from all over the world.

Trupti Nanal, Founder & President, Posimind Consulting
Trupti has substantial headhunting experience and a track record of successfully placing people in senior level positions for a variety of corporate customers. Trupti has 15 years of experience in the sector of executive search and headhunting, which has aided Posimind in becoming one of the top ranked businesses.

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