CTD Techs: Assisting The Organizations In Their Quest To Achieve Supremacy In Digitization And Automation | CEOInsights Vendor
CTD Techs: Assisting The Organizations In Their Quest To Achieve Supremacy In Digitization And Automation

CTD Techs: Assisting The Organizations In Their Quest To Achieve Supremacy In Digitization And Automation

GaneshSomasundaram (Pillai) ,Founder & CEO

GaneshSomasundaram (Pillai)

Founder & CEO

Expected to demonstrate a CAGR of about 10.36 % during the forecast period 2021-2026, the Indian IT and BPM industry's revenue is estimated at US$194 billion in FY 2021, along with an increase of 2.3% YoY. Positioned at the Indian pinnacle of the IT & Services vertical, the Connect the Dots Technologies (CTD Techs) has emerged as a phenomenal brand catering to exemplary and industry specific services. Established in 2018 by Ganesh Somasundaram (Pillai) (Founder & CEO,CTD Techs), CTD Techs started its journey as a consultancy firm and gradually ascended to newer heights by accumulating more resources in its payroll. Taking up newer and innovative projects along with the development of open source Python projects, the company has also launched its chatbot product called Kim AI, becoming a product based company as well. Helping the organizations with Digital Transformation via Robotics Process Automation, Artificial intelligence, ChatBot, Natural Language Processing, CTD Techs are the Authorized Partners for Automation, Ui Path, Automation Edge, and Kore.ai. Supporting more than 15 industry verticals, the IT firm hosts Major clients from Logistics, Insurance, Automobiles, Banking, HealthCare and Service industries meanwhile providing training on Robotics Process Automation Tools.

Ganeshengages in an exclusive interaction with the team of CEO Insights.

Where is CTD Techs positioned in the current industrial automation industry? Highlight the USP of the company.
Continuously aiming for innovation since our inception in 2018, today we are proud to say that we are already able to get the attention of highly reputed clients from Automobiles, Manufacturing, Retail, Health Care, Insurance, BFS, Facility Management, and Service industries using our CTD IPA solutions.
Focusing on Research and Development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we try to provide better and Intelligent solutions which widen the current scope of the regular RPA market. At present, our target is to evolve more the Fashion/ Textile Industry, TPA, Insurance, Automobile as our team came up with some promising results in the application of AI. We have our product in chatbot HRMS and DMS and our USP exclusively lies in automation and having platform independent services as well as products.

For our clients, automation means reducing the work, but automation is more about scalability, stability, and ensuring competitive advantage

Tell us about the company's strategies when it comes to understanding specialized market needs and dynamic customer demands while maintaining operational excellence.
We spend quality time to understanding our clients' operations, along with their processes and future needs. After analyzing all these factors, we provide a customized solution to them which should be on par with their futuristic plan as well as the current plan. Functioning as a part of their extended team and knowing their pain points, KPI, KRI, ROI we try to create a win-win situation for them to keep them on a competitive advantage.

So, we always start with the Golden Circle rule of why we need to do this automation, then only we go for how, what and why. So that's a simple principle we follow while going for automation for any client. For our clients, automation means reducing the work, but automation is more about scalability, stability, and ensuring competitive advantage.

Can you talk about your portfolio of services offered by you along with your flagship offerings?
Currently focused on RPA service and Chatbots, we will be majorly focusing more on the RPA implementation and IoT to become an innovative and contemporary IT solution provider. So, we will concentrate more on providing solutions as well as our products, and we want to strengthen more on our channel as well in terms of technology.
What are the recent technological innovations and upcoming trends that the company is looking forward toseizing?
As an organization, we are an RPA service provider dealing with project automation, artificial intelligence. We have recently stepped into Machine Learning and IoT, simultaneously working on telematics. So, we will be establishing ourselves as an effective EA service provider as well as a D service provider, along with the subside implementation of service product AI, IoT, EML, and data science. Already being in the research and development in various stages there, we are currently engaged in the latest technology of automation, AI, IoT, and cloud computing.

Regarding the company's future roadmap, what are your plans and how does it wish to execute them?
As a company, we have had a 10-year strategic plan and we have boiled it down to five years now. We do have a very strong plan for the next two years. Currently, we are supporting 15 Plus industries, and adding 10 more industries to our list and we want to establish a support network across the pan India. Currently, almost 80 percent of the companies we are supporting are either Indian Origin or majorly connected in someway to India. So, we want to change ourselves to 20%India and 80% global. That's our major roadmap. Apart from starting our new office in Mumbai, we are currently in a discussion to expand across the Middle East, US, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. These are the areas where we are targeting to start our future ventures.

Ganesh Somasundaram(Pillai), Founder & CEO, CTD Techs
Apart from being the founder and CEO of CTD Techs, Ganesh is equipped with industry specific skills and holds prolific expertise across the verticals pertaining to Robotics Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot NLP, Training in RPA + AI, Staff augmentation for IT and Top Management, Project Development across Share point, Full Stack, Animation, Phython,.Net, and so on. Bringing in new clients and simultaneously ensuring the expectations of the existing clients are being exclusively met, Ganesh has been maintaining a standardized growth of the company by implementing new technologies for clients to optimize their competitive advantage in the market via technologies.

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